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    9 Jun 2023
    Does nothing. I did doubt its "promises" anyway..but I thought the gaurantee of money back if not happy was worth a punt. Even thats not as simple as the image given.... "Hi there, We are sorry that you are not happy with your products. You are welcome to return any unopened bottles to our warehouse for a full refund :) " How on earth is that a guarantee of try before you buy!! It puts the company into shifty areas if they wont stand by the false claims. I will now be reviewing my subscriptions and the other "promises" claimed which we cannot readily establish a value. These dont work period. In the old days a mug of drinking chocolate worked wonders so they say..didnt really do much for me BUT a few cubes of real dark choccy (coOp FairTrade DARK chocolate at £1.10 a 100g bar) knocked me out lol


    18 May 2023
    I'm with others on this, the 'sleep support', had no effect in my sleep pattern. I had been taking prescriptive meds for several years now, without them, my sleep pattern is interrupted and short. So, I added the 'sleep support' thinking I could ease off or eliminate the prescriptive meds, but no change. Even went cold turkey, without the prescribed sedatives, it was like taking nothing at all, zero effect. I bought enough for two months and had taken routinely. I believe much of what is perceived as a benefit, is the "placebo effect", since there aren't any double blind randomized studies to suggest otherwise. Disappointed it didn't work, I had hoped it would.