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Vegan Omega-3 Supplements Reviews

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    2 May 2024


    31 Aug 2023
    I have been a long-time happy customer of Vegetology, but unfortunately, the pills in the last 7 boxes of Omega-3 I bought are all sticky inside, and don't smell that good either. It is often impossible to get the pills out without breaking them in the process, since they are stuck to each other or 'glued' to the container. I thought it was just a few boxes, but I am at my last of 7 boxes, and they were all the same. Unfortunately, I feel my last order does not carry the same quality as it used to.


    11 May 2023

    Diti Dickson

    12 Jul 2022
    I feel really great with these Omega 3’s


    24 Jan 2022
    Never received the item. If you don’t know that and send me for a feedback………. Very bad


    13 Dec 2021
    The plastic wire broke when I was opening it, had to use a scissors to get the bottle open. Also found a small black foreign object inside the container attached to one of the capsules, very concerning.


    4 Nov 2021
    Ainda sem experimentar o produto


    9 May 2021
    Good vegan product

    Kiran Bhojwani

    30 Apr 2021
    Thumbs up.

    Joseph Begg

    23 Apr 2021
    I have an autoimmune disease which affects me by my body reacting to some foods or supplements, I have been quite happily taking Opti3 for the past 3 or so years, but they have recently changed the fillers in it and that has caused my body to react when I take it, so unfortunately I am now an ex customer, why do companies insist on changing the ingredients in their capsules, to repeat an old adage, if it aint broke......dont fix it