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Sustainably produced Vegan and Vegetarian supplements.

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Who we are:

We are scientists (geeks). It’s our passion to create incredible, unique nutritional formulations that supplement health in an eco-friendly, ethical , sustainable way. We use the purest ingredients and squeeze as much as we can into Vegetology products. We do not compromise on quality or purity!

About us

Great products, prices, and service and prompt shipping. I once contacted them with a question about one of their products and received a very informative and helpful reply. They clearly take pride in what they do and put a lot of thought and research into it.


Delighted to find vegan based Multivitamins and Omega 3. I have always been concerned that taking fish based oil has a cruel and irreparable impact on fish stocks!


Awesome product, great customer service and super fast delivery. Very happy customer here…

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