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I just finished my first month of Menopause supplement. Do I need to wait some days before starting a new box of capsules? If so, how many days? Thank you Hi, no it is fine to take the Menopause supplement continually without the need for any breaks.
Do your products spike blood glucose or would they be ok for diabetics? Thank you Hi, no we do not expect our products to cause any blood glucose spikes and so should be suitable. If taking medication, please do consult your Doctor in case there are specific nutrients they advise you to avoid.
can it be taken whilst on combi HRT patches ? Hi, we do not expect any interaction, however please consult your Doctor or Pharmacist before taking any supplements while on medication, as they can provide advice based on your specific medication and individual medical history.
Hi I’m taking propranolol for vestibule migraine, would the menopause supplement be good as I’m having quit server menopause symptoms. Thank you Hi, please consult your Doctor before taking any supplements with Propanolol. We expect them to say it is fine, but there are cases where your Doctor may be wishes you to avoid specific nutrients such as Vitamin E. We unfortunately can't give advice relating to medicines because individual medical history is such an important consideration.
Hello, my question is about taking these vitamins with Synthroid medication. They say that soy is not good to take with this. Can you answer this question for me. Thanks Hi, our Menopause supplement contains Soy Isoflavones. We can see there are some reports of interaction between soy derivatives and Synthroid medication so please consult your Doctor or the medication manufacturer for advice. On the face of it, we would recommend not taking this combination until you can obtain their advice.
Hello, I am a bit worried about taking ashwaganda and weight gain? I am perimenopausal and would like to use the meno one and the sleep support. Is that too much ashwaganda? Also, I read that ashwaganda is not recommended longer than three months due to liver health risks. Any thoughts on that please? Thank you! Hi, Ashwagandha is very unlikely to contribute to any weight gain. In fact, it is very likely to have the opposite effect. The levels of Ashwagandha we use are safe for ongoing use. It is only with highly elevated daily intake of such potent herbal ingredients where care needs to be taken to avoid possible side effects.
I am a 49 year old woman, and I am going through perimenopause. Would I just use the menopause supplement and not the multivitamin? Hi, our Menopause formula is well balanced to support through Perimenopause and Menopause, so is well worth considering as a good option for you as a daily Multivitamin formula.
Do any of your products contain strawberries? I have an anaphylactic allergy & want to double check before buying . Thank you, Amanda Hi, no at this time we don't have any formulas containing strawberries or strawberry extracts.
Can this be taken with the contraceptive pill? Hi, yes it is fine to combine this with contraceptive pills.
I didn’t see anything that mentioned the hair loss and thinning. Would these supplements address that too? Thanks. Hi, yes the formula contains key vitamins and minerals to help overcome hair thinning. It is also worth considering our Vollagen product too.
Hello Can you please advise whether your supplements are natural or do they contain synthetic ingredients? Ii mentions vegan, non-GMO but maybe I missed something about natural? I am specifically interested in Menopause support atm but it would be useful to understand your approach for any other supplements we may consider. Thank you, Vicki Hi, we use natural ingredients including some produced using fermentation methods (plant-sources being the starting materials for the fermentation). The Vitamin C is synthetic (again, using plant source starting material) solely because the process is very straightforward and much 'cleaner' than attempting to extract Vitamin C from fruits etc., which leads to massive amounts of unnecessary waste. Sustainable and responsible sourcing are central parts of our ethos, so we consider the full supply chains of every ingredient.
Could a child take the full dose? I think I prefer the vitamin distribution with less vit A and iron. I currently give half a vegetology multi vit to a child to limit iron intake but would prefer to have more zinc and iodine.. Hi, the formula itself is suitable for children but the capsule is quite large so we recommend caution. The capsules are 22mm in length and 7mm in diameter.
I bought your menopause tablets but I realised afterwards that there isn't enough D3 (that's fine I can buy another supplement as dosages do need to vary) but as for B12 I don't understand why it is so low. 10 mcg is hardly enough to help the body absorb the tiny amount of 4 mcg for us to convert. I've read enough journals on this. Dr Michael Greger recommends 50 to 100 mcg a day (more than latter) or 2000 mcg a week of cyannobalamin. Infact a lot more if it was the methycobalamin as it's abosrption rate is different. I personally at age 51 don't feel comfortable taking less than 100 mcg as per suggestion. Can you explain. Hi, the challenge when formulating supplements is getting the balance right to suit as many people as possible. We've used 10µg Vitamin B12, which is 400% of the Nutrient Reference Value (the NRV, i.e. the recommended daily intake set by the European Food Safety Authority). Although some people are recommended to take more at various times, it is not suitable for everyone to take much higher levels. We do offer standalone higher dose Vitamin B12 formulas, but in our Multivitamin formulas including this one for Menopause Support, we have to take a balanced and safe approach. Equally with Vitamin D3, we've also used 400% of the Nutrient Reference Value intake for the same reason rather than further elevating.
Hi, I see there is a vitamin for peri and during menopause, is this advisable for post menopause in general? And should I alternate with the multivitamin? Also I have osteoporosis, should I alternate with Bone Health or take the targeted booster Vollegen? Hi, yes our Menopause Supplement is designed to support from Perimenopause through to post-menopause. If you have Osteoporosis, it is a very good idea to consider alternating with our Bone Care formula. Vollagen can be taken with either too.
Hi, I read somewhere that Vitamin A and Vitamin E supplementation wasn't safe in the isolated form. How do you address that? Also, I heard that folic acid supplements lead to an increased risk of breast cancer. Is the folate in this product different from folic acid? Thanks! Hi, unfortunately online blogs/reports often have no scientific basis, and that's the case here. Vitamin A and E have several approved and safe forms, and Folic Acid (esp. in the active Folate form) is highly beneficial and completely safe at the levels used. If you have come across any specific reports that you'd like us to comment on, please feel free to share via Facebook Messenger or [email protected] and we'd be happy to take a look. We wouldn't dream of using any compounds or levels that we aren't completely satisfied with safety-wise.
Is it safe to take your menopause supplement while taking Aromatase inhibitors fir breast cancer? Hi, there is nothing in the Menopause formula that we would expect to interact negatively with Aromatase inhibitor medication. However, please do consult your Doctor because there may be specific nutrients they want you to avoid.
Hi.Are the menopause tablets safe to take after hysterectomy? (because of cancer). thanks. Hi, yes the formula is suitable to take after hysterectomy but please do consult your Doctor before taking any supplements as they can advise based on your individual medical history, and in respect of any medication you are taking. This isn't to give a stock answer, it is because some medical conditions and medication programs mean certain nutrients need to be considered or avoided.
I found your website because I've been looking for one simple multi that would supplement a vegan lifestyle and any nutrients I might be missing by not eating animal products. I love what I'm seeing for your multi! However, now I see you also have the menopause product - but it looks like it has fewer ingredients. Will this support someone in perimenopause AND supplement what I'm missing due to being a vegan at the same time? What is missing from this one that is in the multi and will I need to pick those nutrients up somewhere else? Hi, both formulas are very good for filling in any nutrient gaps missing from the diet (Vegan or indeed omnivorous). The Menopause formula is very similar composition-wise, but is balanced differently to support during Perimenopause and Menopause. It will help to support in what you might be missing, but just lacks some of the highly elevated levels of certain B Vitamins founds in the MultiVit.
I’m allergic to soy , your product contains soy ??? Hi, the Menopause formula contains Soy Isoflavones, which offers many benefits in supporting hormone regulation. We use the isolated Isoflavones rather than a wide-ranging Soy extract, so it is worth consulting your Doctor for advice on suitability in relation to your specific Soy allergy status.
Would your product help with anxiety & nausea possible due to the menopause Hi, we have designed the formula to help with both of these symptoms. We hope you find it helps. Please do let us know how you get on.
I am assuming these are cruelty free? Hi, yes absolutely. We are completely against any form of animal testing or cruelty.
Hi I am looking for a product to help with menopausal weight gain. This is not from lack of exercise or diet (I am a vegan, eating healthily) but re hormones. I did buy an ashwagandha supplement (400 mg) from another company and felt unsettled (mentally) a day after taking it and I notice this is one of the ingredients in your menopause supplement. I suffer from acid reflux (probably another menopausal symptom) and I am aware that ashwagandha can cause stomach upset. Can you advise please? I really want some way of getting some oestrogen back. The ashwagandha that I was taking was combined with rhodiola. Best wishes Pauline O'Hara (long time customer of vegetology) Hi, we recommend giving our Menopause Support supplement a try. It does contain some Aswagandha within a very carefully balanced combination of botanical ingredients. Often with potential botanical active ingredients the balance is the key. Our Omega-3 product (available in Capsules or Liquid) is also worth consideration.
After looking at the menopause and the multi vit I can see there is a slightly different profile. Would it be beneficial to take alternate the two, taking one, one day and the other the next. Or is it preferable to stick to the one. Hi, the Menopause formula is balanced to specifically offer targeted benefits during Perimenopause and Menopause, so we recommend this as an ideal Multivitamin formula during these stages. It is fine to alternate with MultiVit, but not necessarily beneficial.
As a peri menopausal vegan, who has a tendency towards d deficiency and is currently suffering from long covid - I am looking to change up my supplements so I can reduce my fatigue and aid Recovery whilst also supporting myself through menopause. I currently take a Multi vit:mineral and your omega 3 supplement. I am wondering if I should change to the menopause supplement and if I should still take omega 3 or take the vollegen. Would it be necessary/useful to take all three? Hi, a combination of our Omega-3 plus Menopause supplement (in place of your existing multivitamin) is the ideal daily regime. Vollagen is a good addition if you are seeking additional Collagen-like skin benefits
I’d like to take your new menopause multivitamin and the bone health multivitamin. On your website you suggest alternating them and taking them on different days. But the recommended dose of each is two tablets per day. Instead of alternating each day, could I take one tablet of each every day? Hi, yes that would be fine to take 1 x Bone Care and 1 x Menopause tablets each day. It's a great idea!
Hello, Can the new menopause supplement be taken along with transdermal HRT? If so is this a more beneficial supplement for a menopausal woman than the usual multivitamin you usually do. Thanking you Hi, there is no reason our Menopause supplement can't be used along with Transdermal HRT, however please consult your Doctor before taking any supplements as they can provide advice based on your individual medical history and medication regime. The formula is specifically designed to help support during Perimenopause and Menopause, so it is more targeted than our standard MultiVit.
I'm looking for a supplement suitable for PMT - specifically changes in mood. I understand that magnesium may be helpful for this. I was just wondering if any of your supplements would be helpful- I’ve noticed the menopause supplement has magnesium but was unsure if I could take it as I’m Not peri menopausal yet. Hi, it is definitely worth a try because in addition to Magnesium and the other key Vitamins & Minerals, the formula contains Soya Isoflavones, Sage, and Ashwagandha, which should be beneficial for your needs. It is fine to take prior to Perimenopause too and can hopefully help to support you. Please let us know if it helps.
Can I take the menopause tablets with the sleep ones? I'm taking Zerochol trying to get my cholesterol down. Hi, we don't recommend taking them on the same day as you will obtain an undesirably high level of Zinc. The best option is to alternative (i.e. Menopause formula on Monday, Sleep formula on Tuesday, repeat).
Do your menopause support multivitamins contain fillers and bulking agents? Thank you Hi, no we don't use fillers or bulking agents. The full ingredient lists are available on the product pages.
Hello! If I take the menopause supplement, do I still have to take a B12 supplement or is the B12 in it sufficient? Thank you! Hi, the Menopause formula has a good maintenance dose of Vitamin B12. Unless you are at high risk of deficiency, or have been advised by your Doctor to take higher doses, we expect the Menopause supplement to be sufficient.
Does your product help with the itching that comes along with being perimenopause???? Hi, we are hopeful it will help with re-balance to address the causes of itching, however it is likely you will need a topical product too in order to overcome the immediate urges to itch.
Can I take this with HRT Hi, yes the formula is ideal for nutritional support while undertaking HRT.
Is the soy in the Menopause supplement nonGMO? Is it Organic? Hi, yes we use non-GMO material. It is the isolated Isoflavones used in the formula.
I am concerned about one thing, the heavy metals in ashwagandha. Is that an issue in yours? Hi, we use high quality Ashwagandha extract, so heavy metals are very closely controlled and monitored. The formula is also tested for heavy metal content as part of Quality Assurance.
As a menopausal vegan I am currently taking the multivit and omega 3 supplements. Having seen the new menopause supplement I’m now wondering if I should switch the multivit to this one? Hi, it is definitely worth consideration as the Menopause Supplement is specifically designed to support during this life stage, including targeting some of the primary associated symptomatic effects it brings. Our Menopause Supplement + Omega-3 is a great combination!
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