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    Daniel Vanyi

    11 May 2023
    I took this every day for at least a year. It is not complete, it does not contains omega-3, and I do not like to take multiple pills a day, so this is kinda annoying unfortunately. One other things. And this is really big for me. From environmental standpoint I hate that I can not buy in bulk for cheaper prices, why I should make a subscription? I hate subscriptions. When I order something from you, I have to pay every time for the post office to check if I have to pay Import taxes or not. They will say I do not have to pay additional taxes, but they charge me for the checkups every time. And besides that it took them 7-10 weeks to do that. So I now have to pay way more to get my vitamins without playing this game with the post office every month... Please think about that, this is a horrible business practice... I gave the vitamin 3 stars because it feels like it works, but so many inconveniences around it...

    Omega-3 EPA & DHA are in oil form and also take up a lot of space. We would have to make MultiVit into a liquid capsule but it would also need to be so big it just wouldn't work. Please contact us if you ever have any problems with deliveries, we are always happy to help.


    21 Apr 2023
    Was Very happy with product but price increases / smaller size 60 instead of 90 make it unlikely I can afford to continue using after several years of using for myself & family. Not happy with the changes in marketing & I have lost loyalty. Have to bulk buy to keep price at all realistic & subscription system not helpful at all. Have been buying alternative elsewhere but would have stayed with you if not for changes. Angry that you are giving financial incentives for reviews - does not give transparency or honesty - hence this post. Sorry - with regret - bye!

    Thank you for your feedback. We have tried to keep our prices reasonable for everyone without making any compromises to quality despite the rapid increase in production costs and shipping costs.


    20 Apr 2023
    Doctor said I’m low in B12 but I take these every day so wouldn’t recommend for B12 despite the content


    22 Jun 2022
    Great to see vegan options