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Vegan Omega-3 Supplements Reviews

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    Miss Madeleine Jones

    6 Dec 2023
    Exactly what I wanted - vegan Omega 3. As I don't eat/like fish, this supplement is crucial to my wellbeing as we cannot make it ourselves. Easy to take, no after taste and manufactured from lab-grown algae so no pollution to worry about. Fish are a good source of Omega 3 because they eat the algae. This way you cut out the middleman and go straight to the source. Highly recommended by a vegetarian of 40 years. Wish I'd discovered them sooner!

    Deli Dániel

    5 Dec 2023
    Good product, I'm satisfied.


    1 Dec 2023

    Jordi Pasquina

    1 Dec 2023
    I am very pleased with the Vegan Omega-3 product. It meets my expectations, and I've noticed the benefits of incorporating it into my daily routine. Additionally, the delivery service was fast and efficient, which made the overall experience even more satisfying. I highly recommend both the product and the service.


    26 Nov 2023
    Excellent quality/price.


    24 Nov 2023
    Very happy with these, great alternative to fish oil:)

    Abeer Abugharbiya

    22 Nov 2023
    I ordered 3 bottles of vegan Omega 3. The product is amazing. This is my first purchase and I’m planning to order Vitamin D3 soon.

    Simon Chang

    21 Nov 2023
    Great product, especially if you are vegetarian. another plus is that you don't have to worry about heavy metals.

    Gergely Máté

    21 Nov 2023
    Finally, an Omega-3 product that "tastes" good and feels completely safe. Awesome!

    Sebastian Beaumont

    21 Nov 2023
    These supplements really work. I had my blood checked before and then three months after taking these (2 capsules a day) and I went from 'severely deficient' in both EPA and DHA to 'normal' in that time. Top marks!


    21 Nov 2023
    Great product


    12 Nov 2023
    great omega-3 supplements really helped with memory/concentration.

    Sofia Silva

    10 Nov 2023
    Great supplement.

    Roy Chandarana

    6 Nov 2023
    Excellent Oil in aa neat capsule. Delivery is great with no problems.


    6 Nov 2023
    The best vegan omega-3 capsules you can get!

    Sheila Dyer

    5 Nov 2023
    Excellent product. Slips down with a drop of water and no horrible after taste. Perfect supplement.


    2 Nov 2023

    The quality of Omega‑3 is excellent, there is no bad aftertaste. I placed the order for my capsules in France and upon delivery, the postman requested 13 euros in customs fees. Vegetalogy promptly covered this additional expense.

    Tony Bishop Weston

    2 Nov 2023
    Great product. Love the way they are striving to get high levels of EPA as well as DHA


    1 Nov 2023
    Exceptional and completely natural product, without additives, I buy it regularly


    1 Nov 2023
    Great supplement, the capsules are a bit big but easy to swallow. I bought this together with other supplements (vollagen and myltivitamin) and I noticed the difference immediately, I feel great and knowing that all these supplements are plant based is an amazing plus!


    31 Oct 2023


    31 Oct 2023
    Utilizzo questi Omega 3 da qualche anno e mi trovo benissimo. Me li ha consigliati la mia nutrizionista, anche lei vegana. La qualità è super e trovo ok il rapporto qualità-prezzo. Promossi a pieni voti!

    Yvonne Hultier

    30 Oct 2023
    I have been using these capsules for several years now, as I am a 72 year old vegan and don't get sufficient omega 3 from my diet. Even if you eat vegan omega 3 foods, not everyone can convert it into a usable form. In these capsules, the sea algae has already done the job for you! The price and quality is very good, and the ethos of the company at every level is incomparable. I hope I'm buying them for many years to come.

    Jane Fielitz

    27 Oct 2023
    Very happy to find an Omega3 product without fish oil. Do wish it did not contain carrageenan


    26 Oct 2023
    The best vegan omega 3 supplement out there. I've been using it for a few years and am very pleased with the results.


    26 Oct 2023
    It's my favourite omega 3 from all the ones I have tried in the last 4 years! Also my nutritionist likes it :)

    Margaret Ladru

    23 Oct 2023
    I take these as my GP recommended them to help with keeping good cholesterol going and for heart health. I like the fact that they are not animal reliant.

    Magdalena Nordmark-Rojas

    23 Oct 2023
    Great product with highest content of DHA/EPA on the market that is vegan/plant based. Highly recommended and easy to ship to EU without extra costs.


    23 Oct 2023
    Really happy to have found these omega supplements, much better than transporting krill oil from the Antarctic or other fish oils with the risk of heavy metals. Great that they contain vit D too.

    Beth Danks

    23 Oct 2023
    I think I really realised the value of this supplement, once I stopped taking them. A lifetime without fish oils (as a vegetarian) has taken its toll on my bone health. I ran out of supplements a few months ago and didn’t renew as I was short of cash. The result is terrible knee and wrist pain. I’m re-ordering as soon as possible!