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    1 Jan 2024

    Jane Fielitz

    27 Oct 2023
    Very happy to find an Omega3 product without fish oil. Do wish it did not contain carrageenan

    Harry Verschelden

    19 Oct 2023
    I am a vegetarian for more than 30 years, so I think I need this. I don't know how my health would be if I don't use this. The only problem is that with the brexit it always takes a lot of time to get my orders in time (sometimes almost 21 days)


    26 Jun 2023


    22 Apr 2023
    These supplements have improved my omega 6:3 ratios massively.


    21 Apr 2023
    Good quality. Will order again. One star deducted because of a long shipping delay.

    Kim Richardson

    21 Apr 2023
    Quite big but smooth and stable enough to get down. Seem to do the trick


    21 Apr 2023
    Very good , definitely helps as find I have always needed extra omega three , aswell as getting it from diet .


    20 Apr 2023
    Great high dose omega 3 epa & dha, no aftertaste

    Shauna O'neill

    8 Sept 2022
    There have been a small number of burst capsules in each of the last three packs I've opened. This isn't my usual experience, so maybe it's down to the hot weather.


    29 Aug 2022
    Quality burpless


    12 Jul 2022
    Only wish there was no carragenan im the capsule


    15 Feb 2022
    Good product but expensive and postage on top. There is little competition elsewhere. Still, it seems to work, which is the main thing.

    Paul Wilson

    31 Jan 2022
    See my vegetology review.


    27 Dec 2021
    Great product


    21 Dec 2021
    Great value, high levels of EPA and DHA which is what you want! Great vegan alternative to fish


    22 Nov 2021
    Good source of vitamin D and vegan Omega 3, easy to assume daily.


    11 Nov 2021
    I have been using this product for years without problem or side effect;and its helping to keep my eye sight stable;


    27 Oct 2021
    I haven't used it long enough to know if it really works well for me.


    10 May 2021
    Taken in conjunction with vitamin D tablets and it has helped reduced joint pain.

    Tomasz Kałużny

    7 May 2021
    I like the product.

    Cynthia Dewi Ilyas

    7 May 2021
    This was the first time that we ordered an omega 3 supplement and we will definitely order these again. Really happy that it's an EPA/DHA (+ vitamine D) combination and good value for money.


    7 May 2021
    Carrageenan is unfortunately contained in small amounts

    Sue Lillywhite

    7 May 2021
    Great what it said it was


    5 May 2021
    Easy to swallow

    Julia Mulchrone

    2 May 2021
    Really good product I take everyday

    Mrs. Shobhna Rattansi

    30 Apr 2021
    Though this product is expensive, as a vegetarian I have been using it for some time as recommended by my eye consultant. Hopefully it is helping my eyes.


    30 Apr 2021
    Excellent product a very good option to Omega fish oils.


    26 Apr 2021
    I am very happy with the quality of this supplement, which I have been taking for several years. However, packs sold as 60 capsules often contain only 59, and I also wish they came in larger packs to reduce plastic packaging.


    25 Apr 2021
    No fish oil