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    30 Mar 2024
    The functional ingredients are excellent but was very disappointed to see this product contains carrageenan - not an ingredient I would expect to see from a health & wellness brand given all the science around its negative health effects. Will be looking for another plant based Omega 3 supplement as a result, which is a pity.

    We use a tiny amount of Carrageenan to help form the capsule. It wrongly gets a bad press because of internet reports that are actually only relevant to poligeenan (a degraded version not used in food) or due to animal data incorrectly correlated to human use (with doses and conditions not relevant). We wouldn't use any ingredient without being completely satisfied with its safety.


    7 Mar 2022
    As I mentioned very good, but the company is my concern.

    Cris P

    8 May 2021
    The products are fine, the problem is that the prices are expensive due to the Brexit. :(

    Ali Can Metan

    2 May 2021
    bad shipping but probably good quality


    28 Apr 2021
    Broke me out in large acne. I've tried stopping and starting several times and each time I break out in large acne so I'm definitely sure this is the cause of it.