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4 reasons why non-vegans will benefit from vegan supplements

It’s not just about looking good; healthy eating helps with our longer term health.

We all want to have good health. We are increasingly a society that looks to healthy eating and getting the right balance of nutrition in our daily diets to be healthy and have the energy we need for our busy lives. It’s not just about looking good; healthy eating helps with our longer term health. This means we are more productive, have less need for medication and health care and are generally happier.

Healthy eating can mean choosing from a variety of lifestyles and diets. Whether you eat meat or not, you can have a healthy lifestyle and get a good balance of the nutrients you need. It’s also true that no matter what your diet choices, you will likely lack some nutrients in your diet. That is why more of us than ever are looking to daily supplements to ensure a balanced diet.

Here at Vegetology we create daily supplements that are suitable for everyone. Whilst we use plant-based ingredients that doesn’t mean our supplements are just for vegans or vegetarians. Non-vegans can benefit just as much from our plant-based and planet friendly supplements. Here are four ways you can benefit from choosing Vegetology to supplement your healthy eating:

1. Most people need Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for healthy joints, bones and blood and also to support our immune system. The good news is that your body can produce its own vitamin D - when your skin is exposed to ultraviolet light from the sun, you can produce Vitamin D. This is why it’s known as the sunshine vitamin. The bad news is that in this country we don’t get enough sun to produce an adequate amount of Vitamin D. Also, in countries where we do get enough sun to produce Vitamin D, like Australia and India, people tend to stay indoors, cover up or use sunscreen. So Public Health England recommends that most of us take a supplement of Vitamin D everyday.

Why take Vit D3, our vegan Vitamin D3 source? Well, it is a great way to get a boost of Vitamin D, derived from lichen, a type of moss. Unlike some vegan vitamin D supplements, it is in the form of Vitamin D3 - which is the form of Vitamin D your body produces and can use - rather than D2, which is the analogue version of Vitamin D.

Vit D3 comes in a spray form and two different strengths of chewable tablet, making it easy to ensure the whole family gets the Vitamin D they need every day.

Vegetology's Vitamin D3 Range
Sunshine dk

2. All modern diets benefit from supplements

Here at Vegetology we create supplements that plug nutritional gaps for everyone. Regardless of your diet or lifestyle choice, all modern diets benefit from supplements. There are a number of reasons for this. Partly it is down to the way the environment has changed. The vitamin and mineral content of the soil that our food is grown in has reduced, so that has an impact on how nutrient rich our food is. At the same time, improvements in how our food is stored and treated to be safer, with techniques like pasteurising, has an impact on the nutritional content of the food we consume.

When you add to that the fact that we are busier than ever before as a society and often reach for quick energy fixes, rather than freshly prepared meals, we can see why our bodies will benefit from a daily supplement to help top up nutrients in our diet.

3. We use planet-conscious sourced ingredients

Our supplements are not just plant-based but are also sustainably and responsibly sourced. That benefits everyone, as we are reducing the impact of supplements on the environment and preserving natural habitats for animals, fish and plant life.

A good example of how we work in this way is Opti3, our vegan Omega-3 DHA and EPA source. A common source of Omega-3 is fish and fish oil supplements. However, this has a huge impact on fish stocks in the sea. As we are all aware, fish stocks are down. This has a negative impact on the sea, lowering the pH of the water which in turn can kill phytoplankton. This is significant because phytoplankton actually produces half of the oxygen for the planet, in fact as much oxygen for the planet as trees do. So by reducing fish stocks we are having a huge impact on our planet.

Our Omega-3 doesn’t use fish oil. Instead we realised that fish don’t actually naturally produce Omega-3; they get it from the algae they eat. So we went straight to the source and our vegan Omega-3 DHA and EPA is sourced from algae. This is now grown in a controlled environment so we don’t further disrupt the ecosystem.

Vegetology Omega-3 is by no means just for vegans! At least a third of our regular Omega-3 customers switched from fish oil, over concerns about overfishing. What does that mean in fish terms? We save between 35 and 50 fish from every bottle of Omega-3 we sell. Over the course of a year we’re looking at millions of fish still in our oceans because of people switching from fish oil supplements.


4. The purity of our ingredients

Staying with Omega-3, our algal Omega-3 supplement, we found an algae that was naturally rich in Omega-3 DHA and EPA. We have now taken that strain of algae and produce it in a controlled laboratory environment. As well as this benefiting the local ecosystem, by not taking algae from the sea, we can also ensure the purity. Sadly pollution and toxins in the sea have increased in recent years, which is why the government advice is to only eat two portions of oily fish a week. We can ensure that our Omega-3 source is not contaminated by any of this and is of a high quality and purity.

We make similar decisions with each of our ingredients. Where it is appropriate, we grow our ingredients organically. Where it will destroy habitat or affect local wildlife, we don’t. For our Vit B12 ingredient, we use a fermentation process rather like brewing beer, as B12 isn’t readily available in plants.

Every ingredient and every process complies with UK, EU and ISO regulations. We are regulated by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). All of our products are GM free.

Join non-vegans who choose Vegetology for their daily supplements

Many of our customers are non-vegans. Some are people who are looking for ethical, planet-conscious choices. Others are interested in the purity of our supplements. Whatever your reasons for considering Vegetology to supplement your daily healthy eating, Vegetology has a wide range of products that can help you.

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