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    19 May 2023
    Hyvä tuote! En syö lihaa, joten 👍


    17 Aug 2022

    Robin Laushway-Smith

    22 Jul 2022
    Good quality. Hope to see more sublingual in future.

    Amanda Collins

    3 Jan 2022
    I definitely feel better when I take this product. It got me through the busy Christmas period with more energy than usual!


    26 Nov 2021
    Complete and affordable!


    12 Nov 2021
    Amazing product!


    11 Nov 2021
    Integratore completo. Suggerito per il ferro ma copre anche altri componenti .


    20 Oct 2021
    It’s the only one that really works with me

    Clara Almeida

    11 Oct 2021
    Products are excellent


    3 Sept 2021
    Feeling good about this product, it combines nicely with the joint-vie to support a vegan diet.

    Bibi Mcgee

    21 Jun 2021
    Really good supplement


    8 Jun 2021
    When I have super long work days, these give me the energy to plow thru


    4 Jun 2021
    Even after a week I can feel a difference!


    14 May 2021
    I feel very well after taking it

    Ulrike Bonifer

    11 May 2021
    Perfect Vegan Quality!

    Ingrid Aguilar

    11 May 2021
    The best ✅

    Carmen Bordeiu

    7 May 2021
    Great product!


    4 May 2021
    Easy energy in just one a day

    Kathryn Williams

    2 May 2021
    Excellent, can’t fault it.

    Jacqueline Comley

    1 May 2021
    Very pleased with this product.


    30 Apr 2021
    Great product!

    Peter Van Roy

    30 Apr 2021
    Excellent B-vitamin complex

    Stephane B.

    29 Apr 2021
    Excellent product!


    25 Apr 2021
    It is widely recognized that all true vegans take daily at least 1000ug of B12 supplement per day if older than 60. This can be found in the Active Energy Complex.

    Christine Rada

    25 Apr 2021
    Gave this as a gift - friend says it works well - has ingredients that renown cardiologist Dr. Joel Kahn gives his patients who need a little mood boost.

    Troy Taylor

    25 Apr 2021
    Great subtle energy