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    26 May 2024
    Bone care tablets are very good for the peoples who have joints pain and some of my friends using it and feeling much better۔Highly recommended


    11 Apr 2024
    I’ve been using Bone care for a few years now and its AMAZING for my arthritic bones, gives me a far better quality of life ‘and’ is Vegan friendly!! ❤️….you just cant beat that. I highly recommend this supplement Oooo, i must add that the customer service team of Michelle, Rosie and Jen, are fantabulous!, ssoo efficient, thoughtful, kind and caring ( thank you for being so x). 👑👑x 👑👑

    Raja Khan

    8 Apr 2024
    I am a fitness trainer who will be 70 in a few weeks time. I have had osteo arthritis for 28 years for which I took strong painkillers. Since I have started taking Bonecare tablets I do not need any painkillers at all. I call them miracle tablets. A few of my trainees who are from 50- 90 years young have started taking them! I would recommend these highly.


    24 Jan 2024

    Gannu Praveen Kumar

    28 Dec 2023


    20 Oct 2023
    It’s the only supplement I take and I definitely think it’s keeping my bones strong and injury free. Im an ultra distance runner and suffered a meniscus tear but since using the product along with my rehab program im back running pain free


    20 Oct 2023

    Dorothy Jenkinson

    20 Oct 2023
    Essential at my age and as a woman to maintain bone strength


    19 Oct 2023
    ☺️👍 Parfait pour vegan végétalien. Vraiment idéal. Je prends en cure régulièrement. Car âge... Femme proche de la ménopause en plus . Et avec une de mes pathologies qui ronge les os crée ostéoporose (hormone prolactine). Plus chirurgie du dos. Ce complément est idéal pour moi.

    George Vafeiadis

    19 Oct 2023
    Very good quality Very difficult to find vegan bone care and in this quality


    7 Sept 2023
    Early days into using a supplement, but initial signs are positive. I suffer with achy and painful joints, despite being 36, and I seem to have some noticeable relief since starting Bone Care. I'll keep it up for a few months at least, to see if it's lasting.


    24 Jul 2023
    I go through periods of joint pain which started when I was pretty young. There is a history of joint and bone disease in my family so I started taking these in my early 20s. They made a difference immediately and now I’m 28 and I take them occasionally but the intense pain I felt when I was younger hasn’t come back.

    Anna Nikolasevic

    28 Apr 2023
    I've been using the Bone Care supplement for a couple of years now, and am happy I discovered it. It's easy to take and the ingredients are very helpful if you need extra calcium or have joint pain. When I was working, before retiring recently, I was on my feet all day and constantly moving about, leaving my knees aching so badly that I'd have to take ibuprofen and acetaminophen just to get through the day. Once I started taking Bone Care I noticed that I could get through a work day without taking the medications. While I still had some soreness, it was a huge improvement and I believe so much better on the body than the harm those medications would do. I like how it's a complete Bone Care package with multiple ingredients for stronger bones and healthier joints.

    Rebecca Brown

    22 Apr 2023
    Quite big but easy to swallow. Great to have a good quality bone care supplement for vegetarians and vegans. Good value for money.

    Limniou Eleni

    21 Apr 2023
    I've been taking Bone Care (or Joint Vie) for 6 years now, after it was recommended to me by my physician/orthopedic for my severe joint pains. Within a short period of time I noticed a remarkable improvement and after approx 4 months the pain was completely gone and I was able to exercise again without suffering. I can highly recommend this product!


    21 Apr 2023
    After having a Hysterectomy a few years ago I was told to take a bone supplement. . . These are a good size and are easy to swallow and not chalky like some other brands, They are also tasteless so don’t leave a horrible aftertaste, I signed up to subscribe so I no longer have to worry about running out

    Chris Busck

    21 Apr 2023
    I’ve had pain in both knees for six years, initially mis-diagnosed as bursitis but as cartilage wear after MRI. I did all the right things in lifestyle change including exercise and a Mediterranean diet and got my mobility back, but still twinges of pain in both knees. I took Bone Care (under its old name) for maybe a year and the pain disappeared. I went off it for six months and the twinges returned. I back on it, the pain is dropping, and I plan to stay on it, as a necessary preventative measure, indefinitely, just as I do with vitamins and minerals.

    Kerry A. Lashbrook

    21 Apr 2023
    Works well. Thank you.

    Natalie Davis

    20 Apr 2023
    I decided to take Bone Care After waking up in the mornings with a couple of fingers very stiff ,ended up sleeping with my hand under the pillow. I 100% recommend this supplement it works .No more stiffness anywhere on my body impressed so much I’ve got a subscription!


    20 Apr 2023
    I’m a 57 year old Vegan and was super-chuffed to discover a Vegan friendly supplement. I’ve been taking Bone care for a few years now and’m most definitely feeling the benefits. I used to suffer with stiffness and pain within my hands but not anymore!. i’m certain its helping other areas of my body too coz i’m flwxible and not in pain. Not gonna stop with this and hall recommend to my friends too.


    12 Apr 2023
    Great product helped me ease my joint pain from which I suffered for years. Highly recommended.

    Bimal Chudasama

    6 Apr 2023
    It does what it says on the tin


    14 Oct 2022
    Great, it makes a difference , I have reordered Bone care tablets again.

    Kate Judge

    10 Oct 2022
    Helps me keep active


    29 Aug 2022
    Being a senior good calcium is crucial


    22 Aug 2022
    It is too soon ( only a few weeks) to see improvement but I have used their products in the past and been very happy. A friend who does scientific research recommended them to me. Love that they are vegan too!!


    20 Aug 2022
    I love that this product is both ethical and beneficial.


    7 Jul 2022
    I use these in conjunction with Omega 3 for knee pain. I know the Omega 3 work well and I feel the combination with Bone Care is probably even more effective.

    Mrs Anne Williams

    21 Mar 2022
    I do feel taking this product regularly has helped my health.


    16 Feb 2022
    Excellent product- has helped my aching knees