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    Paul Maxwell

    29 Aug 2022
    The quality is great as always, but it's just a shame its gone from a 90 pack to a 60 pack.


    31 Aug 2021
    Great multivitamin


    10 May 2021
    Definitely a good all rounder. Although has not helped my low iron levels noticeably.

    Sarra Al Zubeidi

    6 May 2021
    Nice and very impressed


    5 May 2021
    Good product!

    Miguel Alonso Bermúdez De Castro

    1 May 2021
    Buenos productos. Cambiar la cianocobalamina por otro tipo de B 12, y el esterato de magnesio, como dije antes.


    30 Apr 2021
    I would like a version without iron and copper (or less of these minerals) for 50+


    29 Apr 2021
    B12 isn't great in a multi. There are some vitamins that seem unnecessary for the vast majority of vegans (but you can't please everyone).