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    20 Oct 2023
    It’s the only supplement I take and I definitely think it’s keeping my bones strong and injury free. Im an ultra distance runner and suffered a meniscus tear but since using the product along with my rehab program im back running pain free


    7 Sept 2023
    Early days into using a supplement, but initial signs are positive. I suffer with achy and painful joints, despite being 36, and I seem to have some noticeable relief since starting Bone Care. I'll keep it up for a few months at least, to see if it's lasting.

    Anna Nikolasevic

    28 Apr 2023
    I've been using the Bone Care supplement for a couple of years now, and am happy I discovered it. It's easy to take and the ingredients are very helpful if you need extra calcium or have joint pain. When I was working, before retiring recently, I was on my feet all day and constantly moving about, leaving my knees aching so badly that I'd have to take ibuprofen and acetaminophen just to get through the day. Once I started taking Bone Care I noticed that I could get through a work day without taking the medications. While I still had some soreness, it was a huge improvement and I believe so much better on the body than the harm those medications would do. I like how it's a complete Bone Care package with multiple ingredients for stronger bones and healthier joints.


    29 Aug 2022
    Being a senior good calcium is crucial


    7 Jul 2022
    I use these in conjunction with Omega 3 for knee pain. I know the Omega 3 work well and I feel the combination with Bone Care is probably even more effective.


    21 Jun 2021
    So happy to have found a veggie glucosamine and chondroitin supplement

    Ong Pei Ying Evelyn

    28 May 2021
    👍good value for money

    Sarra Al Zubeidi

    6 May 2021
    Nice and very impressed

    Maria Wren

    5 May 2021
    I’m going through peri menopause and it’s beneficial for me. Thank you


    2 May 2021
    Not sure yet will have to wait to see how well it works.

    Heather Brooke

    2 May 2021
    I’m just a little concerned that magnesium is included in the ingredients as I have read articles that magnesium should be taken separately from calcium. Otherwise it appears to be a very good mixture of necessary elements for bone care

    Miguel Alonso Bermúdez De Castro

    1 May 2021
    Cambiar el esterato de magnesio, como dije antes

    Michele Mutchek

    25 Apr 2021
    I like the balance of nutrients in this. The pills are a little large for me to swallow, but they are indented with a line to make them easy to split in half, which is what I do.