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Vegan Omega-3 Supplements Reviews

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    Luísa Góis

    23 Jul 2024
    very good


    20 Jul 2024
    I have been using these Omega 3 capsules for more than a year now and I'm very happy. I have a degree in plant-based cooking and these were recommended by my Nutrition professor during the course, who's also a well-known vegetable forward nutritionist in my country (Portugal) - so coming for a professional like her, I would certainly trust the product and brand.

    Huw Spencer

    17 Jul 2024
    Excellent product at a resonable price.

    John Dilkes

    14 Jul 2024
    a Brillant product for a vegan aquabiker


    4 Jul 2024

    Léonie Thornton

    1 Jul 2024
    Easy to swallow capsules though large. I get my omega3 and vit.D without worry.

    Andrew Eyres

    28 Jun 2024
    Great product and service


    23 Jun 2024
    Amazing strength. Long time customer and when i took it the first time, I could feel the difference within a week. No fishy taste or aftertaste too.


    22 Jun 2024


    14 Jun 2024
    I really like these Vegan Omega‑3 capsules, they are flavourless and a size that is easy to swallow. The levels of DHA and EPA are excellent and the addition of a maintenance dose of D3 is very helpful too. I am very happy with this product and happy to keep re-ordering it.


    13 Jun 2024
    vegan supplements at a great price. I plan on ordering again when I run out.

    Gabrielius Mackevicius

    12 Jun 2024
    great stuff and amazing maintenance. thanks for those omegas!


    30 May 2024


    26 May 2024
    Hace varios años que tomamos estos suplementos y estamos muy contentas, se nota mucho en el pelo y uñas.


    26 May 2024
    The dosis of this omega are excelent, and the price is fair. I can tell I felt the benefits of the suplement after a mobth, I start to be more focused and aware. Excelent


    26 May 2024
    Vegetology are the only supplements that I will purchase. The Omega 3 has the highest levels of vegan EPA and DHA I can find, and they’ve added Vit D3 as a bonus. I’m so happy with these I’ve been taking them for seven years.

    Angela Booty

    26 May 2024
    They are amazing and fab! No repeating, no aftertaste, smell of gorgeous sea plant they are. Good value for money and will be and have been continuing to subscribe!!! The fact that the packaging breaks down environmentally within 10 years and can be recycled too is fab! No guilt with this product! My energy levels have increased as had my mood!


    26 May 2024
    I’ve been taking these for a long time. They are great. I also have the whole family taking them. Always a returning customer


    24 May 2024
    Perfect formula, easy to take, no flavour and best of all it’s vegan :)

    Abdul Malik

    20 May 2024
    My knees pain is improving and help me in walking and I am very much hopefull that after three month my health would be much better

    Olivier Gindroz

    18 May 2024
    I like oméga 3 It's the Best ! Fish friendly, the Best choice ! I highly recommand this product. Buy it :)


    18 May 2024
    This stuff works. Helps with brain fog.


    14 May 2024
    Excellent quality


    7 May 2024
    Absolutely brilliant service. There was a delivery issue and the Vegetology team sorted everything out immediately. They were very professional. The capsules are great, good dose and exactly what I was looking for.


    6 May 2024
    Perfect for health and our earth! Thank you


    6 May 2024
    Perfect fit! And a punch of energy :)


    6 May 2024
    My husband and I take the omega 3. We are happy with it and super glad we don’t have to think about fish toxicity


    1 May 2024
    Good product

    Cathy Mcintyre

    29 Apr 2024
    We’ve been using Vegetology products for several years and are delighted with the products and with the customer service. Wonderful to be able to purchase ethically sourced vegan products and to be able to obtain advice from a knowledgeable team. We share the Omega 3 supplements with our two greyhounds where we use this in the nutrient dense icing for their home cooked food as per the instructions of Dr Arielle Griffiths - vegan vet. Their fur is amazing!


    25 Apr 2024
    I am SO grateful for Vegetology bringing these products to the public. I am a Naturopathic Doctor and I recommend their Omega-3 to my clients to help support their hearth and brain health. It also helps them on a holistic level by being conscious about using products that are not only excellent in EPA and DHA levels but support our planets health too. Thank you!