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Hello, Can the new menopause supplement be taken along with transdermal HRT? If so is this a more beneficial supplement for a menopausal woman than the usual multivitamin you usually do. Thanking you Hi, there is no reason our Menopause supplement can't be used along with Transdermal HRT, however please consult your Doctor before taking any supplements as they can provide advice based on your individual medical history and medication regime. The formula is specifically designed to help support during Perimenopause and Menopause, so it is more targeted than our standard MultiVit.
I'm looking for a supplement suitable for PMT - specifically changes in mood. I understand that magnesium may be helpful for this. I was just wondering if any of your supplements would be helpful- I’ve noticed the menopause supplement has magnesium but was unsure if I could take it as I’m Not peri menopausal yet. Hi, it is definitely worth a try because in addition to Magnesium and the other key Vitamins & Minerals, the formula contains Soya Isoflavones, Sage, and Ashwagandha, which should be beneficial for your needs. It is fine to take prior to Perimenopause too and can hopefully help to support you. Please let us know if it helps.
Can I take the menopause tablets with the sleep ones? I'm taking Zerochol trying to get my cholesterol down. Hi, we don't recommend taking them on the same day as you will obtain an undesirably high level of Zinc. The best option is to alternative (i.e. Menopause formula on Monday, Sleep formula on Tuesday, repeat).
Do your menopause support multivitamins contain fillers and bulking agents? Thank youHi, no we don't use fillers or bulking agents. The full ingredient lists are available on the product pages.
Hello! If I take the menopause supplement, do I still have to take a B12 supplement or is the B12 in it sufficient? Thank you!Hi, the Menopause formula has a good maintenance dose of Vitamin B12. Unless you are at high risk of deficiency, or have been advised by your Doctor to take higher doses, we expect the Menopause supplement to be sufficient.
Does your product help with the itching that comes along with being perimenopause????Hi, we are hopeful it will help with re-balance to address the causes of itching, however it is likely you will need a topical product too in order to overcome the immediate urges to itch.
Can I take this with HRTHi, yes the formula is ideal for nutritional support while undertaking HRT.
Is the soy in the Menopause supplement nonGMO? Is it Organic?Hi, yes we use non-GMO material. It is the isolated Isoflavones used in the formula.
I am concerned about one thing, the heavy metals in ashwagandha. Is that an issue in yours?Hi, we use high quality Ashwagandha extract, so heavy metals are very closely controlled and monitored. The formula is also tested for heavy metal content as part of Quality Assurance.
As a menopausal vegan I am currently taking the multivit and omega 3 supplements. Having seen the new menopause supplement I’m now wondering if I should switch the multivit to this one?Hi, it is definitely worth consideration as the Menopause Supplement is specifically designed to support during this life stage, including targeting some of the primary associated symptomatic effects it brings. Our Menopause Supplement + Omega-3 is a great combination!
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