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    12 Mar 2024
    I SO wanted this to work but it didn't!


    6 Feb 2024
    Great product! I notice that when I can't sleep because I feel restless, I take one sleep tablet and I seem to drift off quickly and also have a good sleep. I'll be buying some more. I've also poured some of the powder into a drink for my kids before bed and I swear it helps.

    Jayne Gilbert

    4 Dec 2023
    fast delivery and taken now for 3 weeks and its defiantly help with my sleep pattern, I would recommend giving it a go, but remember not everything works one everyone as I've found out in the past with other supplements


    26 Oct 2023
    I was having some sleep issues and other options like CBD were not working for me, when I tried sleep support I fell in love with it. It doesn't make me feel like a zombie but just more relax and helps me to sleep deeper.

    George Vafeiadis

    19 Oct 2023
    I have given it to clients to buy No one is sleeping 😴 nowadays I suggest it

    Manuel Alejandro

    5 Oct 2023


    15 Sept 2023
    I am 66 (vegan) and always struggled with sleep issues, mostly due to anxiety. I've tried just about every herbal mix, capsules, tinctures etc and never found anything really helpful. Until now! I have been taking this product before bed for the about 3 weeks and I must say it's been quite transforming. I'm really happy with how easy it is on the stomach and how it's getting better and better. I shall come back. PS even with the exchange rate to $CAD, the products are very comparable to other brands. Thanks for looking out for insomniacs 😁

    Colin Miller

    30 Aug 2023
    Certainly helps me get to sleep. I still wake up during the night but get back to sleep quicker. Overall this has helped increase the total number of hours sleep each night and hence my performance the next day.

    Mariana Martins

    16 Aug 2023
    Very good product.


    25 Jun 2023
    SLEEP SUPPORT is a real remedy for sleep. You will sleep like a newborn and you will wake up refreshed and strong. Advised.


    25 Jun 2023
    SLEEP SUPPORT is a real remedy for sleep. You will sleep like a newborn and you will wake up refreshed and strong. Advised.

    Raymond E.

    21 Jun 2023
    A very decent price. I'm not certain by how much (as in a to great degree) they improve sleep but they do seem to make some difference at least.


    21 Jun 2023
    I recently tried these supplements, and I'm extremely satisfied! These supplements worked wonders for me. They helped me relax before bed and improved my sleep quality without any grogginess in the morning. Plus, the fact that they are vegan-friendly is a huge bonus. I highly recommend these supplements to anyone seeking a restful night's sleep without compromising their vegan values.


    9 Jun 2023
    Does nothing. I did doubt its "promises" anyway..but I thought the gaurantee of money back if not happy was worth a punt. Even thats not as simple as the image given.... "Hi there, We are sorry that you are not happy with your products. You are welcome to return any unopened bottles to our warehouse for a full refund :) " How on earth is that a guarantee of try before you buy!! It puts the company into shifty areas if they wont stand by the false claims. I will now be reviewing my subscriptions and the other "promises" claimed which we cannot readily establish a value. These dont work period. In the old days a mug of drinking chocolate worked wonders so they say..didnt really do much for me BUT a few cubes of real dark choccy (coOp FairTrade DARK chocolate at £1.10 a 100g bar) knocked me out lol

    Nicola Robson

    24 May 2023
    ive had trouble sleeping for a few years now due to the menopause and grieving the loss of my husband and after trying this i find that it helps me drift off to sleep and stay asleep for the night and feel refreshed the next morning when i wake up. Would highly recommend for anyone who is craving a good nights restful sleep.


    18 May 2023
    I'm with others on this, the 'sleep support', had no effect in my sleep pattern. I had been taking prescriptive meds for several years now, without them, my sleep pattern is interrupted and short. So, I added the 'sleep support' thinking I could ease off or eliminate the prescriptive meds, but no change. Even went cold turkey, without the prescribed sedatives, it was like taking nothing at all, zero effect. I bought enough for two months and had taken routinely. I believe much of what is perceived as a benefit, is the "placebo effect", since there aren't any double blind randomized studies to suggest otherwise. Disappointed it didn't work, I had hoped it would.


    4 May 2023
    My partner and I both really notice a difference in our sleep quality when we are consistent with this supplement before bed. I love that it has ashwagandha for its stress-relieving properties and I feel good about the magnesium for muscle support. Very happy with this supplement!


    26 Apr 2023


    21 Apr 2023
    I have tried every supplement/herbal remedy I can find to help with sleep, but none have made any difference at all, until I tried Sleep Support. I have gone from sleeping 2-3 hours a night, or not at all, to sleeping at least 6 hours a night most nights. I still wake up in the night, but usually go back to sleep pretty quickly. I hoped that once I got into the habit of sleeping, I wouldn't need them anymore, but as soon as they ran out, I was back to barely sleeping at all. I now have a new pot & straight away I was able to sleep again. Oh Sleep support, where have you been for the last 40 years? I am finally starting to feel human again!


    20 Apr 2023
    I've not noticed any discernable difference in my sleep yet, after about a month of use. Perhaps it'll take a bit longer so I'm willing to wait and see.


    18 Apr 2023
    Great supplement, definitely improves sleep quality!


    6 Dec 2022
    Effective sleep aid. I used to wake up during the night and then try to get back to sleep. This product helps me relax and sleep through to the morning. Highly recommended.

    Elizabeth Forsythe

    21 Nov 2022
    So far I’ve been sleeping better, will definitely reorder

    Dominique Sanglard

    18 Nov 2022
    Sorry, haven't tried them yet.


    11 Nov 2022
    i am getting a better quality of sleep