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Vegan Omega-3 Liquid Supplements Reviews

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Average Rating


    25 Jun 2024
    He has come a long way and has come off flawlessly. Thank you <3

    Rebecca Wileman

    3 Jun 2024
    I use this for my dog that can't have animal protein due to an intestinal issue so far so good


    2 Jun 2024
    I give this to my dog as it has the right amount of Vitamin D added and a safe alternative to regular Omega-3 which may have heavy metals and dioxins. Please come out with one for dogs with vitamin D added!


    21 Mar 2024
    Supplementing my diet with omega 3 is simple with this oil. Omega 3 is reported to have many health benefits, so I add a teaspoon to my breakfast cereal everyday; job done!


    28 Jan 2024

    John Hamilton

    25 Jan 2024
    Recent studies show the importance of your Omega 3 levels as comparable to not smoking for cardiovascular health as well as numerous other functions in the body. I like the Omega 3 EPA & DHA which provides vital nutrients that I may have been missing in my ALA supplement. I realize that it may take 6 weeks to impact levels so I will be ordering again.


    26 Oct 2023
    Iv been using the flavourless omega 3 oil for over a year now. I can say it is the best omega 3 supplement I have tried. I prefer avoiding artificial flavours. The taste is palatable. On the whole I feel it has helped contribute to overall better health.


    24 Oct 2023
    Pleased to find a vegan omega supplement with high levels of EPA/DHA and no nasty after-taste. I like to avoid the added ingredients of a capsule shell and this liquid does just that. Will definitely keep rebuying.


    22 Oct 2023
    Great product. Use daily for my 2 year old. Initially used the orange flavored product but switched to this one without issue. Easy to stir into porridge or pour onto other cereals at breakfast time.


    20 Oct 2023
    This is the only omega oil that my toddler has accepted without any complaints, they drink some orange juice right after. We're very happy with it!


    12 Sept 2023
    We've been using this product for over 3 years now and we all love it, our toddler included! It's especially convenient for children, as you can get the right dose easily. I would highly recommend this product to anyone raising a family.


    29 Apr 2023
    We use a lot of vegetology supplements ourselves, but we actually use this particular product for our dog and cat. We originally used the vegetology omega capsules and decanted 1 over their food, morning and night. We've been using the omega for 3 years, since they were 10, and it really helps with their joints as well as having a significant impact on the health of their coats. The liquid is much easier to use than piercing a capsule. We decant it into a dropper bottle and just squirt some over their food. They both seem to love the taste and we love the positive impact it's had on their health.

    Ulrike Bonifer

    25 Apr 2023
    I´ve been taking Omega-3 Liquid for more than 2 years now - and I love it. I feel way better, my concentration is getting better more and more. I take it in my smoothie or self-made juice every day and grat for me it doesn´t have any taste of fish.


    21 Apr 2023
    My partner and I love this product. I have to drink a bit of orange juice after taking it, because of the taste. Still I prefer it over the flavoured one. My partner loves the taste. It tastes just like algae, so a bit "fishy".


    20 Apr 2023
    I used to give my son fish oils, mixed into his smoothie to try to hide the taste. He would often reject the drink and I didn't know if he was put off by the taste of the fish oil. I changed to this oil made from algae and now he happily has his drink and wants more.


    20 Apr 2023
    I like that it doesn't taste of much so no funny burping up of flavours. Great way of getting my omega 3 without consuming fish, micro plastic and mercury!

    Diane Baum

    30 Nov 2022
    Great no taste and no burbs. Contains more per serving than the one my doctor recommended. Great price also.


    11 Nov 2022
    You probably need Omega 3, and you probably shouldn't get it from fish or plankton. So, try this from Vegetology.


    25 Jun 2022
    Easy to include in every day supplementation.

    Victoria Hargreaves

    10 Feb 2022
    Good value

    Forest Smith

    12 Jan 2022
    This is the best DHA+EPA algae supplement on the market. Most other supplements I have seen from other companies offer weak DHA and no EPA. EPA is very important. The Opti-3 Liquid is very good for money and a single bottle is lasting me a long-time. The liquid is well absorbed and can easily be put in drinks, juices or smoothies.


    30 Nov 2021
    Great product better than capsules


    14 Oct 2021
    Great for children who don’t want to swallow a capsule.