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Can you take supplements on a plane?

If you regularly take a vitamin supplement, a vegan supplement or even just a tablet to help your overall health,

If you regularly take a vitamin supplement, a vegan supplement or even just a tablet to help your overall health,

Are vitamins and supplements allowed through UK travel security?

The short answer is yes, you can take your chosen vitamins, supplements or tablets on a plane with a UK airline or through UK airport security and it shouldn’t present an issue.

The UK Government website advises: “You're allowed to carry the following in your hand luggage: essential medicines of more than 100ml, including liquid dietary foodstuffs and inhalers. medical equipment, if it's essential for your journey.”

The 100ml limit applies not just to the actual amount of liquid, but also the bottles or containers they are held in. You can take one clear bag per person, so it’s wise not to bring too much liquid with you, even if it’s in containers of less than 100ml.

If your vitamins or supplements are going through with your carry-on luggage and come in liquid form, then make sure they follow the 100ml airport security rules and aren’t over this.. However, there are no restrictions on having these in your checked-in luggage, so if you want to take them in your checked baggage then that will be fine.

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Do vitamins and supplements count as medicines on a plane?

Vitamins typically get classed under ‘non-prescription medicine’ and can be carried on a plane, provided they’re under 100ml. Medicines over 100ml as long as they are supported by a doctor's note or prescription are allowed through security. There's currently no limit for powder or pills, so it can also depend what form your chosen vitamin or supplement comes in.

However, all medicines can be subject to additional security screening and must be kept in a transparent, resealable bag. You should also be prepared that you might have to undergo additional security checks if asked, where you might be asked what the tablets or vitamins are so be prepared to answer. Having your medicine, supplement bundles or vitamin tablets in their original packaging or with clear documentation of what they are can help here.

Travelling with vitamins or supplements on US or global airlines

Before travel it’s always important to check and see if there are specific rules for air travel relating to your airline, where you’re flying from and where you’re flying to.

For flights in the USA, your guidance will come from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The TSA website says you can pack supplements in either checked or carry-on luggage. Capsules, gelcaps (luckily, they're not considered liquids), and tablets usually have no issue with security and are allowed through security in carry-on luggage.

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Tips and advice for travelling with vitamins or supplements on airlines

Travelling with vitamins or supplements shouldn’t cause any problems, but just in case you do get any questions at security about what you’re bringing with you there are things you can do to make it easier.

We’ve all faced lengthy queues at security when we’re heading for a flight and there are ways you can make it simpler for you when you travel:

  • Try an all in one vitamin rather than carrying various different supplements
  • Put them in a clear plastic bag for easy screening by security personnel
  • Consider vitamin cases to keep you on track for your daily supplements
  • Bring your vitamins or supplements in original packaging if you need
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