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Love Your Bones with an Omega-3, Vit D3 and Bone Care Bundle!

Show your bones some love!

If you want to give your bones some love, our Omega-3, Vit D3 and Bone Care bundle is just what you need! Omega-3 fatty acids are known for reducing inflammation and looking after your joints. We all know that strong bones are essential for a happy, healthy life and with high strength vitamins D3, you'll be giving your body even more bone-loving goodness, as Vit D3 is essential for strong, healthy bones. The third supplement in this bundle is Bone Care which contains all the bone strengthening hero nutrients. With all three of these supplements in one convenient bundle, you'll be giving your bones everything they need to stay healthy and happy. So go ahead and take care of your bones with this amazing bundle, and you'll be dancing your way through life with ease!

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Plant source from microalgae. 300mg EPA & 500mg DHA + Vit D3

Putting even more 'good' into 'good fats', our 100% natural Vegan Omega-3 is created directly from microalgae grown in a lab, offering all the benefits of fish oil Omega-3 without the safety, sustainability or purity concerns associated with fish sources. It provides a high dose of EPA and DHA, the bioavailable forms of Omega-3 that the body needs for optimum absorption.

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Bone Care

Phytodroitin™, Glucosamine + selected vitamins & minerals

Give your bones a health boost with our unique blend of Phytodroitin™, Glucosamine + Selected Vitamins & Minerals including Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamins C, D3 & K2.

Chondroitin is a widely used ingredient in bone care supplements due to its ability to build and help prevent the breakdown of cartilage. What most people don't know is that it's sourced from animals such as sharks. That's why we worked with University specialists to develop Phytodroitin™, a 100% plant-based alternative.

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Vit D3 2500iu

The world’s first vegan Vitamin D3

(Vit D3 2500iu is the new name for Vitashine 2500iu)

Chewable vegan Vitamin D3. Receive the benefits of sunlight without the exposure. Created from lichens, an organic plant source, our exclusive, vegan Vitamin D3 ensures optimum absorption to support healthy bones, muscles, and your immune system.

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