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Vegan Omega-3 Orange Flavoured Supplements Reviews

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    8 Jun 2024
    AWESOME product , effective in 5 days , worth buying

    Ghost P

    6 Jun 2024
    Just the balance needed with the EPA DHA level as system does not enjoy pure flaxseed oil with whatever food etc but this offers a great alternative to feed the Omega 3 as needed


    25 May 2024
    Good plant based Omega3. No after taste!


    22 May 2024
    Excellent. Our toddler likes the taste and enjoys taking this daily. Less expensive than other brands. Will buy again.

    Patricia Thompson

    11 May 2024
    So much easier than huge capsules for my husband who has swallowing problems! And palatable too!


    9 Apr 2024

    Jennifer Diprose

    25 Mar 2024
    As a vegetarian I know that I miss out on Omega 3 in my diet. I decided to try Vegetology’s vegan supplement. This flavoured version is definitely much more palatable than the unflavoured version, which I tried first, which means I’m happy to take it on a regular basis! A friendly and efficient company to deal with.


    29 Feb 2024
    I ordered the orange flavoured oil and keep it in the fridge so it doesn’t taste too marine. Happy so far.

    Simon Clist

    26 Feb 2024
    Tastes good, contains good levels of epa and dha which is rare in algae oil supplements.


    19 Jan 2024

    Kelly Parker

    7 Jan 2024
    I have struggled for 1.5 years to find Omega-3 that does not upset my stomach. Some health issues I have create low Omega-3 test results consistently. This is the first product that has helped and does not create more stomach issues for me. Highly recommend!!!!


    6 Jan 2024
    Excellent product, love the taste.


    8 Dec 2023
    Very mild taste. I love that there are no capsules with strange ingredients. Also, shipped quickly.


    20 Nov 2023
    This is brilliant for my daughter who finds the capsules too large to swallow. It tastes good and is a great quality omega 3.


    18 Nov 2023
    Great flavour for children, and very good price/quality ratio.

    Emmanuelle Barraud

    6 Nov 2023
    Great product and great customer service, thank you!


    4 Nov 2023


    20 Oct 2023
    I am not a fan of orange flavour anything but my little girl LOVES this! She will happily take it on its own, and the orange flavour is minimal. Such a great way to get EPA and DHA into the little ones with no superfluous ingredients :)


    16 Sept 2023
    Best vegan omega 3 on the market


    3 Aug 2023
    Tastes lovely and makes a change from trying to swallow tablets

    Satu Honkkila

    26 Jul 2023
    This ptoduct is great. The only liquid Omega that really tastes good. I always prefer liquid supplements to capsules.


    25 Jul 2023
    Great value for money, always buy this!


    24 Jul 2023
    I needed an easy-swallow, high-strength option for Omega 3 and am delighted with this product. The subtle orange flavour is pleasant and I pour onto morning yogurt.


    22 Jul 2023
    Great liquid supplement, I add to smoothies for my children. Would be better with a sealed opening as it leaks after use.


    2 Jul 2023
    A brilliant way to take Omega-3 without the fish aftertaste. Highly recommended.

    Michelle Curtis

    24 Apr 2023
    Great stuff, my little boy likes having it and says it tastes like orange! We all have it and it’s so much easier to take than capsules as well.

    Vicky H

    22 Apr 2023
    Great product which I give to my son. I buy this one regularly.


    22 Apr 2023
    Love the mild taste!


    22 Apr 2023
    Family-friendly product and we love the taste.

    Ben Jeffery

    21 Apr 2023
    Very palatable product, even the kids have it. Seems to be an easy source of DHA and EPA. Delivered quickly and even the packaging is sensible.