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Vegan Vitamin D3 2500iu Supplements Reviews

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    John C. Zvokel

    2 Nov 2023
    Contains maltodextrin. There's no reason for it. Maltodextrin is not good for you. I take 10,000 IUs per day, so I'm getting 4 tablets' worth of maltodextrin every day, which is bad. I've pleaded with them to take maltodextrin out, but they obstinately refuse because they obviously haven't done the research on maltodextrin.

    Many of these things wrongly get bad press when they are inert and absolutely required. We used Maltodextrin as an inert excipient to form a simple tablet that can be chewed or swallowed. It allows a suitable structure and also has a natural degree of sweetness, which allows us to avoid using loads of different excipients and artificial sweeteners.


    29 Sept 2021
    I love the product, but I don’t like the taste and that it’s chewable. I find it a bit hard to swallow.

    John Z.

    29 May 2021
    It's too sweet. I do not like or trust the sweetener they use. I don't think it's good for you. They need to use a different sweetening agent.


    4 May 2021
    I'm just not that fond of tablets, I prefer capsules. Otherwise the product is perfectly good.