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Migraines linked to Vitamin D deficiency

If you suffer from migraines, it might be due to a deficiency in Vitamin D according to new research.

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Omega-3 for Mums & Mums to be

A brief explanation of good fats: PUFA & Omega-3

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Opti3 for babies and toddlers

Omega-3 fatty acids are absolutely essential for your Baby. This starts from conception and it is vital that Mum obtains sufficient omega-3s from her diet. Omega-3 supplement is widely recommended for mums to be, and Opti3 is a perfect option.

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Overcoming the winter blues with Omega-3 & Vitamin D3

Sitting here in UK and looking out at the wintery conditions, it’s hard to remember the last time I felt that warm glow from sitting out in the sun for a few minutes. We hear about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and the increased chance of various ailments during winter, and it’s easy to understand why.

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Phytodroitin™ – Vegan alternative to Chondroitin

Phytodroitin™ is our latest nutritional innovation, in the area of Bone & Joint health.

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Plant power that keeps your body moving

The average human body has in excess of 200 joints. The joints that we are most familiar with are those that allow movement at the point where two bones meet. Not all joints are like this, for example, the skull has many fixed joints. But the reason we are most familiar with these moving joints is perhaps because they can start to cause us the most problems as we age.

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Supporting a vegan or vegetarian diet during pregnancy

A balanced vegetarian or vegan diet is considered to be a healthy diet, with many health benefits associated with it. Doctors and healthcare practitioners agree that it offers a good grounding for good health and for a very healthy pregnancy.

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The answers to your questions about Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Have you noticed that everyone is talking about Omega-3? We asked scientist and co-founder of Vegetology (and self-confessed science geek) Chris Smith to give you the lowdown on Omega-3 – what are they, where do you find them and are they really all they’re hyped up to be? We also wanted to know what foods are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and how we can include more in our diet.

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The Importance of Vitamin K2 in Joint-Vie

Vitamin K2 is quite rightly getting a lot of media attention at the moment, however many people still haven’t heard of it! The research on Vitamin K2 shows numerous benefits to bones, joints and heart health.

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This unheard of Vitamin D3 source will make you think twice about your supplements

Dietary supplements are big news. Two thirds of people in the UK take a vitamin or mineral supplement.

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Understanding Omega-3: Why EPA & DHA are superior to ALA

When we see ‘Omega-3’ splashed across product labelling we immediately feel good, and rightly so. Omega-3s are known as essential fatty acids for a reason! However, there is a world of difference between Omega-3s and it does lead to individuals believing they are getting benefits when they may not be.

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Vegan & Vegetarian Supplements