Vitashine™ Vegan Vitamin D3 1000iu Tablets

Vitashine™ Vegan Vitamin D3 1000iu Tablets

Vegetology Vitashine™ Vegan Vitamin D3 1000iu Tablets

Vitashine™ Vegan Vitamin D3 1000iu Tablets

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Vitashine is the world's only Vegan Society & Vegetarian Society registered plant-source Vitamin D3 ingredient. Our 1000iu tablets are small, chewable and easy to take.

  • Plant-source Vitamin D3
  • 1000iu tablets
  • 1 per day
  • 60 tablets per bottle (2 month's supply)
  • Small, chewable, easy to take tablets
  • Registered with the Vegan Society & Vegetarian Society

Vitashine supplements contains our exclusive 100% Vegan and vegetarian suitable Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol). We worked with Independent expert laboratories including Stirling University (world renowned experts in lipid analysis) to validate our research.

What is Vitamin D3?

Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) is the form of Vitamin D produced by the body after exposure to sunlight. Common vegetarian Vitamin D supplements are Vitamin D2 (Ergocalciferol), which is a derivative of ergosterol and is not produced by land plants or vertebrates. The healthy debate continues regarding whether D2 offers equivalent efficacy to D3 in the body, with the majority of the Scientific community suggesting Vitamin D3 is superior. Having reviewed a vast amount of published research, our conclusion is that Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) is the best form of Vitamin D for the body.

Vitashine is registered with several worldwide organisations including the Vegan Society and the Vegetarian Society. Our Vitamin D3 supplement is the perfect choice for those wishing to increase their Vitamin D intake without consuming fish oils.

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Vegan and Vegetarian Vitamin D3

If you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, you’ll already be thinking more carefully about the food that you eat, no doubt including highly fortified foods to ensure that you consume the optimal amount of protein, vitamins and minerals on a daily basis.  In an attempt to avoid animal products, those on vegan or vegetarian diets are also more likely to consider the content of dietary supplements, especially when it comes to Vitamin D intake.

None of us want to suffer from Vitamin D deficiency. Consuming highly fortified foods to protect our protein and calcium levels helps to ensure that our food contains every nutrient we need. With the right diet, we don’t have to resort to milk or other dairy products. After all, we all want healthy bones and glowing skin and keeping a good Vitamin D level is a good way to achieve premium bone mineral density and bone health.

The good news is, when it comes to Vitamin D supplementation, you don’t need to revert from your vegan diet. Animal products are not the only way - contrary to popular belief, fish oils, including cod liver oil, are not the only dietary supplements that will up your dha and Vitamin D levels.

Lanolin and Vitamin D3

The Wonderful World of Lichens

Now, there is an alternative to fish oil dietary supplements for those on vegan or vegetarian diets. Our exclusive vegan Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) comes from a special, organic plant source called a Lichen. Lichens are small unique plant species consisting of a symbiotic association of a fungus with an algae. This gives them unique attributes such as surviving in extreme climates and having the ability to grow and accumulate meaningful levels of useful nutrients, including Vitamin D3!

There are many different species of Lichen, and we work with a carefully selected strain we have proved contains Vitamin D3.  This makes it the basis for the perfect Vitamin D supplementation. This truly is vegan and vegetarian Vitamin D3 - an alternative to animal derived supplements such as cod liver oil for those following a vegan diet or a vegetarian diet.


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Vitamin D3 is linked to a large number of ailments and diseases with research showing many benefits, including good bone mineral density and general good bone health.

If you want to increase your Vitamin D Levels, reported benefits of Vitamin D3 include:

  • Maintenance of normal bones, teeth and muscle function
  • Normal function of the immune system
  • Normal blood calcium levels

New research is being published all of the time with new findings reported in the media on a regular basis.


Each bottle of Vitashine 1000iu tablets contains 60 tablets. The dosage is 1 tablet per day. Vitashine supplements are best taken just after a meal to ensure optimum absorption.

The tablets can be taken orally with water. Vitashine 1000iu tablets are small, chewable and easy to swallow making them suitable for people of all ages.

1 bottle of Vitashine 1000iu tablets = 2 months supply

Supplement Facts

Amounts Per Serving % EU NRV
Vitamin D3 1000iu 500%


Maltodextrin, Vitamin D3 (Starch, Sucrose, Silicon Dioxide, Antioxidants (D-Alpha Tocopherol, Ascorbyl Palmitate), Cholecalciferol), Anti-Caking Agents (Stearic Acid, Magnesium Stearate).

Full product label

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Vitashine and where is it from?
Vitashine is a vegan and vegetarian Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) nutritional supplement. Our Vitamin D3 comes from a plant source called a lichen.
How do I use Vitashine?
Vitashine is supplied as tablets which can be chewed or swallowed with water, or as an oral spray which can be administered directly into the mouth or sprayed onto food.
What is the dose I should take?
Vitashine tablets are ideal for those seeking a higher level (available in 1000IU and 2500IU strength). We recommend consulting your Doctor for advice on dose.
How long will a bottle of Vitashine last?
Vitashine tablets will last 60 days at the stated doses.
Can I take Vitashine during pregnancy?
Yes, but always seek advice from your Health Practitioner before taking any supplements. Vitamin D helps you regulate calcium and phosphate levels in the body. A BBC report concluded “Pregnant women “must take Vitamin D supplements"".
Is Vitashine registered with the Vegan Society?
There is justified skepticism about vegan source Vitamin D3 supplements and we are very proud that our products are registered with the Vegan Society and Vegetarian Society.

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    1 customer reviews
  • I purchased those Vitashine D3 tablets a few days ago and it is now my third day of that diet. What I may say : - Like the VegVit, those tablets are easily digested. - I appreciate that it is a pure vegan product. Is it a coincidence or not ? Since a few months I suffered from an inflammation of my rectum probably caused by very long rides with my racer bike during the (too) warm days of last year. Now, surprisingly I noticed that the pain disappeared.

    Marc GITS, Belgium 17th March 2019


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