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    Kim Gayler

    10 Apr 2024
    Too early to go in with a 5 star review as I've only just started month two of my regular two capsules daily.I'm looking for improvements in my nails and skin specifically.My skin looks good,my nails are the same...weak.I'll keep on and see how things progress


    7 Mar 2024
    After one month of use, I started seeing results, most notable being my nails! Very impressed, will buy again for sure 🤩

    Lisa Ammirati

    20 Dec 2023
    As a vegan I know that it’s impossible to get collagen anywhere! I’m on my 2nd bottle and already notice how fast my bangs are growing! Easy to digest and wonderful packaging (love the bottles!). I’m excited to see how well my nails grow! An Amazing product!

    Rowena Diamond

    20 Oct 2023
    So far so good. This is over half the price of most of the new powdered vegan collagens. It does have less amino acids than some, but it seems to cover a good spectrum.

    Harry Verschelden

    19 Oct 2023
    my skin is getting better,(very thin skin) less bruises on my arms