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    9 Jun 2024
    The best brand. The best ingredients. The best price. Plus more. Keeping me well and happy.


    5 Jun 2024
    I take one pill everyday and am feeling better

    Flora Chapron

    17 May 2024
    A very complete multivitamin, very easy to take every day, which contains vitamin B12, so perfect for all vegetarians and vegan people ! I take it with Omega-3 and Vitamin D3.

    Nicole Markle

    12 May 2024
    I just purchased the multivitamin. So far I have been taking it for a couple weeks and I'm loving it already. I love that this is a high quality vegan multivitamin that really covers off the basis of vitamins that a person would need. Looking forward to continuing to take this over a longer period to see more results!


    30 Apr 2024
    A really complete supplement, with everything you need and more! A way to satisfy any need in one single tablet. You take one and go reassured, safe and sound!


    27 Apr 2024
    I have more energy since taking these


    18 Apr 2024
    Excellent product! Meets all my needs as a vegetarian.

    Tracey Wright

    4 Apr 2024
    I wouldn't use anyone else now multivitamins deliver exactly what I need feel energised, my skin is glowing and my nails are much stronger than they were will be using other products from this company.


    29 Mar 2024
    I started taking these vitamins based on a friend’s recommendation. As a vegan I want to ensure that I’m getting my daily requirements and these are easy to swallow, no funny smell or taste and don’t upset my stomach (all issues I’ve encountered with other vegan multis). I have just received my second order. The only thing I don’t understand is even though I order from the Canadian site I’m charged duty (and I didn’t see any notice of this when ordering). Other than that I’m very happy with the product.


    23 Mar 2024
    Really easy to take and adjusted to them well. Almost done with my first pack and feeling good in myself already. Will be ordering more.


    12 Mar 2024
    Such a great vitamin


    10 Mar 2024
    I feel more energetic, fresher and happier with these supplements. I use them together with vegetology omega-3, I can feel how attentiveness and concentration have increased. I recommend them to all my friends. :-)

    Deborah Coccoli

    10 Mar 2024


    16 Feb 2024
    After just a week my energy levels had increased.


    7 Feb 2024
    These are very good multivitamins even having co enzyme Q10 in. Plus now everything I need is in one tablet and that's saved me loads

    Lorraine Smith

    7 Feb 2024
    These supplements have a comprehensive profile and Ive been using them for a few years. They are clean and do the job perfectly. They are easy to take and fulfil all my requires as a vegan when it comes to vitamins. All my latest bloods perfect, so I am confident that these are serving me well. I will continue using Vegetology and their supplement range especially this product.


    6 Feb 2024
    Lovely product. Easy to take and really felt the difference. Would recommend. Love that it is vegan too!


    30 Dec 2023
    Excellent product and perfect customer service.


    28 Nov 2023
    High quality vitamins

    Xavier Martin

    24 Nov 2023
    Very nice product!

    Nuno Oliveira

    22 Nov 2023
    I tried MultiVit after trying several multivitamins and always having many side effects on my stomach. In my research I found the Vegetology website and decided to try it. I'm a vegetarian and I consider the composition to be very balanced, especially due to the levels of iron and vitamin B12. I have been taking it for over a month and have had no gastric side effects. I have already bought another pack of Multivit and will continue taking it.


    6 Nov 2023
    Actually perfect.

    Jennifer Waller

    29 Oct 2023
    I have low iron levels and these tablets help me boost this. I have been taking these vitamins for years now and they are really good quality with a reasonable price


    26 Oct 2023
    Great vegan multi vitamins - 1 tablet a day which is easy to swallow. My daughter in America recommended them to me and I'm very pleased she did. So much better than taking several tablets.


    21 Oct 2023
    I never noticed any changes while taking this supplement. I surely hope it has some effect, even if I can’t seem to notice it

    Gabriela Adamczyk

    21 Oct 2023
    Have been buying those for about a year now, easy to swallow without water and one pill a day gives you everything you need. Highly reccomend.


    21 Oct 2023
    Awesome multi vitamin , been taking for a year and it keeps me and my wife healthy and balanced

    Margaret Reid

    20 Oct 2023
    I have been taking these for quite a while now. There is nothing simpler than just taking a multi pill & you have a selection of vitamins & minerals in your body!


    20 Oct 2023
    great multivit for vegan,i m vegan

    D. Shapitka

    20 Oct 2023
    I've been using the multi vitamins for a few years and have found nothing better! I took them to my vegan dietician, and he said they were excellent; have everything and more we need in a multi. I live in Canada, and prefer to shop locally, so choosing something outside of my country is a big deal for me. Keep it up!