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Vegan Vitamin D3 2500iu Supplements Reviews

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    Andy Marsh

    28 May 2024
    Hands down the best Vitamin D3 supplement! I use it daily throughout the year, but notice such an improvement to mood and energy levels in the winter. I can't imagine life without it!


    25 May 2024
    It is causing an allergic reaction in me like itchy , blocked nose! I tried to persist with it for a few days but allergy like symptoms did not go away, so I discontinued taking it!


    23 Apr 2024
    As a vegan, I discovered this product that is great for my vitamin D deficiency. Thank you


    26 Nov 2023
    Excellent quality/price. Probably the best.

    Elena Maria Marcoz

    11 Nov 2023
    This product is recomended by SSNV (the italian Scientific Society For Vegetarian Nutrition). It’s easy to use and I feel safe with it. I bought it For my whole family!


    7 Nov 2023
    I really like Vegetology. Their products seem to have very good quality. My vitamin D levels (and I live in the Nordics) are way higher (at the top end of the normal range) than I expected after taking Vegetology’s vitamin D. I will definitely continue using your products. Thank you!

    Jennifer Lelliott

    5 Nov 2023
    I've been buying this product all the way from Australia! I'm a vegan with MS and needed vitamin D on advice from my neurologist. This product was superior to any vitamin D I could find where I live. I get notes in my package from the Australian border security but it's all good I don't get in any trouble.

    John C. Zvokel

    2 Nov 2023
    Contains maltodextrin. There's no reason for it. Maltodextrin is not good for you. I take 10,000 IUs per day, so I'm getting 4 tablets' worth of maltodextrin every day, which is bad. I've pleaded with them to take maltodextrin out, but they obstinately refuse because they obviously haven't done the research on maltodextrin.

    Many of these things wrongly get bad press when they are inert and absolutely required. We used Maltodextrin as an inert excipient to form a simple tablet that can be chewed or swallowed. It allows a suitable structure and also has a natural degree of sweetness, which allows us to avoid using loads of different excipients and artificial sweeteners.


    2 Nov 2023
    It´s perfect. During winter time I add one in the morning and one in the evening with omega capsules


    19 Oct 2023
    Que dire.... Que j'en prends en cure et qu'à un moment je n'en ai pas fait. Qu'au contrôle sanguin le taux n'était pas bas. mon médecin m'en a prescris en pharmacie (composition animale 😞😭😓). Je n'ai pas acheté, j'ai acheté les vegetology. Et le contrôle sanguin d'après était bien ! 👍👍👍

    George Vafeiadis

    19 Oct 2023
    Top product Vegan 100% Very good taste not problem Full support

    Ejvor Berg

    19 Oct 2023
    This is what I really need winter time, they are so full of vegan D vitamins


    28 Jul 2023

    Raymond E.

    21 Jun 2023
    Great price. Nice size to swallow. A mainstay for my Vitamin D requirements. Not much dearer than the 1000IU version.


    9 Jun 2023
    Works perfectly, I take 5000ui per day, sometime 7500ui, and I've done a blood test. I am at high level, 64ng/ml.


    25 Apr 2023

    Orna Mark

    25 Apr 2023
    I love that it’s vegan , easy to take , high potency , and certainly doing its work - my Vit D level is now in very a good range . Thank you Vegetology !! Orn


    25 Apr 2023
    Vegetology’s vitamin D supplement really works! For years It was really los - my level was 17 in 2020. I took other Vegan D supplements but they didn’t do much. I took vegetology’s D3 for a year and my level is 33. Still low, but within the normal range. Highly recommended.


    24 Apr 2023
    High quality vegan D3 supplement. Have been using to support my immune system for many years.


    22 Apr 2023
    Small easy to swallow and suitable for vegans which d3 often isn’t. At the end of winter I was discovered to be d deficient. This supplement helped me raise my levels and whenever I have been tested since my levels are now within normal range. Makes such a difference to my energy levels.


    22 Apr 2023
    My husband and I have been taking this strong vit D supplement for several years now. Some time ago we went to have blood tests and it showed that our vit D levels were in the upper range of normal values. The doctor told us that it´s higher than in most people´s results, and she was surprised knowing that we were both vegetarians. We think it´s thanks to Vegetology supplement that we don´t have the vit D deficiency that is so common nowadays even in fit and healthy people. So if you are looking for one single supplement to take, I suggest you take vit D.


    21 Apr 2023
    High strength D3 with a noticeable effect, i can really tell how drowsy i am when not taking this.

    Anji Chapman

    21 Apr 2023
    I have been buying this vitamin D3 for a long time now Before I bought it, I was very tired a lot of the time. I felt a very quick improvement in my energy levels and, have taken it ever since.

    Annie Mac

    21 Apr 2023
    I've been using this for several years as I've had osteoporosis problems & wanted a vegan source of D3 to ensure calcium uptake. My D3 levels are excellent now, very happy with the product.


    21 Apr 2023
    I like that it's created from an organic source. Living in the country with more rain than sunshine, this is just a perfect addition to my everyday vitamin routine which is also important for maintaining of healthy bones, teeth and for the immune system in general. I like that it is not only good quality product but also affordable.

    Alysha Edelman

    21 Apr 2023
    So beyond grateful for this product! I am a strict ethical Vegan and my Vit D was low... Really low! Vit D is usually sourced from Animals and that is something that I do NOT support at all. After taking this Vit D supplement, not only are my Vit D levels amazing, the side effects I was experiencing from having low Vit D, are gone!! This product is incredible and am so thankful for it!!!!


    21 Apr 2023
    I was very low in vitamin d until I took this supplement. Now I take it daily to maintain normal levels


    20 Apr 2023
    Good price, high dosage. I usually take 2 pills a day, had vitamin D deficiency a while back, no more issues since taking these. Only minus is the packaging, the packaging used to be great (these were still gel pills, I believe), but this new packaging sometimes breaks before it's open and then I have to cut it open with a knife. Still not enough to keep me from buying more.


    20 Apr 2023
    Vegetology offer top quality products, more than reasonable pricing and excellent bulk deals. I have been buying D3 (slow release B12 tablets as well which I also highly recommend!) from them for many years now and can highly recommend these as easy to take daily and giving exactly what is on the label.


    18 Apr 2023
    Love it! This is my go-to vegan vitamin D3!