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Get your brain into gear with Vegetology

Can’t fight the fog? Vegetology supports brain function, so you feel mentally energised and fully focused at work and home.

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The human body is extraordinary, with one remarkable living organ at its helm - the brain – processing, coordinating and controlling every movement, every sound and every thought. The brain must be nurtured, because if it’s not functioning at full capacity, quite simply, nothing else will work very well either. Looking after our brain is a priority.

Brain food

Our brain needs continual nourishment to function at the highest level and eating well is a great place to start. We can tailor our diets to ensure we have enough of the nutrients our brain needs to thrive. There are many foods which are known to improve brain function, from oily fish like salmon to berries and green, leafy vegetables, including spinach, kale and broccoli - all rich in brain-healthy nutrients like vitamin K, folate, B vitamins, magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, zinc and beta carotene.

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But sometimes the fruit and veg on a supermarket shelf doesn’t offer the nutritional quality we need. When food alone isn’t quite enough, we can nourish our brain a little more with tailored supplements.

Supplements are a great way to boost psychological function by keeping the cells in our brain healthy and the neural pathways running smoothly. The right balance of nutrients can support our day-to-day cognitive function and mental performance.

Did you know?

40% of the grey matter in the brain is made up of omega 3 in DHA form, so increasing our intake of omega 3 essential fatty acids boosts the building blocks of the brain. This helps with attentiveness and focus, improves cognitive function, brain development and brain cell regeneration.

Vegetology for brain function

Our team of scientists is committed to creating supplements that are suitable for everyone. We create targeted natural solutions, made from carefully selected vitamins, minerals and active botanicals. When our founders realised that very few vegan supplements existed, they decided something had to change. They designed an omega 3 algal alternative to omega 3 fish oil supplements.

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Go Vegetology, go green

All our ingredients are carefully selected and sourced with the health of the planet as a priority. Our products are the purest form of the ingredient and are animal free. Our supplements are 100% vegetarian and vegan approved, free from gluten, wheat and dairy, non-GMO and are made in the UK. And we’ll send them out to you in eco-friendly packaging so you know the planet is being taken care of as well as your brain! We work with the Vegan Society and Vegetarian Society and are proud to carry their logos on all of our products.

Pick from Vegetology’s range of vegan supplements to boost your brain function:

For a brain that’s sharp, clear and on the ball, reach for Vegetology supplements for a fully focussed day.

To find out more and shop for our vegan supplements, visit our website now: