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    28 Jun 2024
    Very happy with these capsules, easy to take and no nasty after taste.


    26 Jun 2024
    Great product will definitely be re purchasing


    25 Jun 2024
    Only been taking this for just over a month. I bought it to help my ligaments. Along with the exercises I am doing I am relatively pain free at the moment, hopefully I will gradually get stronger as well.

    Julie Mrs. Gaudry

    22 Jun 2024
    This is a most excellent vitamin ,also that it is plant based. Sincerely, Julie Gaudry


    18 Jun 2024
    I’ve been taking these for nearly a month now and I’m experiencing some welcome comfort from a very painful hip. Hopefully it will continue to improve as I continue to take it.

    Benjamin Thorogood

    11 Jun 2024
    It's really hard to find a vegan alternative to Collagen which has the right ingredients in it, this seems like a great alternative so far!

    Ms. Rosario G

    7 Jun 2024


    27 May 2024
    It's official: this is my go-to vegan collagen supplement. After one month of use, I'm already noticing my nails to become stronger, and my skin to be so much better! I tried other brands, but Vegetology's Vollagen is absolutely perfect.


    24 May 2024
    I’ve been taking it for couple of months now and completely hooked. I could definitely see the improvement in my skin, the fine line look smoother and kind of blurred. I’m almost 40, so it makes me happy :) About to reorder another 3 months supply. I combined it with Omega 3( another amazing product) and Multivitamins and works wonders!

    Lucia Dolincová

    10 May 2024
    Great product, first vegan collagen I’ve tried and I can say that I see the results. My skin feels smoother and firmer and my nails are stronger. Will 100% repurchase.

    Sue Hughes

    8 May 2024
    My hairdresser says my hair seems thicker ..yey 🤗

    Sarah Bushbye

    29 Apr 2024
    Then order was received within the time frame stated by the company. I like the information that is given about collagen on the Vollegen webpage and I like the desing of the webpage as well. Theres plenty of information about the product and a question and answer section for the product. The tablets are an acceptable size to swallow and I like that there is one study looking at the efficacy. I have taken the tablets for almost a month, so have one month more to wait before I can expect to start seeing results that were stated in the study. I would love to see in th future; more studies with larger sample sizes to show efficacy, and glass bottles to increase sustainability.


    29 Apr 2024
    Definitely makes a difference - my mouth was starting to look like a puppet from Thunderbirds but the lines on my upper lip and at the side of my mouth are much less deeply defined now. Several people have commented how well I look, so the difference is fairly obvious.


    23 Apr 2024
    It smells very nice. I will buy a new one as soon as possible.


    18 Apr 2024
    Long-term vegetarian so I'd never tried any collagen supplements. Delighted to have found this. Within a few months of my starting it, there has been quite a noticeable improvement. Some chronic soft-tissue injuries are finally healing. My splitting fingernails finally grew out normally. Thanks so much for making these products!


    17 Apr 2024
    This product is a wonderful addition to my daily supplements. Since taking it, I have noticed a significant decrease in hair loss and overall healthier hair that regained its shine.


    16 Apr 2024
    Really helping with my joints


    16 Apr 2024
    Great tablets easy to take have really noticed a difference in my skin will be buying again


    15 Apr 2024
    I've been taking Vollagen for just over a month now and already I notice a huge difference. Significantly less hair falls out during a shower and my knees no longer hurt.


    10 Apr 2024
    Have been using this product for nearly a month now and have noticed a massive improvement. Been feeling great and my skin is glowing. Would definitely recommend 🙌🏻


    5 Apr 2024
    I have been using this product for last 6months as I've been losing weight. I'm down 16kg, and despite that, I don't have any lose or baggy skin. Before I was using this I was getting sunken skin with the weight loss, but I was I started using this it tightened right back up again!


    1 Apr 2024


    16 Mar 2024
    Great product. My skin is more radiant since adding this supplement to my life

    Helen Fuggle

    10 Mar 2024
    Good product and service. Thanks


    9 Mar 2024

    Caz Lavinia Hales

    8 Mar 2024
    I’ve been taking these for 6wks and my sister, who last saw me at Christmas said I looked washed out and pale then but now I look so much healthier with a pink glow! My nails are growing quickly so too is my hair, I have increased my protein intake but these Vollagen capsules are doing a lot more for me than just protein alone. I have already ordered another 3mths supply and will continue to order more in the future.


    6 Mar 2024
    Arrived promptly and been using for just over a month. My nails are certainly growing stronger and faster. No joint pain any more. Looking forward to seeing skin changes as time goes on 🙂

    Robert Radabaugh

    4 Mar 2024
    Great product. I’ve been taking it over 6 months now and my facial wrinkles are diminished and my fingernails are super strong. I recommend the Vollagen capsules.


    25 Feb 2024


    19 Feb 2024
    I am surprised at seeing a good result by using this product only for 2 weeks. My hair looks really better. Curious to see if it works in the long term on minor skin issues