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Hi there, I would like to order your vegan opti3 omega 3 capsules but I live in Portugal ad I can't see if you ship to here? Hi, yes we do and we have many customers in beautiful Portugal! We have a post-Brexit system where we cover any customs costs before the product reaches you in EU countries. If you experience any issues, our team is here to support.
Hi, I would like to know the expiration date of that product ? Thank you for your feedback. Hi, our Omega-3 products have a 24 month shelf-life.
Hi! I would like to know which type of algea is specifically used? The package just says „microalgea oil“. I would be interested what kind of other nuctricions the type of algeas provides additionally, for example B12. I am especially asking since I need to avoid certain nutrients. Thank you. Hi, we use Schizochytrium species. It is an oil extract from a microalga (rather than an alga / seaweed), so doesn't carry through other nutrients such as B12.
I have 14 year old child with ADHD - what’s the maximum dose of your vegan omega can I give him? Thanks in advance Hi, our recommendation for your Child is 2 x capsules per day. In Europe the set maximum recommended level for Omega-3 (combined DHA & EPA) is 5000mg. That would be the equivalent of approximately 10 capsules. We hope our formula helps and would love to hear your feedback.
He leído que el Omega 3 es bastante oxidativo en contacto con luz y oxígeno, ¿Las cápsulas y el bote son opacos? Gracias. Hi, oxidation is a problem for Omega-3 but we take many steps during production and within the formula to address this. Light is not a problem for Omega-3 stability.
I am in search of omega 3 vegan that is not rancid which is actually hard to find!What steps do you take to help with rancidity of this supplement Hi, our Omega-3 formulas are produced under very careful conditions to ensure oxidative stability, and also contain natural antioxidants. We rigorously stability test to ensure stability throughout and beyond the stated shelf-life.
I have been consuming your Omega3 for many years, I would like to know if they contain erucic acid and if so in what quantity. What is the maximum daily amount considered safe for erucic acid? Thank you Hi, no our Omega-3 formulas do not contain any Erucic Acid.
Is this product good for inflammation of the joints and tendons Hi, there are many research links suggesting that Omega-3 provides benefits to joints and tendons. However, in Europe there are no approved health claims in that area, so we are not permitted to point to such published research.
1. Will I get any estrogen from your capsules? 2. Is the carcinogen glycidol formed anywhere in the process of making the capsules? Thank you Hi, no you won't get any estrogen from the capsules. No, glycidol is not formed during encapsulation.
I wonder if you could help. Two of my supplements, Omega3 and Vollagen in capsules, are lying a little heavy on my tum at the moment and creating indigestion. If I open up the Vollagen capsules, could I take the ingredients mixed in a little water? Same with Omega 3 although I think they contain liquid? Hi, it feels very unlikely to be caused by the supplements. The Omega-3 capsules breakdown immediately and release the oil, which is quickly absorbed. The Vollagen capsules breakdown slightly slower, but the Amino Acids are in free form which means they too absorb very quickly. It is possible to open the Vollagen capsules and also possible to squeeze the Omega-3 capsules and take the oil directly. Our main advice is to ensure you take supplements at or just after mealtimes, which always helps absorption.
I was reading through the questions listed on your website but didn't see the answer to something on my mind. I was wondering where your water is sourced from for growing the algae. I am asking because another company/manufacturer said they are sustainable because they use wastewater from a geothermal plant. And another one from underground salt aquifers but looking into it I got concerns for water quality and some areas in those states had contamination issues from military and other sources. I know you haven't written that you do that, but it got me to thinking that depending on water source, even if not ocean, it could have contaminantes. I have read you do heavy metal testing but could you please share your water source, and whether there could there be also radioactive materials also (and if that is tested). Some areas have that issue due to where they are located. Hi, the water is from the local supply but goes through a deionising and purification process to ensure it is of high purity and with no contaminants. The European location is not at risk of radioactive material.
Our house is usually 25-27C inside because we live in a hot climate. Would you recommend trying the fridge for the omega capsules in that case? I can put them in a cupboard but it still wouldn't be very cool. Is the expiry/heat testing based on them degrading a certain percentage? For instance, are they 80% as good at the expiry/after heat exposure in transit, or something like that? What is the threshold used? Hi, we rigorously test our products to ensure they remain stable at temperatures much higher than 25-27C. Our testing includes checking the formulas cope with periods of very high or low temperature exposure during shipping. Our shelf-life is determined by being the period of time within which the nutrient levels will not fall below the label stated levels. In areas of prolonged high temperature or high humidity, it is beneficial to keep supplements in the Fridge, but at 25-27C, a cupboard is fine.
I’ve heard that Omega 3 acids are very susceptible to oxidation. What do you guys do to test the amount of oxidation that has occurred after the pill has been fully created and the rate of decay? Hi, we rigorously stability test our formulas. Our Omega-3 product show excellent oxidative stability as a result of the production processes and presence of natural antioxidants.
I hope you don't mind me seeking further reassurance? I'm no expert but I would have thought that your lab grown algae that forms the basis of the omega-3's, must contain some iodine? I thought algae of all kinds always contains iodine. I appreciate yours is lab made and not from the sea and perhaps that is the difference?I wouldn't push for further reassurance but it is a very important matter for me. I have an over active thyroid which means that limiting iodine as much as possible is the #1 dietary change I need to make.I understand carrageenan has no iodine and is no issue.Hope the above is easy to address.Thanks again. Hi, Our microalgal oil doesn't contain any iodine. We use microalgae which are grown in tanks at a Pharmaceutical quality facility. Seaweeds (macroalgae) usually contain iodine.
Most articles I read are recommending taking much higher doses of EPA than DHA. I have always been happy with using your product, but I’m now concerned as to whether I am getting enough of each of EPA and DHA ? Are you aware of what the current research states is the ideal ratio? Would it be excessive to take three tablets a day? Some people are recommending taking 1000 EPA per day? Hi, the only reason many existing articles show higher EPA than DHA is because fish oil naturally has that ratio. EPA and DHA primarily work independently, and where they work together there is no evidence the ratio is key to specific properties/benefits. In our Algal Oil, the DHA is naturally higher than EPA. Taking 3-4 (even 7-8) capsules per day is absolutely fine and safe.
I am intolerant to soy, but many vegan omega 3 supplements contain soy. Does your omega 3 product contain soy? Thanks, Deb Hi, we can confirm that our Omega-3 formulas do not contain any Soy or Soy derivatives.
What is the actual capsule exterior/skin made of? Hi, it is comprised of Modified Starch (potato origin) with Carrageenan (natural gum from seaweed).
What are the specific 'Tocopherols' you use in your products? Specifically for the omega 3 liquid. Please breakdown this into the exact tocopherols used. Hi, we use Natural Vitamin E, extracted from Sunflower. Vitamin E is Tocopherol and has a few varieties in natural extracts (alpha-, beta-, gamma-, delta-). Our Vitamin E is a natural mixture of these tocopherol types.
Hi there I have been purchasing your omega 3 EPA and DHA capsules and also omega 3 EPA and DHA liquid with mild orange flavour for my son. * From looking into your products, they dont have heavy metals such as mercury etc. As you grow them in facilities. And it also said it doesnt contain BPA and other nasties. Can you please confirm and please advise how your grow and extract omega 3s. Is the whole process safe and free of nasties? Secondly, what is the shelf life for each of the above products unopened? Also, how long do we have before we use an opened bottle before it starts degrading? I buy many of these bottles. Like 6 at a time. Store them and use them as I go. Open one at a time of course. Thanks Hi, our microalgae grow in tanks at a Pharma-quality facility. Its a bit like brewing beer (but not as tasty!). Unlike taking algae from oceans that are full of heavy metals and can be polluted, this approach means we can have complete control over purity. Therefore, items including heavy metals, BPA, Dioxins etc. are not risks for our product. The shelf-life unopened is 24 months. Once opened, please consume within 12 weeks (8 weeks ideally) as the product will start to degrade after that time. We recommend storage in the Fridge once opened, to prolong freshness.
Hi, is it allowed to take the opti 3 Omega 3 EPA& DHA during breastfeeding period? Kind regards Hi, yes absolutely. It is very beneficial to Mum and Baby throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Also just curious how much vitamin E is in the EPA and DHA product? Hi, there is very little Vitamin (~1mg) in a daily dose of our Omega-3 EPA & DHA formulas. The Vitamin E is present solely to help protect the Algal Oil from oxidation during the production process. It is not present at a level designed to be nutritionally relevant.
Do you do third party testing and share your certificate of analysis? Hi, yes we use third party accredited laboratories for analysis, to meet European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) requirements. Everything is on file but we don't share in the public domain (nor does anyone tend to).
I have been taking 4 capsules a day. Is there any benefit to taking them split times in the day? Ie. 2 morning, 2 evening? I would like to ask this question of your Vollagen also. And other vitamins that require 2 tablets, like your Menopause multi and Bone Care? Thanks so much :) Hi, that's a really good daily dose of our Omega-3! We don't have any evidenced benefits of splitting intake across the day. Our view is that (other than Sleep-related supplements), it is always best to take supplements with breakfast or lunch. Vollagen is an interesting one because there may be benefits in taking it before bedtime to allow Collagen support overnight. We don't have any results behind that, but it's an interesting point that we will take a look into.
Hi there I had a few questions about your Omega 3. Having been looking at some of the other oils available on the market many of them actually all contain the same product which is called Life’s Omega which I believe comes from the US. I have been trying to find out the extraction process but haven’t been able to get a clear answer. You mention on your FAQ that your oils come from Europe and that your extraction process is clean so just wanted to check. Thank you! Jenny Hi, the extraction process for our Omega-3 Oil uses food grade enzymes (which are fully recovered). This is beneficial and 'clean' versus many other processes that include harsh solvents including Hexane.
What is the country of origin of the product components oils? Hi, we manufacture in UK. The oil components come from European sources
Can Omega 3 help with knee pain/ inflammation or can you recommend a supplement? Hi, there are many research links between Omega-3 and improving joint mobility. We definitely recommend trying our Omega-3 product. Please let us know how you get on!
Hi :) I just ordered and received your bundle " 3x Omega-3 + 3x MultiVit + 3x B12 1000mcg Sustained Release" (thanks !! :) and I would have some questions about how to take them... Is it ok to take the 3 of them together in an only take or is it better to take them separately during the day ? Is it better to take them during a meal or not ? In the morning or in the evening, before going to sleep..? And are all these pills to be swallowed as they are ? And finally, should I store them in the fridge or not ? (It makes a lot of questions, sorry...) Thank you :) Hi, it is fine to take a combination of our Omega-3 + MultiVit + B12 1000mcg Sustained Release each day. Our recommendation is to take them all together at breakfast or lunchtime. They offer many benefits during the day. There is no particular benefit in taking them separately. Please always take supplements with food, as this helps absorption of the nutrients. There is no need to store these items in the Fridge, just a cool cupboard will be absolutely fine. We're always here to answer any questions :-)
Hi. What extraction method (re the algae oil) do you use - water or solvents (eg hexane...alcohol, etc)? Thanks Hi, it is an enzymatic extraction process (food grade enzymes that are fully recovered). This allows effective extraction without the need for harsh solvents. It is a very good question to ask, because a lot of Algal Oils are extracted using hexane.
Hi I would like to ask a question regarding fat soluble vitamins as I don't have a gallbladder, I have struggled with digestion of fat-soluble vitamins and foods that are high in fat even healthy fats. I have ordered you Omega 3 vitamins and hopefully should be able to absorb. Do you have any products to help with digestion like enzymes as not a lot of companies focus on this to help people absorb vitamins. Are spray vitamins an option. Looking forward to your reply Thank you Hi, hopefully you will find that our Omega-3 supplements absorb ok for you. We do offer Vitamin D3 in an Oral Spray form, which should provide a very good option for you. Your point about aiding digestion is a very good one and something we will discuss with the research team. It is a very difficult area to test (i.e. without getting into clinical trials) but it is clearly a very important and valid point.
Thanks for your products i hope that you guys will support shiping worldwide a long time in the future Hi, thank you. We love our customers wherever you live and will continue to offer worldwide delivery.
What is the safe daily upper limit, or the maximum daily effective quantity of your Omega-3 softgels? Would you recommend taking 3 or 4 a day rather than 2? Many thanks Hi, taking 3-4 capsules per day is absolutely fine. Even 10 x capsules per would be within established safe limits.
Can you tell me please where you source your oil from. I am aware it is packaged in the UK but where is the oil sourced? Thanks so much. Hi, everything is in UK. This includes the Omega-3 Algal Oil.
I see that this product contains carrageenan: "Research shows that carrageenan causes predictable inflammation in tissues and especially the gastrointestinal system" Have you considered finding a substitute so you can eliminate this ingredient? Hi, Carrageenan is perfectly safe and we use it in a small quantity as part of the capsule shell. Online articles and blogs wrongly link carrageenan to data only relevant to polygeenan (a degraded derivative not used in human products). It is worth searching for Polygeenan, and you will quickly uncover the facts. Data relevance is essential, and the level of Carrageenan we use is completely inert. We wouldn't dream of using any ingredient if we had any concerns whatsoever. Online articles don't let science get in the way of inaccurate conclusions unfortunately.
Hi there, I've begun using your Omega-3 softgels but have some left over from my previous supplier which contain 200mg DHA and 5mg Vit E per softgel capsule. Do you think it will be ok to take your Omega-3 daily dose, plus 1 of these left over capsules, as well as your daily MultiVits (until the older DHA softgels run out, so they're not wasted). Thanks! Hi, it is fine to combine our Omega-3 capsules (x2) together with your left over other Omega-3 product (x1) each day. We don't recommend using our existing Omega-3 product together with our MulitiVit because it will provide an undesirably high intake of Vitamin E.
HOW CAN I PAY IN POUNDS AND NOT IN EURO? Hi, please just select Pounds (GBP) from the dropdown option at the top right of the website.
Where is the facility producing the capsules located? Hi, our Omega-3 capsules are manufactured here in UK.
Hi, Is it okay to take your omega 3 supplement together with a flaxseed supplement (ALA 530mg) which also includes linolenic acid (omega 6) 150mg and oleic acid (omega 9) 199mg? Thanks Alan Richardson Hi, it is fine to combine our Omega-3 supplement with the Flaxseed supplement you describe. To be honest, you won't need to take the Flaxseed Supplement, but it will be fine should you still wish to take it.
I have two questions if I may: 1. Carageenan why do you included it in your Omega 3 supplement. 2. Your multivitamin. Looks really good. I am looking at it for my husband and my twin boys who are age 15. Can they take your multivitamin at their age? If not, what do you advise. All of us are vegan by the way. Also, I ready that vitamin A and Vitamin E are a cause for concern with regards to cancer when consumed in supplement form so why are they included in your multivitamin? Thanks so much. Hi, Carrageenan is perfectly safe and we use it in a small quantity as part of the capsule shell. Online articles and blogs wrongly link carrageenan to data only relevant to polygeenan (a degraded derivative not used in human products). It is worth searching for Polygeenan, and you will quickly uncover the facts. We wouldn't dream of using any ingredient if we had any concerns whatsoever. Online articles don't let science get in the way of facts unfortunately.Formula-wise, the MultiVit is great for teenagers. The only caveat is the fact the tablets are quite large, so please keep this in mind. Vitamins A and E are essential for health and we use them at the recommended daily intake level. While there are some concerns about consuming large amounts of certain nutrients, it is a world away from the completely safe and highly beneficial levels that we use. As the saying goes, but usually gets overlooked in online articles, "it's the dose that makes the poison."
I see on the list of ingredients that the capsules contain sunflower oil which seems like a bad idea in view of the amount of omega 6 it contains. Could you let me know how much sunflower oil is in each capsule. Hi, a small amount of High Oleic Sunflower Oil (Helianthus Annuus) is used as an important carrier during production of the Microalgal oil. The level in Omega-3 is very small and insignificant in the final formula, equating to less than 20mg per capsule.
Hey! I’ve been a fan of your products for a long time - especially the Omega-3. The latest research on optimal daily dosage of EPA&DHA to improve heart health is however more then twice the daily amount you recommend. Would it be safe to take 4 capsules rather than the recommended 2? Hi, thank you for the kind comments. It is absolutely fine to take 4 x capsules per day (even 8 x if you wanted to). Our recommended dose takes into account general advice and guidance, but there is increasing evidence of added benefits when taking higher doses.
Hi i used to take your supplements when living in England and i was always very happy with the quality. i just couldn't see anything on your website about your products being halal. i know that vegan normally means halal apart from alcohol. however i ordered some for a friend who is Muslim and seeing that your products are definitely halal would reassure him. Hi, our products all satisfy the requirements of Halal. At this stage we haven't proceeded to be audited by a Halal certification body, as it is an expensive and in-depth process (quite understandably).
Hi Please advise what the concentrate is of the Omega 3 DHA and EPA? Thank you. Hi, our Omega-3 products contain a minimum of 500mg DHA and 300mg EPA per daily dose.
Is this product manufactured in the UK? Hi, yes, all of our products are manufactured here in UK.
As a person with ulcerative colitis, I'm under instruction to avoid carrageenan. Is there any chance you'll be providing another option in the future? Hi, we offer Omega-3 in Bottled Liquid form. That doesn't contain any carrageenan. One point though - the level of Carrageenan in our Capsules is tiny (it helps form the capsule itself) and significantly below any quantity that could be problematic from an inflammatory perspective. Unfortunately many online articles wrongly confuse Carrageenan with Polygeenan, and also don't take into account dose.
Is fermentation involved in the production of Omega-3 and therefore can you tell me the histamine levels in Omega-3? Hi, it is a fermentation process but there is no histamine in our Omega-3
Hi, I’m curious if there are any living organisms in your omega 3 algae oil supps. Thanks so much Hi, no, there are no living organisms in our Omega-3 algal oil supplements.
I see there is carageen in this product. Which isn't good for your health. Why is it in it? Hi, Carrageenan is perfectly safe and we use it in a small quantity as part of the capsule shell. Online articles and blogs wrongly link carrageenan to data only relevant to polygeenan (a degraded derivative not used in human products). It is worth searching for Polygeenan, and you will quickly uncover the facts. We wouldn't dream of using any ingredient if we had any concerns whatsoever. Online articles don't let science get in the way of inaccurate conclusions unfortunately.
I’ve been using your Opti3 supplements for a while, taking 2x pills at night before bed. I’ve noticed more recently that my urine for a couple of hours after taking them becomes very bright yellow. I have had this happen before with multivitamins (from Vitamin B2) but not with previous omega tables. Is there anything in your omega tablets that you would expect to cause bright yellow urine? Hi, our Omega-3 formula won't impact urine colour. You rightly reference B Vitamins, as these are most likely to add to the yellow colour of urine. Dehydration of course being the primary factor other than nutrient-driven coloration.
Hey there just two questions regarding the vegan omega 3 I have recently just purchased 6 bottles of. Question one is I have seen other producers of vegan omega 3 to make claims their product is hexane free would your product be hexane free or is that not applicable due to your process? So essentially is there any hexanes or solvents or extraction residues left in your omega 3 I should know about or any alcohol or anything? Second question is that I don't like swallowing pills so would biting the pills and sucking out the omega 3 oils and contents be bad for any reason or no? Thanks Hi, our Omega-3 is absolutely hexane-free (and many are not, even many that claim to be!). Our process uses food grade enzymes for the extraction, and the enzymes are fully recovered. This removes the need for hexane or any other harmful solvents. Piercing the capsules to consume the Oil is fine, but not particularly tasty. We do offer Bottled Liquid versions of our Omega-3, which are ideal for individuals struggling to take capsules (although we can say the soft capsules are smooth and easy to slide down the throat).
Hello, will you tell me please what kind of isomer of DPA is in your products? Because osbond acid is omega 6 and clupanodonic acid is omega 3 isomer od the same named docosapentaenic acid. Hi, it contains n-3 DPA. It is the Omega-3 form of Docosapentaenoic Acid.
My wife is being very careful about her Vit C intake: are you able to provide the amount per serving of these capsules? Thank you for your help in advance. Hi, the quick answer is there is less than 0.1mg Vitamin C per capsule (less than 0.2mg per daily dose of 2 capsules), so the level is of no nutritional impact. The longer answer is that we add Ascorbyl Palmitate, which is an oily derivative of Vitamin C, to the Algal Oil preparation in a small amount simply to help protect it against oxidative damage. In case anyone reading this is concerned about Palm Oil, the 'Palmitate' is Palmitic Acid from items such as Canola, it is not linked to Palm or Palm Oil despite how it sounds (it is a misunderstanding we see a lot).
Would you advise in which country your specialist manufacturing facility producing Vegan Omega-3 oil from microalgae grown in tanks is located please? Hi, we manufacture the Algal Omega-3 at a facility in UK
So this is HDL or LDL? Hi, Omega-3s have been shown to increase HDL-cholesterol
Hello, I've been using your vegan omega 3 supplements for a long time. My last batch tasted really "fishy". I thought it was just me, but I finished the bottle and the new one doesn't taste like fish at all. I'm just wondering if this was normal, and wanted to be reassured the last bottle was still vegan. Thanks, Syme Hi, the Algal Omega-3 Oil does have a ‘marine’ taste but the capsules help to prevent the taste from being strong. If you noticed a stronger taste, it is likely one of the capsules had burst (the residue will enhance the marine scent) or the capsules had been in hot conditions for a long period of time.
Hi Vegetology, How is your algae oil and Helianthus annuus oil in your Opti3 extracted please? Is it heat processed, cold pressed or chemically extracted? Thank you, Deborah Hi, the algal oil is extracted using food grade enzymes, which are fully recovered. The Sunflower Oil (Helianthus Annuus) is used in a very small quantity as an important processing aid. This is cold pressed.
could you please specify which are the temperatures tested in the "worst cases scenarios"? Hi, our stability testing includes prolonged exposure up to 50C.
How many capsules are in a bottle? Hi, 60 capsules per bottle, so at the stated dose (2 x caps per day), there is 30 days’ supply.
Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, Sie bieten Produkte an, die EPA und DHA aus Algen enthalten. Da die Bioverfügbarkeit dieser Verbindungen stark von der chemischen Verbindung abhängen, möchte ich bitte wissen, in welcher Form EPA und DHA vorliegen. Als Ethylester, als Glycerin, als Glycerin mit anderen Fettsäuren? Mit bestem Dank und freundlichen Grüßen Bernhard Siebold Hallo, wir verwenden Omega-3 in Triglyceridform (Hi, we use Omega-3s in triglyceride form)
Hi, is titanium dioxide in the omega 3 supplement or any others supplements? I heard it doesn’t have to be disclosed to customers? Thank you Hi, no we do not use Titanium Dioxide in our supplements. We would need to declare it as per EFSA regulations.
I wanted to ask if your vegan multivitamins are tested through a third party organization, and what party do you use? Hi, yes all of our products are tested by third party accredited laboratories. We manufacture under strict quality systems and adhere to European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) standards and requirements. Laboratories vary based on specific test but include Reading Scientific Services, Intertek and Marfleet Analytical here in UK.
Hello, are your votamins 3rd party tested please? Hi, yes all of our products are tested by third party accredited laboratories. We manufacture under strict quality systems and adhere to European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) standards and requirements.
What’s the TOTOX value of the vegan omega 3? Hi, the TOTOX specification for the Algal Omega-3 Oil is 26 but our results have never exceeded 7.
Hi there, how much vitamin C is in each serving of these omega-3 capsules please? Thank you :) Hi, Vitamin C is only added in a small amount as part of the antioxidant mix to protect the Algal Omega-3 oil during preparation. There isn't a nutritionally-relevant amount in the product.
Good afternoon, I heard a reputable scientist saying that EPA is not from algae, only DHA. In that case, where do you get the EPA from? Thank you Yours sincerely Hi, our EPA is indeed also from algae. Please feel free to put the reputable scientist in touch with us :-)
Hello, most nutrition websites recommend daily DHA supplementation of only 250mg, or a DHA+EPA mix of 250-500mg... so wouldn't one capsule a day be enough? Thank you :) Hi, it is fine to take 1 x capsule, which will provide a total EPA/DHA combination of at least 400mg. There are many reported benefits to taking higher doses, and our recommended 2 x capsules per day offers a very good daily amount that is well within the safe window.
Hi, How many capsules are there per bottle? If I order every 60 days will I be able to have 2 capsules per day or do I need to order every 30 days to get the recommended daily amount. Thank you. One bottle of our Omega-3 contains 60 x capsules, so is a 30 day supply at a daily dose of 2 x capsules.
Hi there Just wondering the shelf life of your vegan omega-3 Thanks for your time Hi, the shelf-life of our Omega-3 capsules is 24 months.
Hi there, I just wanted to check if you have any details on how the amount of EPA in your Omega 3 supplements is calculated? Thanks very much, Alice Hi, it is calculated by assay. Each batch of the Algal Omega-3 oil is tested to quantify the level of EPA, DHA and DPA, which collectively make-up the entirety of the Omega-3 present.
Hi there, I have just placed an order with you for omega-3 and I am curious to know if you have any report regarding your product being pollutant-free. I haven't found that information on the product page but would like to have this confirmation. many thanks Célia Antunes Hi, our algae are grown in tanks at a specialist facility. This allows complete control of purity (unlike taking algae from the oceans), so we are able to guarantee that the product is pollutant-free.
Do you have any quality control/toxic free certification? Hi, we manufacture under Food GMP and British Retail Consortium (BRC) standards, which are independently audited and certified each year. Toxin-free isn't an official status that lends itself to certification (from credible bodies) but in order to meet the strict requirements of Food law and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), we do of course ensure our products are toxin-free. We put huge emphasis on the careful selection of ingredients of the highest quality, purity, and sustainability.
Where is your omega 3 algae produced. Is it in the UK or elsewhere in the world? Hi, yes we produce everything here in UK
Hello, It would be ok taking Omega 3 and MultiVit daily? Im breastfeeding, it will be enough Vitamin D for me and my baby with your MultiVit? When I choose subscribe, how often will I get my vitamins and it's possible cancel subscription anytime? Thank you Hi, taking our Omega-3 and MultiVit formulas together provides a really good daily regime and does provide a good collective dose of Vitamin D for you and your baby. It is important to keep an eye on your Vitamin D status in case your Doctor recommends you increase your intake, but 400iu per day from this combination is a good maintenance level. You can find full details about the Subscription service here:
Do you have calcitriol in vegecap? They only seem to be in gelatine capsules in Australia. Hi, our Vitamin D3 products are Cholecalciferol (D3 itself) rather than Calcitriol. We don't currently offer it alone in a Vegecap, but Vitamin D3 is included in our Omega-3 Vegecap product and is a great combination. We offer VitD3 in tablet and oral spray forms.
I was wondering why your omega capsules are only 17.34 calories per serving, while the liquid is 40 calories? The labels say they contain the same amount of EPA/DHA. Hi, the liquid version of our Omega-3 product contains extra virgin Olive Oil as the carrier, and is also a larger intake amount to obtain the same DHA/EPA dose (5ml of the liquid per daily dose rather than 2 x capsule, which is approx. 2ml). The extra virgin Olive Oil is essential for stability, as the liquid version is immediately exposed to the air.
I just listened to Rhonda Patrick, Ph.D interviewed on the Huberman lab podcast - broadcasted May 2022. She chatted about optimal health and supplements, the subject of Omega 3 came up and the base recommendation was 2 grams of EPA... for brain and decrease inflammatory response in the body. She also indicated that she felt the triglyceride form was the better format. Is your product in this format? Hi, yes we use the triglyceride Omega-3 form. This is very important. 2 grams of EPA is an incredibly high dose. DHA also plays a very important role in Brain health and cognitive function. Our recommended daily dose is 2 x capsules (or 5ml of the Liquid), which provides a minimum of 500mg DHA, 300mg EPA, 835mg total Omega-3. It is fine to increase the dose, but we feel this is already a very high and beneficial daily intake.
Might you sell algal oil from aurantiochytrium in the future? Kind Regards, Hi, this isn't in our plans. We haven't seen any viable yields of EPA (and only fairly small amounts of DHA) from this species during our research.
Hi, I am a breast cancer survivor. ER+, PR+ will eating omega 3 increase my estrogen and progesterone? I am a strict vegetarian for almost 3 decades. My body is prone to inflammation, tends to develop cysts. I have angiolipoma in both my kidneys. Will your Omega 3 help my condition? I tend to have sleeping issues too. Thanks a lot Hi, Omega-3s are well known to have a regulating effect and certainly offer anti-inflammatory properties. We expect our Omega-3 product to be fine and beneficial for you, but we must advise that you please consult your Doctor before taking any supplements. This isn't to pass the book or give a generic answer, it is because its really important your Doctor can consider your individual medical history (plus any medication) and advise if you should avoid any specific nutrients. We would really appreciate it if you can keep us updated (either via [email protected] or via our Facebook Page Messager), and please do let us know if you we can assist further for you.
I have a few questions regarding OMEGA-3 EPA & DHA Are there any interactions with Levothyroxine medication which I take for thyroid? Are there any interactions with Calcium Carbonate which I need to take everyday for thyroid? Also with Subscribe and Save will there be a 10% discount as it is my first order? I hope to hear from you soon. Many thanks Hi, there is no expected interaction with either your medication or Calcium Carbonate. We do however always recommend that when taking medication, you consult your Doctor just to make sure they do not recommend avoiding any specific nutrients or foods. First order discounts will apply. If you have any queries about offers and subscriptions, please feel free to contact the Customer Services team: [email protected]. They will be very happy to help.
What kind of solvent do you use for omega3 oil extraction? thanks Hi, no extraction solvents are used. The extraction is with food grade enzymes, which are fully recovered.
Come viene estratto l'olio di alghe? Si usano solventi? Grazie Hi, L'estrazione avviene con enzimi di qualità alimentare, che vengono completamente recuperati (Hi, the extraction is with food grade enzymes, which are fully recovered.).
I can’t swallow tablets is there an alternative way to take these ? Hi, our Omega-3 formula is available in both Soft Gel Capsule form and also Bottled Liquid form.
For Omega-3's, would it be feasible to have a product with a substantially higher ratio of EPA/DHA (ideally 2:1) for a better impact on the brain and inflammation? Hi, when it comes to Algal Omega-3, the EPA is actually produced from the DHA, and so the ratio is higher in DHA. We push the EPA as high as possible. DHA and EPA largely work independently of each other, so the high dose we use offers really good benefits for both Brain Health and anti-inflammation.
Hi there! I had a couple of questions about your Vegan Algae oil. I noticed you use sunflower oil in your ingredients, and I was wondering how the high omega 6 content of this oil might impact the amount of omega 3 from the algae. I'm also curious how much of the omega 3's are actually coming from the algae oil, and how much are coming from the the olive oil. I'm trying to figure out how to get an optimum amount of omega 3's during pregnancy, and so many of the algae oils on the market have sunflower oil, which seems like it may effect the amount of omega 3 you absorb. Can you help me understand why your product uses sunflower oil? I was happy to find your product because you claim to have some of the highest levels of omega 3, DHA + EPA at a good price, so I want to be sure this amount is absorbable. Thanks for your time! Best wishes, Heather Hi, there is a tiny amount of high Oleic Sunflower Oil within the Algal Omega-3 Oil. Its role is as an important carrier during production. The level of Omega-6 carrying into the formula is negligible. All of the Omega-3s in our formulas are from the Algal Oil.
I have been feeling very unwell since I started taking the Omega 3s. Extreme nausea and an unhappy stomach. Trying to figure out what could be causing it. Do you know what the side affects are/ any advice for me on how long it may take to get used to etc it's only been about 4 days. Hi, it sounds very unlikely to be linked to our Omega-3 formula. Omega-3s typically have the opposite effect, in supporting healthy digestion and providing anti-inflammation effects. Please do let us know how things go
Can I take the omega 3 if I’m allergic to shellfish? Thank you Hi, yes our Omega-3 products are suitable for individuals with allergies to shellfish.
Hi, I’m looking to purchase the Vegan Omega‑3 EPA and DHA, however I’d like to know what are the capsules made of please ? Does it contains any Hypromellose (INN), short for hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) ? Also yesterday 8 April, 2023 I received an expired discount code available until 31 March 2023. Could you please send me a valid discount code please ? Kind Regards Ashley Bruce Hi, the capsule shell is made of Carrageenan and starch. It doesn't contain HPMC. The full ingredient lists are on each of the product pages. Please contact [email protected] to discuss discount codes.
If I buy 6 packs of omega 3 supplements, the expiration day is long? Hi, our Omega-3 capsules have a 24 month shelf-life. We manufacture regularly, so it is highly unlikely you will receive stock with less than 12 months remaining.
its a gluten free or not? can be take in from celiac people? Hi, yes. All of our products are gluten free.
Hello, I am very interested in your product. My question is if it is vegan why is there cholesterol? (3% listed on label) Thanks very much! Elizabeth Hi, our Algal Oil contains a small amount of naturally-occurring Cholesterol (many natural oils contain this sterol). We give a full breakdown on the labels to comply with European and US FDA requirements.
Is your omega-3 product kosher? Thanks Hi, our Omega-3 formulas are Kosher compliant, however as the Capsules are made at a third party manufacturing site here in UK, we haven't got certification at this stage under our name.
Hi, can you enlighten me on the storage date from the Omega-3 capsules? I am thinking about ordering a large amount in one time, but want to make sure I can store the capsules for 6 months - 12 months without using them. Hi, the shelf-life of our Omega-3 Capsules is 24 months. We manufacture regularly, so it is unlikely you will purchase stock that is less than 6 months old. It is fine to store the capsules for the remainder of the shelf-life.
I take your Omega 3 EPA and DHA supplement and have recently just bought a separate chlorella supplement from another company. This also says the Chlorella is from micro algae and although the benefits are stated to be different (I need/want this one mainly for the iron, iodine and b12) I wondered if you know if they are good to take together if they are from a similar source i.e. algae. I also have a 5 month old son that I want to raise vegetarian. He is second generation as I was raised fully veggie myself but worry that I get the right nutrients as I have weak nails and has low iron levels in pregnancy etc. I want to make sure he is getting the best and wanted to know your commendations Hi, Chlorella is also a microalga but is very different in composition. It is actually a very good idea to take both, because you will get the Omega-3 EPA & DHA from our product and the various water-based nutrients and minerals from Chlorella. For your son, our main recommendation is to ensure possible nutritional gaps are filled. Our Omega-3 EPA & DHA Liquid is a good option, and also contains a small amount of Vitamin D3. It is vital to monitor the daily intake to ensure nothing else is missing, considering fortified baby and infant formulas to provide the full spectrum of essential nutrients.
I'm always getting burning skin from other Omega 3 brands. Do you know why that happens? And should I be worried about this when I try Omega 3 from Vegetology? Hi, that sounds like a very strange reaction to Omega-3. It isn't something we have ever had any reports of, so we are confident you will find our Omega-3 products suitable. It does sound like a condition that you should discuss with your Doctor.
Hi there. Is this product cold pressed? This means the oil has been extracted with limited heat, minimizing the oxidization that can damage the fatty acid molecules. Hi, It is not cold-processing, but the extraction and drying processes do not use heat or allow oxygen exposure. The oxidative stability of our Omega-3 oil is very closely controlled.
Are there any unwanted side effects? As there are with fish oils eg GI upsets, heartburn, diarrhoea etc?? Many thanks. Hi, we do not expect any contraindications and we have not had such reports over the 10+ years we've been producing our Omega-3 products.
Why the need to add caragenan to the omega supplement. I understand this is something to avoid. Hi, we use a small amount of Carrageenan to help form the capsule. It is perfectly safe and not something to avoid. It wrongs gets linked with data only relevant to 'polygeenan', which is a degraded derivative not used in food, or with data wrongly extrapolated from animals at irrelevant doses. We wouldn't dream of using any compounds unless we were 100% confident in their safety and suitability.
I saw that there are omega 3 supplements from fish oil with a totox value of 2. Can I please know why yours, which comes from controlled and uncontaminated algae, has a higher value? Hi, the TOTOX specification we set applies to the entire shelf life of the product at ambient conditions (i.e. real world use/storage/transit), and we achieve 7 due to the high purity and controlled growing and production conditions. It is incredibly unlikely that a fish oil Omega-3 supplement will have a TOTOX value as low as 2 beyond perhaps an initial reading upon completion of production. A test result for the Fish Oil after a couple of months at ambient temperature would be interesting, and we expect significantly higher....
Hi there, can you please tell me about the lectin content in your capsules? You mention potato starch, can you advise the amount of lectin per capsule? Thank you so much. Hi, our capsules don't contain Lectin. We use a modified starch from Potato, but it is the isolated starch only and doesn't contain proteins from potato (including Lectins)
I have systemic nickel allergy - so foods/supplements with higher nickel are a problem. Do you test for nickel? Hi, we use very high purity ingredients and do test for trace elements including Nickel. Trace levels are very low (if at all) but we advise consulting your Doctor before taking any supplements, as they can impact general nickel absorption. We hope your Doctor will advocate our formulas, but it best for them to check as they can consider your individual medical history.
Hi there! Would it be ok to store extra bottles in the freezer? Thank you so much! Hi, storage in the fridge is fine but we don't recommend storage in the freezer, as it is likely to affect the capsule shell and they may burst when returning to ambient temperature
Hi I see a previously asked and answered question e organic. Is your algae organic? Our algae are grown in tanks. So from a purity and sustainability perspective, the process is beyond organic. However as the algae aren't taken from the sea, Organic Certifiers don't see it that way. It's a shame really, and we've tried several times. i would appreciate additional info on this. why does it matter to the organic certifiers that algae aren't taken from the sea? Hi, it is a very good question that you should ask Organic Certifiers. We have pulled our hair out trying to demonstrate the Organic relevance, but unless something is grown in soil or taken directly from the ocean, it is not considered to be officially Organic.
hi Given the environmental destruction caused by palm oil production, will you please consider using an alternative to Ascorbyl palmitate, which is derived from palm oil and corn dextrose sources. and no, there is no reliable environmental certification of palm production. Thank you Hi, we don't use Palm Oil. The name is misleading. "Ascorbyl Palmitate" is an oily derivative of Vitamin C that is formed with Palmitic Acid. This is a fatty acid we obtain from Canola Oil (Rape Seed), not Palm Oil.
Hi, I am pregnant and see on your website that the Omega‑3 is okay for pregnant Individuals. But, I see an ingredient is Rosemary Extract. Please advise. Thank you ! Hi, a very small amount of Rosemary extract is added to our oil as an antioxidant (as the oil can go off). The maximum amount of Rosemary per daily dose of 2 x Omega-3 capsules is 11.44mg. There are some concerns about consuming large quantities of Rosemary during pregnancy, but the level (and specifically Antioxidant-rich extract) we use is significantly lower than any level of concern.
Hi im allergic to nuts, does this have any nuts or eggs? Hi, no our products do not contain any nuts or dairy compounds.
Hi, do you test your product for toxins that could be present in fresh water or nutrients given to the algues? I am mainly thinking about PFOS and PFAS. Hi, yes purity is monitored very closely. The algae are grown in tanks at a Pharma-quality facility so nothing goes in that isn't completely controlled. We also test the resulting Algal Oil for purity.
I’ve read that most omega 3 algae supplements have an issue with oxidisation and even oxidise well before the expiration date. How can I be sure that your omega 3 supplements aren’t oxidised? Thanks. Hi, our Omega-3 formulas have antioxidants included to ensure protection. The production and packing processes are also carefully managed. We have conducted extensive to ensure oxidative stability during (and beyond) the shelf-life of the products.
Does this fulfill the same anti inflammatory benefits as fish oil Hi, yes our products contain the ideal Omega-3 forms (EPA & DHA) as Fish Oil, and so all expected health benefits including anti-inflammation, are the same.
I use your Opti3 Omega liquid bottles which I store in the fridge, once opened. The liquid starts off as clear but part way through use the liquid in the bottle congeals, becoming cloudy and slightly iridescent. It often happens after leaving the fridge open a while to load my weekly shop. Sometimes it will smell more when it is congealed. It happens with most bottles and I hate wasting it so I just wanted to confirm whether it is still safe to use? Hi, it is nothing to be concerned about. This is just some of the fatty acids solidifying due to the prolonged low temperature. If you leave the Liquid at ambient temperature, the fatty acids will melt again and it will return to its usual clear appearance. The smell may change temporarily because some fatty acids concentrate in the solidified areas, but this will return to normal when melted. It is fine to take and storage at lower temperature will help to prolong the stability of the Omega-3s.
Hi, was just wondering why your Omega 3 tablets don't also have 6 and 9 in them like you often see with other Omega tablets. It would be good to know more about this. Thanks, Will Hi, we see no need to supplement the average diet with Omega-6 and Omega-9. Omega-3s are our specific target for the related health benefits.
Hello, what are your bottles made of? Do they contain any BPA, BPS, BPF, or BHPF? Hi, they are made using Sugar Cane. They do not contain any BPA etc, adhering to strict food standards and quality requirements.
Hi, i have an enquiry about the Omega 3 as im looking for an alternative to Krill Oil that i have been using due to APOE4 gene. I wanted to know if the omega 3 supplement contains any phospholipids such as phosphatidylcholine to help with absorption? Any info on this would be helpful, thanks Hi, our Omega-3 supplements don't contain phospholipids. We decided to present the Algal Oil itself in the highest possible concentration rather than dilute into a Liposomal-type formula. It is a very good alternative to Krill Oil.
Where is the EPA/DHA oil produced? What country? Hi, we produce our Omega-3 product in UK.
What is the best before date, e.g. if I buy 6 jars for a six month supply, would the last jar be still edible and effective when it's started/last capsule? Hi, yes the 24-month shelf means we've tested to demonstrate there is no degradation during that time, so taking the product on the last day of that period will still be as effective.
My children ages 22,20,17 will be able to take Omega-3, multivitamin? Hi, our Omega-3 formula is suitable for Children. For young children we recommend the Bottled Liquid, as it is easier to take. The capsules are quite large and so we don't recommend them for children below the age of 12.
Would these benefit someone with osteophrosis Hi, there are many research links reporting benefits of Omega-3 in relation to osteoporosis. It is worth considering our Bone Care formula too, which continues to get excellent feedback from customers.
Hello! Why does your Omega 3 capsules contain 5 micro grams of Vit D? Is this to help with absorption & I’m guessing as it’s recommended to take 2000iu a day, that 200iu in addition, won’t send you into toxicity?! Thanks in advance! Hi, one the main aims of our Omega-3 product is to encourage users of Fish Oil to move over. Most Fish Oils are fortified with a little Vitamin D3, so we did the same in our formula. It is only a maintenance dose. The upper safe dose for regular daily intake of Vitamin D3 is 4000iu per day, so it is fine to be around the 2200iu level.
Pls kindly informe if yr product is suitable for coeliac person tks Hi, yes the formula is fine Coeliac-wise.
Dear Vegetology friends, I would like to know what is the EPA: DHA ratio of your product, I have been reading that a 2:1 ratio is the recommended ratio to address inflammatory risk factors. Thank you very much in advance and thank you for your great products. Warm regards, Javier Hi, a daily dose of 2 capsules is 300mg EPA and 500mg DHA. Fish Oil has a higher EPA content ratio, and the only reason links to inflammatory risks etc. are related to higher EPA is because Fish Oil was used in the studies. Realistically, DHA and EPA work separately for most benefits.
Hello, are your products (ingredients and final product) tested on animals or cruelty free? Hi, we are absolutely against any form of animal testing on our products or any of the ingredients used in our products.
Best before date on Omega‑3 Vegan Omega‑3 EPA and DHA. Average is fine. Many thanks Hi, we produce our Omega-3 products regularly so there is typically in excess of 12-14 months shelf-life remaining.
Hi, in the capsules some white stuff developed, what is it and is it still okay to consume ? This is not the first time this happens with omega 3 supplements, and I always keep them in the fridge, bottle closed. Hi, its absolutely fine. White matter can form when the capsules get cold and it is just some of the fatty acids solidifying. If you allow the capsules to warm back up, the matter will melt again. It doesn't negatively affect stability or efficacy, so capsules can be taken as normal.
Hello, does this product contain sulphites or soy? Hi, no it doesn't contain either sulphites or soy.
Hi there! I have tree packages of your Omega 3. It is not open. I think they are 1,5 year old. Are they still fresh and ready to eat when I open it? Best Rebekka Hi, the best before date is on the bottom of the bottle. If the bottles haven't been opened, and have been stored correctly they will be absolutely fine. If they are at the end of the stated shelf life, please store in the Refrigerator once opened.
I'm just enquiring if your marine algae helps with anxiety Hi, there are many links between Omega-3 intake and alleviation of anxiety, so we do very much recommend ensuring you have good Omega-3 status.
Hi there, Is it possible for your labs to synthesise EPA based ALgal oil? Many studies are showing that the EPA needs to be higher than DHA in order to benefit from antidepressant effects & mood enhancing effects. Kind regards, Anthony Atkins Hi, unfortunately not. So far we are only able to achieve higher DHA. However, realistically studies only show higher EPA than DHA because that's the ratio within fish oil used in the study. There's no particular evidence of the importance of that ratio, as EPA and DHA tend to work independently of each other in many ways. We would expect any such study repeated using our DHA:EPA ratio to produce similar results and benefits.
Hello, do you network with prescriber vitamin platform, such as Emerson or Fullscript? I am a healthcare provider and would like to provide access to your Vegan Omega-3 for my patients. Thank you, Haulek Hi, it isn't something we've looked at previously but we will investigate further, thank you.
How long does Omega-3 supplements can be kept in the fridge? Hi, we recommend keeping the Omega-3 Liquid in the Fridge and consuming within 8 weeks of opening. Our Omega-3 Capsules do not need to be stored in the Fridge, a cool dry place is fine. Storing the Capsules in the Fridge is fine but can make the capsules more brittle and prone to bursting if subsequently agitated.
Are these considered a liquid when travelling ? Hi, yes we would expect Omega-3 Capsules to be considered as liquids at most airports. A bottle is much less than 100ml of liquid, so should be fine to present with other liquids in the standard clear bag when proceeding through security.
I have high colesterol and can’t take statins. My consultant has suggested other tablets but says work better with fish oil. I’m vegetarian and won’t take this oil. Would your product work if these tablets agree with me??? Tku Hi, our Omega-3 products contain the same forms of Omega-3 (EPA & DHA) as Fish Oil, so we expect them to offer identical benefits.
Hi, i am considering purchasing your omega 3 capsules again. I havent bought them in a long time. I noticed its lab grown, and want to know what chemicals are used to produce and grow the microalgae and what is involved in the whole process? Fish oils have unsafe contaminants but want to make sure that by taking these vegan supplements that they dont also contain any unnatural contaminants too. Many thanks 🙂 Hi, 'lab grown' can be a bit misleading as a description. The algae are grown in tanks at a Pharmaceutical-quality facility, rather than taken rom the ocean. This is to ensure the highest possible purity. No additional chemicals are required.
Is opti 3 omega 3 the same as omega 3 epa and dha Hi, yes it is.
Hello, Is this Vegan Omega-3 in triglyceride or free fatty acids form? Thanks Hi, it is triglyceride form
I am taking 2 omega-3 pills and 2 bone health pills per day. Is this okay and should I take all 4 pills together during the same meal or should I spread it out during the day? Hi, it is fine to take together or to spread out. Our advice is to take the supplements at either breakfast or lunchtime.
Hello, I am currently taking the omega3 pill + multi vit. Also plan to rotate the multi vit with bone care as . I was curious if it’s okay to take this elderberry liposomal everyday as well? Is that too much vitamin c? Thank you. Hi, The Omega-3 plus MultiVit (rotated with Bone Care) sounds like a perfect combination. Yes, we do feel that combining with the Elderberry product you referred to would be too much Vitamin C.
Hi vegetology. Is there an oxidation difference in your omega 3 capsules vs the liquid form? Could you tell me the totox value, peroxide value and the anisidine value in the capsules vs liquid omega 3? Hi, the TOTOX value specification is less than 20 and Anisidine value specification is less than 5 for both the capsule and liquid forms. The difference is the shelf-life once opened. Whereas the capsules remain stable for the duration of the product shelf life after being opened, we recommend the liquid is consumed within 8 weeks of opening due to oxidation as it ages.
How big are the capsules? Hi, the capsules are approx. 2cm in length.
Do you know if there’s any difference in absorption of DHA/EPA between the liquid Omega3 and the Omega 3 capsules? Hi, we do not expect any difference in absorption between the Liquid and Capsule forms. Both have sufficient inherent oil content to support ease of absorption, and the capsules break down in the stomach to release the oil without any hinderance. The Liquid is primarily designed for young Children and individuals who prefer to not take capsules, but otherwise we always advocate the capsule as the better format as it retains the Omega-3 stability for longer.
I have been using your above product for many years. (1) I was told recently that EPA and DHA need to be in equal quantities to be of any use to the body otherwise they cancel each other out. Unfortunately I do not have a link to that research. As a vegan, getting it right is very important to me. (2) I note you now produce Omega 3 in liquid form which I imagine is absorbed more readily. I’ve run out of the tabs so would be really grateful for a reply by return. Kind regards P Smith Hi, we haven't reviewed any evidence about the need for EPA and DHA to be in equal quantities. For most attributes they work independently of each other. There is no reason the ratio should impact any of the benefits of EPA and DHA. If you do come across anything, please feel free to email it over and we will happily take a look and comment. The Liquid form is great for individuals who prefer to not take capsules, but absorption is identical. To be honest, if you are happy taking the capsules, we advocate that because the capsules retain the stability of the Omega-3 Oil for much longer.
Wondering do you at any time alcohol in the process for all of your supplements? Hi, no we don't use any Alcohol during the processing of any of our supplements. Sometimes after a particularly long day, Alcohol is most definitely consumed when we get home though!
Hello, so happy to have found such a GREAT vegan Omega 3 supplement :) The serving size is 2 capsules a day, is it OK to take 4 capsules a day? I'd like to get a higher amount of EPA? AS of now I have a subscription for 2 bottles coming 1x a month but if you think it's not a good idea/safe to double my dose then I will change it. Thank you :) Hi, thank you for the comments (it means the world to us!) and yes it is absolutely fine to take 4 x capsules per day.
Hello. I purchased the Omega-3 + multivit is this okay to take both daily for the foreseeable future? Also, I am vegan, and previously was taking a b12 spray + vitamin D drops and want to make sure the multivit can replace that? thank you. Hi, a combination of our Omega-3 + Multivit is what we consider to be the perfect daily regime. It is fine and really beneficial to take this everyday. You should find there is enough B12 and D3 within this combination when taken daily. Depending on your diet and typical Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D status, it is worth monitoring after 3-6 months for these two micronutrients specifically (as some people require more).
Hi my dog has a seasonal allergy and I've been recommended to give omega 3 supplements How many capsules per week should I give him, he's 14kg Also do I feed with his raw meat or separately? Hi, for a dog of 14kg we recommend 1 x capsule per day (or 2.5ml / half teaspoon of the Omega-3 Liquid). It is best to serve with the Dog's food.
Is any oil linoleic in this product please? Thank you. Hi, no there is no Linolenic Acid in the product
Bonjour, avez-vous des recommandations concernant un enfant de 3 ans? Quelle posologie? Je lui diluais une gélule tous les 3 jours dans son biberon quand il était nourrisson mais j'ai beaucoup plus de mal à m'y retrouver maintenant... Existe t il un risque de surdosage? Est-ce qu'une gélule tous les jours ou tous les 2 jours suffirait? Merci pour votre aide. Amicalement. Heïdi Bonjour, pour les nourrissons de 3 ans, nous recommandons 5 ml d'oméga-3 liquide (ou d'huile de 2 capsules) par jour.Hi, for infants of 3 years we recommend 5ml of the Omega-3 Liquid (or oil from 2 x capsules) per day.
Hello I understand that your products are made in the UK. Do you have a way to ship from within the EU as I don´t enjoy dealing with and being impeded by customs in Portugal. Thank you. Heinz Hi, we do ship to EU and taxes/charges are collected before the product reaches you. Should you receive a charge upon receipt (which shouldn't happen), please just contact us and we will deal with it.
I tried the opti3 oil today and there seemed to be texture to it, is that normal with the oil product? Also I am taking 4-5k mg a day other than watching the D intake do yiu see any issues with that? Hi, our Omega-3 Liquid does have a texture due to the Extra Virgin Olive Oil base. It is fine to take the higher dose because the associated Vitamin D3 content is still well within the European recognised upper safe limit.
Hi there, just wondering this product is 100% GMO-free? Thank you. Hi, yes all of our products are 100% GMO-free.
Hi, I contacted a while ago about palm oil in your omega 3 and was assured that there was no palm oil used in them or the process. I had contacted a different company about their omega 3 policy also and they never got back to me. Recently I received a reply and they told me : " Just to make you aware, there is only one supplier of omega 3 from algae that contains both DHA and EPA. They now include Vitamin C Ester as part of the formulation; any brand that does not include this on their ingredient label is not including all ingredients." So now I am left wondering, has the recipe been changed and your products now contain palm oil in the form of vitamin c ester? Or is there actually multiple suppliers of omega 3 including DHA and EPA, how have you managed to avoid using vitamin C Ester? Would appreciate your thoughts on this. Kind Regards, Sean Hi, our Omega-3 has always contained Vitamin C ester (Ascorbyl Palmitate). That hasn't changed and it is on our labels.It is not from Palm Oil, despite the name giving that impression. It is made using Palmitic Acid, which is found in many natural sources and primarily Sunflower and Canola Oils.We don't use Palm Oil in any of our products.
what type of modified starch is used Hi, it is potato starch. It is treated with high temperature to modify its properties and help form the capsule.
Your FAQ states Carragennan is not an issue, but Polygeenan is and that Polygeenan is not present in this product. However, Polygeenan forms when ordinary Carrageenan is denatured by an acid, like stomach acid, and is definitely a risk to human health. This makes Carrageenan unsafe for human consumption by some estimates. What steps is Vegetology taking to remove Carrageenan from this product? Hi, sorry to be blunt but the comment is incorrect.Polygeenan CANNOT be formed by hydrolysis of Carrageenan in the acidic conditions found in animal and human stomachs. Polygeenan is not produced biologically. It is only produced commercially by degrading Carrageenan to very low pH and extreme temperature conditions (>80°C) for several hours.We do seem to spend a lot of time defending carrageenan :-). We use it because it is safe, inert, requires only very small amounts to be used, and produces a stable capsule instead of inferior alternatives.
Hi there, would these help my dog who suffers from seizures? Also do you know what the fat content of each capsule is, as she suffers Pancreatic flares too! Many thanks Steph. Hi, your Vet is best placed to offer advice of possible benefits in relation to your Dog's seizures. Hopefully it can help! Each capsule contains 0.8g fat. We hope our Omega-3 is beneficial to your Dog!
Hello, I live in Germany. If I buy 3 bottles of the Omega-3, will I be charged taxes/duties, etc.. now? Hi, taxes and duties are collected before the product reaches you. If you do find any charges upon receipt, please contact us ([email protected]) with the details and our team will resolve the matter.
From which country does the oil and the shell comes from? Hi, everything is produced here in UK
Asking for my 72 year old mum. She’s taking cod liver oil currently (to support joint/bone health) she wants to add a general a multi vit and I’d like to replace her cod liver oil with a plant based alternative. What would you recommend? Hi, our Omega-3 would be a perfect replacement for Cod Liver Oil. Our MultiVit is also the ideal Multivitamin choice, so a combination of the two is well worth trying.
Is your algae organic? Our algae are grown in tanks. So from a purity and sustainability perspective, the process is beyond organic. However as the algae aren't taken from the sea, Organic Certifiers don't see it that way. It's a shame really, and we've tried several times.
Your ingredients list doesn't say what microalgae is used or how much DHA/EPA comes from microalgae compared to the other sources. Per ingredients list: Opti3 Complex contains Microalgal Oils, Helianthus Annuus Oil, Antioxidants Hi, we use Schizochytrium sp. algae. All of the DHA, EPA and DPA comes from microalgae. Helianthus (high oleic Sunflower seed) is present in a tiny amount as an important carrier during production of the microalgae, and antioxidants are added to help protect the microalgal oil from oxidation during production.
Hey! Stumbled across this product looking for some vegan alternatives for fish products for my dogs. I'm sold on some for myself now anyway, but also, is it suitable for pups still too? They benefit so much from tinned fish but as a vegan/sustainable wannabe, just can't do that anymore. Let's hope so, thanks I advance! Hi, our Omega-3 is great for pets! We recommend 1 x capsule per day for small dogs and puppies, 2 x capsules per day for larger dogs.
Can you tell me which tocopherol and how much tocopherol is added to the Opti3 Omega3 supplement Hi, we use D-Alpha Tocopherol (Vitamin E) extracted from Sunflower Oil. It is a small amount, approximately 0.1%, solely to provide antioxidant protection for the Omega-3 Oil. It isn't at a level of nutritional significance.
Have you any plans to remove carrageenan from this in the future, due to the possible health risks? I am looking for a vegan omega 3 supplement that doesn't contain it. thanks Hi, there are no health risks with carrageenan. It wrongs gets linked with data only relevant to 'polygeenan', which is a degraded derivative not used in food, or with data wrongly extrapolated from animals at irrelevant doses. We wouldn't dream of using any compounds unless we were 100% confident in their safety and suitability.
Can you make the Omega 3 bottle easier to open? The "peel around" plastic strip breaks almost every time. I have to use pliers to open a new bottle. Hi, we use a 100% biodegradable bottle that serves the purpose well but isn't perfect in every sense. The strip is an alternative to a foil or plastic heat seal. We find slow ripping to be best.
Hi, can your Omega 3 help to reduce menopause symptoms. In particular, hot flushes, very low energy, very low mood swings, along with all the other unpleasant symptoms related to the menopause. Hi, there is a great deal of research supporting the benefits of Omega-3 during the menopause. It is well worth trying. We are also very soon launching a Menopause supplement too.
What are the ingredients in your Omega-3 supplements and which algaes do you use in the product? Hi, full ingredient lists are shown on the product pages. We use Schizochytrium sp. algae
I have been taking your omega 3 epa + for some time. I was just wondering, are they ok to take if you have gallbladder stones ? or kidney stone issues ? Thanks Hi, some research suggests Omega-3 can be beneficial in helping to prevent gallbladder and kidney stones by helping to regulate certain markers. We do recommend you consult your Doctor when considering using supplements if you're suffering gallbladder or kidney stones though, as they can provide advice based on your individual medical history and in consideration of any medication you are taking.
Hi, I eat a wholefood plant-based diet and take two of your Vegan Omega 3 supplement capsules per day. My blood test shows healthy omega-3 level but Omega-6:omega-=3 ratio is 11:1 which is very bad. Is it OK to take more of your supplements each day to improve the ratio? Maybe 3 or 4 supplements per day? Hi, it is absolutely fine to increase the dose. It is worth looking at sources of Omega-6 in your diet though, as to be honest the most effective start point will be to identify and reduce that intake (perhaps in-line with increasing the Omega-3.
Are you able to supply your cGMP certification? I need to see it before recommending to patients Hi, we are not a Drug company, so our products are produced to Food standards rather than Pharma cGMP.
Hello, Have you recently, or ever, changed the ingredients of Omega-3/Opti 3? If yes, would you please tell me when the change was done and what you have changed? Best regards Aram Hi, we haven't changed the Opti3 formula since 2012 when we incorporated Vitamin D3.
What is the difference between the liquid and the capsule Omega 3? What benefits of one against the other? I want to buy one but don't know which. Hi, the Liquid is ideal for young children and individuals who prefer not to take capsules. If taking capsules is not a problem for you, that is the form we recommend.
What is the shelf life for this product? If I would like to order a few packs how do I know their expiration date? I couldn't find it. Thanks. Hi, our Omega-3 capsules have a 24 month shelf-life. We manufacture regularly, so it is rare to obtain stock with less than 12-15 months left.
Hi there, I’m interested in your vegan vitamin d3 supplement, however, I also have the alpha gal tick bite allergy. I recently discovered that not only is alpha gal found in all mammals, but it’s also found in red algae as well (such as carrageenan). I know that lichen form a symbiotic relationship with algae, and I’m wondering if the lichen you use in your supplement, involves red algae in any way? I’m assuming green algae is safe but I wanted to see if someone could confirm the source. I appreciate it. Hi, no it is not linked to red algae at all. Lichens are indeed a symbiosis include an alga, but behave very differently to algae in their individual forms. We have not come across any connection at all between the lichen we use (or its alga constituent) and Alpha Gal Tick Bite Allergy.
Are there any plans to alter the ratio of EPA to DHA and/or provide a pure EPA supplement? There seems to be some evidence although inconclusive that DHA could counteract the benefits of EPA, with some advocating that a pure EPA supplment be taken or at least a supplement with a higher ratio of EPA to DHA. Hi, at the moment we haven't found a commercially-viable way of isolating the EPA. The ratio is naturally occurring.EPA and DHA work independently in most functions and synergistically in others. We haven't come across any credible evidence suggesting one negatively impacts the other. Usually the only reason some suggest needing a higher EPA level is that fish oil naturally contains more EPA than DHA and that's been the basis of several studies (so it's more a case of what was tested, not what is necessarily optimal).
Io ho colesterolo totale e ldl alto e dolore alle articolazioni cosa devo prendere? Ciao, ti consigliamo in particolare il nostro Omega-3 e possibilmente una combinazione dei nostri prodotti Omega-3 e Bone Care.(Hi, we recommend our Omega-3 in particular and possibly a combination of our Omega-3 and Bone Care products.)
How does this compare to Life's Omega? Is it sufficiently protected from light oxidation, and what lab tests are run to ensure purity and dosage accuracy? Thanks Hi, our product is combination of Omega-3 in the forms of DHA and EPA (500mg DHA, 300mg EPA per daily dose). We have conducted extensive stability testing to demonstrate purity and ensure adequate protection against oxidation over the shelf life.
I really love your product (Omega-3) and regularly recommend it to clients in need of an Omega 3 boost. I currently have a client who I have on an anti-inflammatory dietary protocol due to Osteoarthritis pain. I would usually prescribe your Omega-3 product for this to help reduce inflammation (and pain) but this particular client has easy bruising due to Gilbert’s syndrome so I am hesitant (risk of further anti-coagulation action). Do you have any research to advise if this would be safe to use with Gilbert’s syndrome or not? Hi, research suggests Omega-3 can be beneficial to individuals with Gilbert's Syndrome, with no reason for contraindications, however it would be wrong of us to provide advice based on a medical condition so our recommendation is to consult the Doctor as they can advise based on the individual's medical history.
I plan on buying some Omega-3 and was wondering on the storage temperatures. I was planning on buying it once a month so i can keep a bottle of it in my fridge. What temperature do you keep the product? And is it always temperature controlled at your site? If i buy one bottle a month on a subscription how long would it be that my package is in heat for the journey. And would it risk going rancid like Cod liver oil supplements sometimes do? Hi, for the Omega-3 Capsules, ambient temperature storage (cold cupboard) is ideal. The Omega-3 liquid is best to be kept in the Refrigerator. It is fine to keep the Capsules in the Fridge too, but the capsules themselves can become brittle when kept cool and are more prone to bursting.We've stability tested at a range of temperatures and the product (Liquid or Capsule) will be fine and fully protected while unopened during the journey to reach you.
Do I get a standard dose of vitamin D every time I take the Omega capsules, and I don't need any more? Hi, 2 x Omega-3 capsules provides 200iu (5mcg) Vitamin D3, which is the European NRV and what we would consider to be a 'maintenance dose'. It is worth checking your Vitamin D status though as many people are deficient and you may require a period of higher dose.
Just wondering how natural the sunflower oil is - are there any other processes used that involve any chemicals or other refining? Hi, our Omega-3 Oil contains a very small amount of high Oleic Sunflower Oil, which is an important carrier during the production process. It is cold pressed and the level is incredibly low, so it is highly unlikely to impart any negative effects.
Hi I am wondering if your vegan omega 3, 300 EPA 5OO DHA supplement is cold pressed. And if not, what is the extraction method? Hi, we use an enzyme extraction method. Cold pressing isn't possible because the microalgae are too small
Please could you tell me about the Helianthus Annuus Oil and the Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil you use in your Omega3 products. Are they cold pressed and/or organic? How processed are they? Hi, we use a small amount of high Oleic Sunflower Oil (Helianthus) as a carrier in the Microalgal Omega-3 Oil production process. The level is tiny.We use Olive Oil as the base oil within our Omega-3 Liquid product, as its natural antioxidant properties help to protect the Microalgal Omega-3 oil from oxidative damage. Both are cold pressed and Organic.
Does your Omega 3 product have more histamines then a fish based omega supplement ? Hi, no it doesn't. Our Algal Omega-3 is the perfect option for individuals seeking a good Omega-3 but can't consume fish or fish oil supplements for allergenic reasons.
How much of Helianthus Annuus Oil do you put in each of your capsules? Hi, the level of Helianthus Annuus is very low, approximately 10mg per capsule. It is used as an important carrier oil within the production process.
Can I give Omega-3 to a 8month old baby? Hi, yes Omega-3 is really beneficial to babies. We recommend the Liquid form, with a dose of 2.5ml (half teaspoon) for 0-24 months and 5ml (full teaspoon) for 24 months+. If you have the Capsules, please pierce and add the oil contents to baby's food. 1 x capsule for 0-24 months, 2 x capsules for 24 months+.
I would like to know the Omega-3 TOTOX index. The TOTOX specification for the Algal Omega-3 Oil is 26 but our results have never exceeded 7.
Have the Omega-3 supplements been accredited in the UK for quality control? I see that the packaging says “these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA” what does that mean? Yes we adhere to strict European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) requirements for all of our products. The "these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA...." box on all of our products is a legal requirement for Food Supplements sold into USA, where FDA demand products have this to differentiate between Supplements and Medicines.
Is it safe to take 3x Omega-3 capsules a day? I find that Omega 3 really helps my mood and concentration (I am studying for something important at present). Yes it is perfectly safe to take 3 x Omega-3 capsules. It would actually be safe to take 10 x capsules. Omega-3s really can have a dramatic effect on mood and concentration, so it is great that you are experiencing the benefits. We would be keen to hear how you get on and if you notice added benefits at higher doses (just for interest!).
The Omega epa and dha 500mg; product says d3 5ug is 100% EU NRV. What it means and is it correct? Hi, yes that's correct that the European Nutrient Reference Value (NRV) for Vitamin D3 is 5µg per day. Some countries give different age-related advice on levels, but the NRV (formerly Recommended Daily Amount, or RDA) is 5µg.
Is there a best time of the year to start taking supplements? Your body will benefit whenever you start taking them. However, if you are able to start taking supplements before you begin your new vegan diet, your body will be in the best shape. Vitamin deficiencies are present in a large proportion of the population, whatever diet they follow!
If I am doing Veganuary, do I need supplements as it’s only 31 days? There are key vitamins that are commonly missing from a vegan diet. Even though Veganuary is only for 31 days, if you are not getting enough e.g. B12, you will notice a dip in energy levels which may impact your daily life. The best way to ensure your body is getting the right nutrients is to supplement your diet.
I was wondering if taking Omega-3 and MultiVit together is recommended with pain relief? Hi, there should be no interaction with your medication to our knowledge, unless the manufacturer suggests otherwise. A daily combination of Omega-3 and MultiVit is a really good combination :-)
Which country is your algae grown in and which country are your capsules product manufactured? Hi, our algae are grown at specialist sites in Europe. We use a company in South Wales, UK, to put the oil into capsules.
I need to understand if you use a molecular distillation process for your products: mercury can damage brain so I need to be sure about pureness Hi, mercury is not a risk item for us. Our algae are grown in tanks at a Pharmaceutical-quality facility rather than obtained from the ocean. This allows complete control over purity.
Hi, I was wondering if your product contains neurotoxic amino acid called beta-methylamino-L-alanine, or BMAA? It is present in blue/green algae and has a link to motor neurons disease? Hi, no it doesn't. Such contaminants and toxins can be found in blue-green algae found in certain locations but our algae are grown in tanks at a Pharma-quality facility. This allows complete control over purity.
I have been advised Omega-3 capsules contains no iodine however they contain carrageenan which comes from kelp and kelp has particularly high levels of iodine so this seems confusing? Also how much carrageenan by weight is in each capsule? I need to avoid iodine or at least have low levels. Hi, Omega-3 does not contain any iodine. While carrageenan does come from Kelp (which does contain iodine), it is the isolated and highly pure gum only that we use. No Iodine is in the carrageenan. It is used to help form the capsule shell.
I have recently just started taking your Omega 3 supplement, I have been taking the capsule with breakfast. Would caffeine (morning coffee) effect the absorption? Hi, caffeine should be beneficial for absorption rather than detrimental. Caffeine will boost metabolism.
I have been taking Omega-3 for some years but wonder if I should take a break? There is no advice on the packaging as to whether I can take them indefinitely or should have a break at some stage. Can you please advise? Thank you. Hi, there is no need to take a break from Omega-3 EPA DHA. Ongoing use provides many benefits, often to the point that you notice if you miss out for a few days!
I'm wanting to try and get a high strength source of EPA. I want to be getting around 1000mg per day. Can I do this with oil or double supplements? Is this recommended? Thanks Hi, a daily dose of Omega-3 (2 x capsules or 5ml liquid) will provide a minimum of 300mg EPA. You can increase the daily dose to obtain 1000mg EPA in total and it would be perfectly safe to do so.
Hi, what is your extraction method for your algae oil? Do you use Hexane? Thankyou Hi, we use food grade enzymes, which are fully recovered. Your question is so important because so many Algal Omega-3 Oils on the market use hexane, and it is not only a nasty compound to leave residual levels in the formula, it is horrendous for the environment.
What is correct dosage for a 2 year old and 5 year old? I cut it and pour liquid into drink for my children. Hi, from 24 months and upwards we recommend the full dose of 2 x capsules per day. We do offer Omega-3 Liquid too, where a teaspoon provides the same dose as 2 x capsules.
A health professional recently brought it to my attention that with any marine sourced product, it’s important to ensure the mercury levels are low and that the product is certified low mercury etc. Do you have any mercury testing process for this product? Hi, our algae are grown in tanks rather than taken from the ocean. This allows complete control over purity. We do test for heavy metals as part of the quality assurance stages, but they (including mercury) are not risks for Omega-3.
Is this product suitable for pregnancy? Hi, yes our Omega-3 range is perfect for use during pregnancy :-)
I wanted to ask how many calories and grams of fat there are in Each serving of the EPA DHA supplement (capsules form). Hi, the full Nutritional Facts can be found on the product labels. One serving of Omega-3 capsules (2 x caps) contains 17.34 calories and 1.6g of fat.
Can you let me know if Omega-3 contains GLA (to help with fibrocystic breast pain) or should I take evening primrose oil as well? Thank you Hi, no Omega-3 doesn't contain any GLA.
Does omega-3 product contain soy products or sulphites? Hi, no Omega-3 capsules and liquid do not contain soy products or sulphites.
I’m curious why you would use sunflower oil over something that adds nutritionally to the supplement? Hi, a very small amount of high Oleic Sunflower Oil is an important process aid during production of the Algal Oil used in Omega-3. The level within Omega-3 capsules or liquid is incredibly low.
Hi are these safe to take with pregnacare? As both have vitamin d in them. I am 3.5 weeks pregnant. Thanks. Hi, the collective level of Vitamin D3 from this combination is 15mcg (600iu), which is a really good dose, including during pregnancy. The recognised upper safe limit for Vitamin D is 4000iu, so you are well within established guidelines.
Did you ever think about adding K2 to the EPA DHA + D3 capsules? Would love to hear your reaction on this. Hi, the challenge is consideration of the most common customer uses for Omega-3. We know many customers combine it with other supplements and so adding additional nutrients complicates their flexibility. For that reason, we decided to stick to Omega-3 EPA and DHA and just add a maintenance dose of Vitamin D3 (i.e. a level that's suitable if Omega-3 is used in combination with multivitamins for example). We are big advocates for Vitamin K2 though, and use it in our Multivitamin formulas.
Could you tell me the ingredients. And for pregnancy what does should I take? Hi, the ingredient lists are all shown on the product pages. For pregnancy our advice is to consider a combination of Omega-3 + Pregnancy Care
Does your Omega supplement contain any Vitamin A or Vitamin E. My wife is currently pregnant and so we're keen to avoid these vitamins. Hi, Omega-3 doesn't contain any Vitamin A. It does contain a very small amount of Natural Vitamin E (from sunflower) to protect the Algal Oil against oxidation during production, but it is added at a level below nutritional relevance.
What is absorbic palmate, is it palm oil? Hi, Ascorbyl Palmitate is Vitamin C (in an oily form). It is not from Palm Oil, despite how it sounds. It is made using Palmitic Acid, which is a fatty acid found in many vegetable oils including Sunflower, which we use.
We have been taking the omega-3 supplement for a year now soon I, my husband and my 4 years old son (2/day for us and 1/day for my son). We are absolutely satisfied with it. Should we take a break and what is the best way to take it? Hi, Omega-3 can be used continuously to obtain ongoing benefits. However, it can be stopped periodically no problem at all. We recommend taking all supplements at a meal time, ideally breakfast or lunchtime, in order to achieve optimum absorption and enjoy the benefits during the day.
Is it safe for pregnancy? Has it been tested in pregnant patients? Is this product licensed with the MHRA? Hi, Omega-3 EPA and DHA have been approved by European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for use during Pregnancy. We are not licensed with the MHRA, as our products are not medicines.
I have severe tendonitis and am looking for supplements which may help the tendon repair. I'm planning on taking the omega-3 tablets you have but was wondering what else you may recommend. Hi, Omega-3 is definitely worth trying. We also recommend you try our Bone Care formula too (which can be taken alongside Omega-3). The combination of Vitamin D3, K2, Calcium, Magnesium and our Phytodroitin ingredient will hopefully be beneficial. Please do let us know how you go with this!
Is it suitable for cat's? Hi, yes the formula is fine for cats. You can pierce the capsule and add the oil to food. We suggest 1 x capsule per day.
Does this contain Iodine, since algae like Kelp are source of Iodine. Hi, no Omega-3 doesn’t contain any iodine.
I take omega 3 for my hypertriglycerides, at the moment I take 10ml of a fish oil which has a Total of 645mg per 5ml. (415mg DHA and EPA). I have been recommended to increase this dose to 30ml per day. How many of your capsules would I need to take to achieve a similar? Hi, 2 x capsules of Omega-3 provides a minimum of 835mg total Omega-3 (500mg DHA, 300mg EPA). It would take a lot of capsules (9-10) to achieve the high dose you’ve been advised to take
I am exposed to sunlight regularly - am wondering if the Omega-3 will give me excess vitamin Ds and cause problems? Hi, there is no danger of excess Vitamin D when taking Omega-3 combined with sunlight-related Vitamin D production.
My Omega-3 capsules have a really pungent fishy taste. I understand that there made using algae but is there recently a new recipe, or is there something faulty with my order? Hi, sorry to read this. It sounds like one or more of the capsules has split in transit, affecting the other capsules and causing the odour and taste. If you can please email [email protected] with your order details, the customer services team will deal with it for you.
Latest meta analyses and research show the benefits of omega 3 are only seen in products more than 60% EPA. However, your product is majority DHA so unlikely to have any clinical benefit. Do you have any plans on adjusting your product in accordance with this latest research? Hi, the ratio of DHA:EPA is something we cannot modify, as it is naturally occurring the algae we use. One thing to be aware of is that a lot of data is on Fish Oil, which is naturally higher in EPA. Therefore it is more a case that the data happens to be on Fish Oil than there being any significance to the higher EPA ratio being important. Data suggests DHA and EPA offer most benefits independently of each other once absorbed, so it's really a case of the more the better.
wonder if you can tell me if the capsule is vegan and if so what it is made from? Hi, yes our Omega-3 capsule is vegan-suitable. It is made of potato starch with a little carrageenan (gum from Kelp seaweed).
I didn’t find the medicinal and non-medicinal ingredients in the information you show about Omega-3 Hi, the full ingredient list is on the Omega-3 product page. It is a Food Supplement rather than a medicine, so is labelled in accordance with the applicable regulations
Do you have the information for saturated fat per 100g for your vegan omega-3 supplement? Hi, there is 0.18g saturated fat per Omega-3 capsule, or 0.36g per 2 capsule daily dose. The full nutritional breakdown is in a table on the product label ("Nutritional Facts") although it isn't the easiest thing to read as there is so much information there.
I wonder why you suggest to take two capsules of Omega-3 as the recommendations of official health organisations (at least in France) refer to 250 mg of DHA and 125 mg of EPA. And with only one capsule we go far beyond these recommendations. Hi, Omega-3s do not have recommended intakes in the same way Vitamins do. The recommendation you refer to from France (similar to many other regions) are effectively minimum levels. The simple way of looking at it with Omega-3 is the more the better, and EFSA has reviewed data on a range of different daily intakes. One capsule of Omega-3 will provide 250mg DHA and 150mg EPA.
I have just ordered the B12 tablets, Vitashine 2500 and Omega-3. Will I get good absorption if I take all 3 at the same time with a meal? Or should they be taken at separate times through the day, and if so with or without food for each? Hi, there is no reason for negative interaction if you do take everything together. Our advice is to take supplements at breakfast or lunchtime.
Does Omega-3 contain; ethyl ester omega-3s, triglyceride Omega-3s or phospholipid Omega-3s? Hi, Omega-3 contains triglyceride forms of the Omega-3s.
I’ve heard that Omega-3 is highly processed to obtain the Omega 3s from the food source. Do you have any information as to whether Omega-3 lowers cholesterol? We obtain Omega-3 EPA & DHA directly from microalgae. There is no additional processing as such. Omega-3s are very strongly linked with helping to reduce and normalise cholesterol.
Where is the algae from / grown? Hi, it is from Schizochytrium sp. alga, grown at a specialist Pharmaceutical-quality facility.
Hello, are the omega tablets suitable for dogs? Many thanks. Hi, yes they are really beneficial for dogs. We recommend 1 x Omega-3 capsule for smaller dogs and 2 x Omega-3 capsules for larger dogs. Omega-3 Liquid is also suitable, in case your Dog refuses to munch the capsules (although most seem to quite enjoy doing so!).
I’m just wondering if your omega 3 has the same blood thinning properties as fish oil. Hi, we do not expect Omega-3 to contribute to blood-thinning, and research suggests links between Omega-3 and blood-thinning is largely unfounded. However, please do consult your Doctor before consuming any supplements if you have a related medical condition
Is Omega-3 algae supplement suitable for someone with Grave’s disease? Hi, Omega-3 is suitable and there is some evidence to suggest that addressing your dietary Omega 3:6 ratio by supplementing with Omega-3 can be beneficial in reducing symptoms.
What is the general ratio of omega 3's to omega 6. I can see the Helianthus Annuus oil in the ingredient list after the Microalgal oils which I assume is majority omega 6 but I can't see how much of it is used. Hi, a small amount of High Oleic Sunflower Oil (Helianthus Annuus) is used as an important carrier during production of the Microalgal oil. The level in Omega-3 is very small, equating to less than 20mg per capsule. That's around an Omega-3:6 ratio of 45:1.
Should the two tablets be taken at the same time or can they be taken separately as long as they are with food? We find the best results when taking together with breakfast or lunch, as it gives the maximum boost during the day. However, we know many customers taking one at morning and one at night.
Is it OK to take this supplement with folic acid when trying to convince? Hi, yes Omega-3 is very beneficial when trying to conceive and it is fine and safe to combine with Folic Acid.
Can Omega-3 or Bone Care cause one to be melancholy or depressed? Omega-3 and Bone Care contain nutrients that have been shown to help positively with mood. There are no reasons for them to contribute to any negative impact.
Hi, what species of algae (or thraustochytrid) is used to produce these products? Hi, its Schizochytrium sp.
Do these contain ALA or not? Hi, there is no ALA in Omega-3. The Omega-3 forms are EPA 300mg, DHA 500mg and DPA 35mg per daily dose.
Do you have any studies looking at the oxidation level of the oils within the capsules? Also any information on the oxygen permeability of the capsule membrane itself? Hi, yes oxidative stability is something we monitor very closely for every batch and was one of the major considerations during our extensive stability trials. Algal Oil has a Peroxide Value specification of 5 meq/kg, but Omega-3 Oil (inside and outside of the capsules) measures <1 meq/kg.
Hello, I have extensive atopic eczema which Is quite manageable now and I'm also 6 weeks pregnant. It is beneficial for me to take a higher dosage of Omega 3 or stick to 2 capsules daily? Thanks Hi, there isn't a limit on daily intake of our Omega-3 capsules, so if you do want to increase the dose even to 10 capsules per day, it will be perfectly safe.
I take anti coagulants, blood pressure medication and beta blockers. Is it safe to take the Omega tabs with my current meds? Hi, there shouldn't be any negative interaction with your medication, but we do always recommend seeking advice from your Doctor as they can consider your specific medical history.
I have been taking Omega-3 x 2, MultiVit x 1 and Bone-Care x 2 daily for the last couple of weeks. I'm getting too much of some vitamins? What amounts of each would you suggest to ensure I get enough but not too many vitamins? Hi, the overlap Vitamins in question are Vitamin C and Vitamin K2. It isn't always desirable to be taking excessive levels of these Vitamins, so it might be worth considering alternating MultiVit and Bone Care (i.e. MultiVit on Monday, Bone Care on Tuesday, repeat), or at least having say 2 days a week when you take one or the other, just to avoid excess. While the combined level of Vitamin D3 is higher than the NRV, it's actually a really good dose you are getting.
I am readily your customer. nevertheless can I know if your products been tested with any negative effects on the liver/kidney related pls? Hi, all of the ingredients used in our products have been tested to ensure no such possible negative effects. We work to European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) regulations for our formulas and the levels of nutrients that we use.
Why does carageenan have to be in there. Hi, we use a small amount of Carrageenan to help form the capsule for Omega-3. It is perfectly safe. We added an FAQ about this, as carrageenan is often wrongly linked with data only relevant to polygeenan.
Is it palatable for kids or people who can't swallow capsules/tablets? What does it taste like? Hi, many people pierce Omega-3 capsules to give them to children. The oil doesn't have a strong taste and can be stirred into food. Alternatively, we also sell Omega-3 Liquid, which has a mild taste and we've added a small amount of Orange Oil flavour, making it perfect for children.
Is this good for lowering cholesterol? Hi, yes there is a lot of researching suggesting that Omega-3 fatty acids help to lower cholesterol
Hi I would like to take the omega 3 together with a multivitamin but worried about overdosing on the vitamin D3. Can you advise please. Also you say the D3 is plant based, how do you source this? Many thanks. Hi, the combined level of Vitamin D3 from Opti3 + VegVit is only 400iu. While that is 200% of the European NRV, it is actually still considered to be low, and many health practitioners recommend much higher doses. It is well within established safe limits. We obtain our Vitamin D3 from lichen.
Hi! Is there any chance of cross contamination from peanuts or tree nuts? Hi, there is no chance of cross-contamination from peanuts or tree nuts in Omega-3.
Does this supplement contain iodine or Vit E ? Hi, Omega-3 doesn't contain any iodine. A small amount of sunflower-derived Vitamin E is added to the Algal Oil to protect it against oxidation, but the level is very low.
Hello, from Argentina. I want to make sure the algae oil does not have b12 analgues. Is tha right? thanks! Hi, no. We only use the Oil extracted from the microalgae, and then only the Omega-3 parts. It doesn't contain any aqueous compounds including B Vitamins or their analogues.
I'm wondering if your Omega supplements have the polythenol's added back into the product? Hi, no we don't include polyphenols in Omega-3. We do add small amounts of Vitamin C + E to provide suitable oxidative stability. We do have polyphenols within the superfood antioxidant complex used in the MultiVit formula.
I'm a 21-year-old girl and I'm practically vegan. I have acne since I was a teen, will this help my skin? Should take the 2 capsules or if I can just take 1 everyday. Hi, you could always start with 1 x capsule per day and see how you feel? Then move to 2 x capsules if you think it is necessary. Hopefully you will notice a difference quickly. We get many very positive reports of rapid results when individuals introduce Omega-3.
Where is this product made??? Hi, we manufacture everything here in UK
Hi. Is it safe / recomended to take these alongside high strength probiotic supplement? Hi, yes that should be fine. The is no reason for any negative interaction.
Is your vegan Omega 3 Oil cold pressed or heated for extraction? Hi, our extraction process doesn't require heat. It isn't cold pressing as such, that is a process typically used for standard vegetable oils.
Can it also be stored in the fridge? Hi, yes it is fine to store Omega-3 in the Fridge. The only thing to be careful of is the capsules can become more brittle (and prone to bursting) when really cold, so please just be careful they aren't shaken/agitated too much after being in the fridge.
Is this product is right for me as I suffer from Hashimoto's thiroyditis and hypothyroidism? Omega-3 has some very good data in supporting thyroid function. Please do consult your Doctor, as they can advise based on your individual medical history and medication, but we would hope Omega-3 can be beneficial to you.
Is it OK for my 2 year old to take 1x Omega-3 a day? Hi, 1 x capsule worth of Omega-3 is really good for babies and toddlers. The capsules can be burst to release the oil and take from a spoon (or add to baby's food). Alternatively, we now offer Omega-3 as a bottled liquid too.
I have just ordered the joint supplement and omega 3 supplement. Is this sufficient for Vitamin D and K2 ? Hi, Omega-3 and Bone Care together is a very good combination and will indeed provide an ample dose of Vitamin D3 and K2.
Why doesn't your product contain Omega 6 or Omega 9? Hi, we get enough Omega-6 and Omega-9 from our diets, so to be honest it really isn't worth supplementing with more. It is far more beneficial to focus on Omega-3, which will help to get the balance within the body better too.
Which bodies have approved your products? Hi, the main regulations we work to are European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Australia Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) regulations, and we're audited accordingly. Auditing is conducted by local and international authorities.
Just wondering if your supplement contains Omega 7 ? Hi, no none of our products contain Omega-7.
Hi, does your product contain any arsenic...and if so how much per serving? Any other heavy metals of concern also? Hi, no Omega-3 doesn't contain any arsenic. We grow the algae in tanks rather than taking from the ocean, so we have complete control over purity. We test routinely as part of our strict Quality Control, but heavy metals aren't risk items for Omega-3.
Hi. Just wondering can you add liquid to orange juice instead of food as don't really like the taste? Hi, yes it is to add to orange juice, or ideally to yogurt or a smoothie (the oil will disperse easier).
Is this safe for pregnant to take and to an autistic child? Hi, yes Omega-3 is very beneficial for use during pregnancy. Many Doctors recommend Omega-3 supplementation for individuals with autism.
Does your Omega-3 have a fishy smell? It has a 'marine' odour, which is inherent to the polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). It is very different to fish though.
Do these supplements contain aldehydes in high amounts. Has your product been tested for this? Hi, Fish Oil Omega-3 supplements can contain aldehydes due to the way they are made, and difficulties in controlling purity. Omega-3 is Algal Omega-3, and aldehydes are not present in our product. We have complete control over quality and purity to ensure no contaminants or possibility of breakdown compounds like aldehydes.
I have seen that food grade carrageenan can contain between 5-25% degraded carrageenan or poligeenan. Do you test for this in the carrageenan you use in your capsules? Hi, we use high quality and purity Carrageenan that doesn't contain any poligeenan. It would be surprising to find a food grade material that has such impurity levels but meets regulatory requirements.
Is Omega-3 certified Sportsafe, i.e., won't result in a positive test by competitive athletes for World Anti-Doping Association prohibited performance-enhancing drugs? Hi, it complies with WADA requirements and won't show a positive result, however we aren't certified by Sportsafe etc. It's not a process we know, but we'll look into it.
What are the volumes of Vitamin D3 and Vitamin A, please? There is 5mcg (200iu) Vitamin D3 per daily dose of 2 capsules. No Vitamin A.
How are you better from your competitors? Our high dose EPA and DHA plus added Vitamin D3 sets us apart from competitors. Our 100% biodegradable sugar cane compound bottles also set us apart.
I'm vegan for 5 years with no vitamins nothing what do you suggest ,as an all-round to take vb12 ect thanks Hi, it is worth consulting your Doctor to find out if you have specific deficiencies. B12 is a very common deficiency (in everyone, not only Vegans) as are D3 and Omega-3. Our MultiVit supplement is a good 'catch all' multivitamin and mineral formula. The ultimate daily combination would be Omega-3 & MultiVit, which would cover everything.
Can you take Omega-3 and also Bone Caretogether? Does this result in too much Vitamin D3? Hi, that will be fine and is a very good combination. The combined level of Vitamin D3 is well within safe limits, and is at below the level recommended by a lot of Doctors.
I would like to take these three supplements from you're assortment: MultiVit, Bone Care and Omega-3. Is this safe or am I consuming to much of certain minerals and vitamins? I'd also like to take MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane). Do you see here a problem? Do you also plan to maybe add it to one of the products? Hi, we don't recommend taking MultiVit and Bone Care on the same day, as you will be doubling up on some nutrients where it is not beneficial to do so. Our advice is to swap during the week, so e.g. Monday take Omega-3 + MultiVit, Tuesday take Omega-3 + Bone Care, repeat. It is fine to combine this with MSM. We aren't currently looking at MSM, but will put it into the lab to see if it fits with any product developments.
Hi, is the corn used in your omega 3 capsules GMO/sprayed with glyphosate? Also, are there any pesticides/herbicides used in the production of your algae? Thank you. Hi, we don't use Corn in Omega-3. The modified starch in Omega-i3 (which is modified only by heat treatment to change its structure) is from potato. We don't use GMO compounds. The algae in Omega-3 are grown in special closed tanks at a Pharma-quality facility, so there is no need for pesticides/herbicides.
Can I take with anticoagulants We don't recommend you combine any supplements with anticoagulants without consulting your Doctor for advice.
Your website states under the “latest batch results” 58mg of DPA, but in the “supplement facts” DPA is not mentioned. Could you please give more information to DPA is and confirm if this product contains DPA? Thanks Hi, yes Omega-3 always contains DPA and it is always between 55-60mg per daily dose (per 2 x capsules). We just incorporate this into the 'Total Omega-3' level shown in the Supplement Facts table.
Why do you use carrageenan? Hi, we use a tiny amount of Carrageenan to help form the capsule. It wrongly gets a bad press because of internet reports that are actually only relevant to poligeenan (a degraded version not used in food) or due to animal data incorrectly correlated to human use (with doses and conditions not relevant). We wouldn't use any ingredient without being completely satisfied with its safety.
I am taking 2 x Omega-3 and 1 x MultiVit daily. When/how should I take my vitamins to ensure maximum absorption? For example, should I take them with different meals? Hi, that's a great combination! We are big advocates for taking supplements with breakfast, as they can support you during the day. There's no real need to split across different meals, but equally if you find that works for you, it is fine to do so. Personally, I'd say breakfast time is best.
Does the omegas need to be refrigerated or recommended! TY Hi, Opti3 capsules don't need to be stored in the refrigerator. We have rigorously stability tested to demonstrate they remain potent and stable when stored at ambient conditions (even in warmer climates). It is ok to store in the Fridge if you prefer, which some people do in a bid to maintain the absolute optimum freshness. The only downside is the capsules can become more brittle when cold for long periods, so just be careful if moving them around afterwards as they will be more prone to bursting.
Hello. My omega 3 bottles got accidentally frozen for a couple of days. Can I still use the product, are the fatty acids still ok? Hi, freezing will be absolutely fine. You will probably find the capsules look cloudy because the omega-3 fatty acids have solidified, but if you leave them at ambient temperature, they will return to normal. You can take them even if cold and it won't affect their attributes.
Please could you let me know the Omega 6 levels of your Omega 3 product. Thanks Hi, the Omega-6 level is very low - approx. 3.1mg per capsule.
How long does it last for? I’ve got probably 3-4 months worth of supply at home and would like to purchase this and use it only after I finish my current ones. Hi, the shelf life of our products is 24 months. We manufacture Opti3 regularly, so product purchased is always relatively freshly produced.
Are there any studies that recommend 500mg of dha and 250mg of EPA? Hi, most studies are on fish oil and its inherent EPA:DHA ratio, but that's really because fish oil was the only option when the studies were being performed. A range of research disclosures (and EFSA regulatory claims approvals) relate to levels relevant our product, but the main message from research disclosures is that Omega-3 EPA & DHA are beneficial to the point of 'the more the better', so we put as much into the product as we can. Further clinical studies would be great, but aren't financially viable for us to do.
Is it possible to indicate the technical data sheet (with laboratory tests) for each batch and know the methodology it uses to extract both EPA and DHA from algae? Also does it include scientific study comparing plant and animal EPA and DHA in terms of salutation benefits? Hi, we use third party accredited laboratories to test each batch. Their exact methodology is confidential to the respective lab. If you have studies/methods from your work, we are always interested to hear more ([email protected]). Comparisons with animal EPA & DHA formed a key part of approvals with European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and United States FDA.
The dose per day is 250 mg? You indicate in your web advertising, that per daily intake they are 300mg EPA & 500. And then on the label it indicates that to obtain the total of 835 mg Omega, it is recommended to take 2 capsules (EPA 300 mg; DHA 500 mg). If this is so, they confuse the customer. Well, there are other websites with the same active ingredient with 250 mg DHA per 1 capsule daily. I have bought your products, but seeing this info I am disappointed. Hi, we sell monthly bottles of Opti3, and the daily dose is 2 x capsules. The daily dose provides a minimum of 300mg EPA & 500mg DHA (835mg total Omega-3). A bottle contains 60 x capsules in order to last the month.
I already take a few supplements, vit b12/D and k2 and glucosamine. Can I instead take Omega-3 and Bone Care together. Hi, a combination of Omega-3 and Bone Care is really beneficial. They work perfectly together, to the extent that if we had a way to physically combine them into a single product, we would!
My daughter and I take a vegan supplement which has 100% vit d in. Will we be taking too much vit d if we take this as well or do you have a dha supplement without vit d? Hi, the combined level of Vitamin D3 from taking both Opti3 and VegVit is 400iu. While that is twice the European Nutrition Reference Value (NRV) for Vitamin D (which is 200iu), many countries actually recommend 400iu and indeed many health professionals recommend much higher doses. The recognised upper safe limit for Vitamin D is 4000iu, so ten times the amount you will be taking.
Cholecalciferol is derived from lanolin in lambs wool, this is not vegan yet you label yourself as such? Our Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) is extracted from a lichen. You are correct that traditional sources of cholecalciferol are animal sources including lanolin and animal skin. Our source is 100% vegan.
Hi so I take these usually but I’m not pregnant and worrying of exceeding my vitamin d intake as my pregnancy vitamins have 400uh and I was wondering if taking these at the same time would be too much or do you do the same ones without any vit d thanks Shelana. Your combined Vitamin D3 level from taking your pregnancy vitamins and Opti3 will be 600iu. While that is higher than the European Nutrition Reference Value (NRV) for Vitamin D (200iu), many countries recommend 400iu and indeed many health professionals recommend much higher doses. The recognised upper safe limit for Vitamin D is 4000iu, so significantly higher than the amount you will be taking. It is always worth getting advice from your Doctor, as they can take your full medical history into account, but our general advice is that anything from 200-1000iu per day is a very good maintenance intake of Vitamin D3. It's so important during pregnancy, your 600iu level is very good.
Has your supplement been tested for levels of iodine and vitamin A? Also is the omega 3 in triglyceride form? Can you pierce the capsule and take it mixed in food? Yes, we test for purity and Opti3 doesn't contain iodine or Vitamin A. The Omega-3 is indeed in the TG form. You can pierce Opti3 capsules and mix it with food, or alternative from April 2020 you can purchase Opti3 as a liquid.
Hi!!! Does contains Omega-3 soy products. Is Vitamin E The Additive Is From Soy? Omega-3 doesn't contain Soy products. The Vitamin E is from sunflower oil. We did use Vitamin E from Soy many years ago, but replaced it once we validated the effectiveness of the sunflower oil option. Omega-3 is very stable - we've demonstrated 2 years shelf life even when stored at pretty high temperatures (so emulating being lucky enough to live in a hot and sunny location, unlike here in UK!).
It is known that that the Omega 3 oil can get spoiled. Do you test your product for oxidation products? You said that the product is good fo 2 years does it mean no or little oxidation products after 2 years? We do indeed test for oxidation products. We have rigorously tested Opti3 capsules and the 2 year shelf life is because we have demonstrated compliance over that period for Peroxide value and Totox (even in high temperature conditions).
Hello. How is your Vitamin D made/obtained. You say it is plant sourced. which plant? Thank you Our Vitamin D3 comes from a special, organic plant source called a Lichen. Lichens are small unique plant species consisting of a symbiotic association of a fungus with an algae. This gives them unique attributes such as surviving in extreme climates and having the ability to grow and accumulate meaningful levels of useful nutrients, including Vitamin D3!
Is this algae oil in a triglyceride form and are they tested by a third party for environmental toxins including heavy metals? It is in Triglyceride form. The key aspect is that we grow our Microalgae in controlled conditions at a Pharmaceutical-quality specialist facility. Unlike sea water where contamination and heavy metal issues arise, we are able to control absolutely everything and therefore guarantee the complete purity of our product.
Is there any benefit in doubling up on Omega 3? So instead of taking 2,take 4. There isn't a set recommended dose of Omega-3 EPA & DHA, so the general advice is the more the better to be honest. The only reason fish and fish oils have had restrictions on consumption levels is down to toxins and contaminants, but we don't have that problem! 2 capsules of Omega-3 per day is a really good dose of EPA & DHA, so while doubling up to 4 will no doubt be beneficial, it can get a bit expensive!
Are all batches of Omega-3 individually third-party tested for EPA and DHA dosing accuracy and what tolerances do you accept when deciding whether to ship a batch? Yes they are. We set the minimum of 300mg EPA and 500mg DHA per daily dose, and that is the absolute bare minimum we will accept. In reality, in the past 3 years we have consistency been above 320mg EPA and 525mg DHA.
Is it compatible with breastfeeding? Absolutely! And also during Breast Feeding. There are many benefits of taking Opti3 during this time.
Is there any corn in Omega-3? Hi, no there isn't. The modified starch in Omega-3 capsule shell comes from potato.
I am concerned about microcystins/cyanoginosins - is there a guarantee that this is no risk in your product? If so, why is that guaranteed, because tests of some other alga products showed some high dosages of microcystins? The microalgae used for Opti3 are grown in special vessels at a Pharmaceutical-quality facility rather than taken from the ocean. That means we have complete control of purity and can guarantee such toxins are not present.
Hi I'm vegan and need something for joints, menopause, have fibroids and a poor diet. What combination can I take?? Thank you for any help given, I'm a little lost :) A good all-round Vegan daily regime is a combination of Opti3 and VegVit. We have a lot of customers reporting rapid and lasting positive results from this combination. We must always add a note to consult your Doctor before taking any supplements as they can advise based on your specific medical history and any medication.
Can I take your Vitamin D3 (1000iu tablets) plus the Omega-3 daily? Would it be too much vitamin D? If so, do you recommend taking them alternate days, or maybe just taking 1 pill of the Omega-3 per day? Thank you. We recommend the following acceptable combinations: One of the multivitamin formulas (so one of MultiVit, Bone Care, Active Energy Complex or Pregnancy Care). Don’t double up on any of these. · Omega-3 · B12 · One of Vitashine The reason not to take more than one of the multivitamin formulas is to avoid getting too much of certain nutrients due to doubling up. Each multivitamin formula can be used with Omega-3, Vitashine (any) and B12 or any combination of these.
Does a child still need to take an extra supplement vitamin D or is this dosage a daily intake? A daily dose of Omega-3 provides 5mcg (200iu). That is the recommended daily amount in Europe, however in some regions such as USA the recommended daily intake is higher (USA for example is 10mcg (400iu) depending on age). Our view is the level of D3 within Omega-3 provides a good maintenance level, however if your child has been shown to be deficient, we recommend supplementing with a higher dose of D3 for a few weeks before continuing just with the D3 that comes from Omega-3.
Where does the cholesterol come from in Omega-3? The cholesterol content is found naturally within the Algal Omega-3 oil. A lot of plant / vegetal oils contain small quantities of cholesterol and other sterols as part of their naturally-occurring lipid profile.
Is Omega-3 an alternative to fish oil for Omega-3? Omega-3 provides the body with EPA and DHA, the main Omega-3 fatty acids that are found in fish oils. Fish actually obtain their omega-3 through a diet of algae. We've simply cut the fish out of the loop and gone straight to the algae! In fact Omega-3 is higher strength than most fish Omega-3s!
Food allergies and Omega-3 Omega-3 is free from gluten, wheat, dairy and sugar-based ingredients. Allergies to fish oil are usually associated with proteins in fish, so such individuals should be fine to take Omega-3 (although we recommend consulting your Doctor first). Omega-3 comes from Sunflower Oil. Each Omega-3 capsule contains >0.1% Vitamin E, so a maximum of 0.8mg. It is added as an antioxidant to protect the Omega-3 oil.
Is Omega-3 obtained from the ocean? Omega-3 is from algae, but grown and produced in a Pharmaceutical facility rather than taken from the sea. This ensures optimum purity, guarantees the product is free from contaminants and of course leaves our oceans alone!
is it suitable to take with Warfarin? Omega is designed to be suitable for everyone, but if you are taking blood thinning drugs (e.g. Warfarin), please speak to your Doctor before taking Opti3 or indeed any nutritional supplements.
Is hexane extraction used? No. We are delighted to confirm our extraction process does not use hexane or other harmful solvents.
How does the Omega-3 dose compare to fish oil? Opti3 is actually higher strength than most fish oil supplements in terms of EPA & DHA levels, offering the high dose of minimum 250mg EPA and 500mg DHA per 2 capsules.
Please explain the importance of EPA & DHA? Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA), Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) and Alpha-Linoleic Acid (ALA) are three types of fatty acids collectively referred to as Omega-3s, due to their chemical structure. EPA and DHA are long-chain Omega-3s, whereas ALA is a short chain omega-3. The long-chain Omega-3s are more efficient and act faster in the body. EPA and DHA offer numerous health benefits. When we talk about the importance of Omega-3 to our health, it is specifically EPA and DHA that offer the benefits. ALA needs to be converted into EPA by the body to be effective, but this conversion rate is very low so products like Flaxseed may claim to be Omega-3, but are not very effective.
What is Omega-3? Omega-3 is a 100% natural, high strength EPA & DHA supplement with an added dose of our plant Vitamin D3. Omega-3 is designed to offer the benefits of Omega-3, without the need for Fish or any animal ingredients. It is sold in monthly packs of 60 capsules (2 per day).
How does Omega-3 compare to Flaxseed Oil? There really is no comparison. Flaxseed Oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids in the far less effective form of alpha-linoleic acid (ALA). ALA is not equivalent to EPA and DHA in its biological effects, and needs to be converted in order to be effective. Unfortunately this conversion is very low. Flaxseed oil does not provide the body with sufficient levels of Omega-3.
What are the benefits of Omega-3? There are many reported benefits of taking Omega-3 supplements. This includes hearth health, increased alertness and attentiveness, lowering of cholesterol, eye health and benefits to various diseases and ailments.
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