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Vegan Omega-3 Orange Flavoured Supplements Reviews

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    22 Jul 2023
    Great liquid supplement, I add to smoothies for my children. Would be better with a sealed opening as it leaks after use.


    22 Apr 2023
    Love the mild taste!


    26 Dec 2021
    Great product, wish it were more pleasing to kids’ palates..


    19 May 2021
    Good quality and easier to swallow than the capsules, however I went back to the capsules because I just can't get behind the taste. The way my sister described it suits best - "it's like someone had a glass of orange squash and didn't rinse it before filling up with water". The orange taste is really that weak, and as its a little greasy it's just all round weird. I'd recommend it for children or adults who don't want capsules though

    Michael Trigiano

    6 May 2021
    I think the product is very good I think the price is a little high though.

    Kathryn Williams

    2 May 2021
    Doesn’t taste of orange and a little greasy.


    30 Apr 2021
    It's nice to have a good Omega 3 product in liquid form, I struggle with caps. 1 bottle/month makes it easy to use. Price/quality OK. However because of Brexit it will never order anything from the UK again because of customs charges and delays. I have now found a different supplier on the continent.

    Caroline Mccavana

    28 Apr 2021
    Please make a flavourless omega 3 liquid Bought omega 3 liquid for my vegetarian son who is 11. The concept is fantastic however it would be great if a flavourless version were available. Neither of us could palate the orange flavour so unfortunately 2 of the 3 bottles have gone to waste. I could order capsules and open them up if too big for a child to swallow but that sounds messy and I’m reluctant to risk another expensive mistake.


    26 Apr 2021
    I buy this for my son who finds it difficult to swallow the capsules. He does not mind the taste, although I personally find it unpleasantly fishy if it gets on my fingers (can be mixed into foods eg. coolish porridge). Good quality product, but it's a shame the bottle always drips - a narrower opening would be better for pouring out a 5ml dose (1tsp) without spillage. I modify the bottle with a plastic insert from a bottle of lemon juice but even so we have endless drips and wastage.


    25 Apr 2021
    Good product