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The Vegetology Omega‑3 range

Putting even more 'good' into 'good fats', our 100% natural Vegan Omega-3 is created directly from microalgae grown in a lab, offering all of the many benefits of Omega-3 but from a 100% vegan source, taking away any of the safety or purity concerns associated with fish sources. Our vegan Omega-3 is available in capsules or liquid form providing a high dose of EPA and DHA, the bioavailable forms of Omega-3 that the body needs for optimum absorption . It's actually higher strength than most fish-based supplements!

Omega-3 is a versatile supplement with a range of health benefits. Probably best known for its heart health benefits, Omega-3 also improves cognitive function and eye health. It’s also safe for use during pregnancy and great for kids too!

What makes Vegetology’s Omega‑3 different?

Most Omega-3 supplements are made from unsustainable fish oil, killing as many as 50 fish per bottle and transferring toxins from the oceans into each capsule - but the Omega-3 actually comes from the animal's diet of algae, not the fish itself. So, we've skipped the middle-fish and created a safer, more sustainable alternative Vegan Omega-3 from microalgae.

You can see how many fish have been saved and are being saved on our real-time fish counter. Every time one of our wonderful Vegetology customers buys a bottle of Omega-3, the numbers go up to reflect the number of fish that are happily swimming in the ocean because you've bought our plant-sourced Omega-3.

Fish counter background
Every purchase of Omega-3 helps keep fish in our oceans.
Fish saved by our Vegetology customers

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