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Planet-friendly Packaging

Keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible is high on our agenda. That’s why all our packaging is produced in the UK, made from recycled material where possible and is either 100% biodegradable, fully recyclable, or both!

Our Eco-Plastic Bottles

Recyclable and biodegradable our eco-plastic bottles are made from sugar cane and are completely carbon neutral.

We recommend you add this bottle to your recycling but if it ends up in the bin, it's not the end of the world. The material has been designed for accelerated biodegradation when it is disposed of in a biologically active ecosystem like landfill or compost. So, if it isn't recycled it will turn into water within 10 years - that's around 440 years faster than a conventional plastic bottle.

The eco-plastic bottle has been extensively tested to verify the biodegradability in different environments, also ensuring that in a household environment it will behave as any other plastic bottle and survive well beyond the shelf-life of any Vegetology product before the biodegradable breakdown process begins. Testing has been performed to the following standards: Aerobic environment (ISO 14855), Anaerobic environment (ISO 15985), Water waste (ISO 14853) and Marine water (ASTM D 6691).

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Our Glass Bottles

Made of 100% recyclable brown glass, our glass bottles are used to keep liquid supplements stable, providing a protective atmosphere that prevents oxidation.

Once you've taken your last dose, just give this bottle a rinse and drop it off at your local recycling centre.

Our Postal Packaging

All our orders are packaged in 100% recyclable cardboard boxes and even our packaging chips are biodegradable!

Made from starch instead of the standard plastic or polystyrene, our packaging chips are friendly and quick to break down. Either dispose of them in your recycling or general waste bin, or drop them into water and watch them dissolve.

All of our packaging has undergone testing to ensure it is environmentally safe throughout its lifespan and fully compliant with global regulations for food.

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