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Opti 3 GREY 012021
QHi! Is it suitable for cat's? Thank you
Alexandre P
A Hi, yes the formula is fine for cats. You can pierce the capsule and add the oil to food. We suggest 1 x capsule per day.
QHi! Some of my costumers would like to know if this product has some Iodine, since algae like Kelp are source of Iodine. Thank you in adavnce.
Alexandre P
A Hi, no Opti3 doesn’t contain any iodine.
QHi, I have to take omega 3 for my hypertriglycerides, at the moment I take 10ml of a fish oil which has a Total of 645mg per 5ml. (415mg DHA and EPA makes 645mg) I have been recommended to increase this dose to 30ml per day. How many of your capsules would I need to take to achieve a similar intake of omega 3?
Jane W
A Hi, 2 x capsules of Opti3 provides a minimum of 835mg total Omega-3 (500mg DHA, 300mg EPA). It would take a lot of capsules (9-10) to achieve the high dose you’ve been advised to take
QHi there, I expose to sunlight very regularly - am wondering if the Opti 3 will give me excess vitamin Ds and cause problems?
Leslie T
A Hi, there is no danger of excess Vitamin D when taking Opti3 combined with sunlight-related Vitamin D production.
QI recently got the Opti3 pills and they have a really pungent fishy taste. I understand that there made using algae but I've ordered these before and I've never noticed this. Was there recently a new recipe, or is there something faulty with my order? It's just so pungent that it makes me feel like something's wrong and I shouldn't be consuming them.
George N
A Hi, sorry to read this. It sounds like one or more of the capsules has split in transit, affecting the other capsules and causing the odour and taste. If you can please email [email protected] with your order details, the customer services team will deal with it for you.
QHello, I am writing regarding your Opti3 Vegan Omega 3 product. Latest meta analyses and research show the benefits of omega 3 are only seen in products more than 60% EPA. However, your product is majority DHA so unlikely to have any clinical benefit. Do you have any plans on adjusting your product in accordance with this latest research? Thank you, Ben
Ben H
A Hi, the ratio of DHA:EPA is something we cannot modify, as it is naturally occurring the algae we use. One thing to be aware of is that a lot of data is on Fish Oil, which is naturally higher in EPA. Therefore it is more a case that the data happens to be on Fish Oil than there being any significance to the higher EPA ratio being important. Data suggests DHA and EPA offer most benefits independently of each other once absorbed, so it's really a case of the more the better.
Qwonder if you can tell me if the capsule is vegan and if so what it is made from?
Ijma H
A Hi, yes Opti3 capsule is vegan-suitable. It is made of potato starch with a little carrageenan (gum from Kelp seaweed).
Q Hello, I’m looking for a vegan DHA and EPA supplement. I didn’t find the medicinal and non-medicinal ingredients in the information you show about Opti3.
Claudia A
A Hi, the full ingredient list is on the Opti3. It is a Food Supplement rather than a medicine, so is labelled in accordance with the applicable regulations
QHello, I was wondering if you have the information for saturated fat per 100g for your vegan omega-3 supplement?
Danielle R
A Hi, there is 0.18g saturated fat per Opti3 capsule, or 0.36g per 2 capsule daily dose. The full nutritional breakdown is in a table on the product label ("Nutritional Facts") although it isn't the easiest thing to read as there is so much information there.
QHello Vegetology, I wonder why you suggest to take two capsules of opti 3 as the recommendations of official health organisations (at least in France) refer to 250 mg of DHA and 125 mg of EPA. And with only one capsule we go far beyond these recommendations. Thank you for your answer! Best regards, Jehanne
Jehanne F
A Hi, Omega-3s do not have recommended intakes in the same way Vitamins do. The recommendation you refer to from France (similar to many other regions) are effectively minimum levels. The simple way of looking at it with Omega-3 is the more the better, and EFSA has reviewed data on a range of different daily intakes. One capsule of Opti3 will provide 250mg DHA and 150mg EPA.
QHi, I have just ordered the B12 tablets, Vitashine 2500 and Opti3. I have a question. Will I get good absorption if I take all 3 at the same time with a meal? Or should they be taken at separate times through the day, and if so with or without food for each? Thank you in advance to your answer.
Adriana W
A Hi, there is no reason for negative interaction if you do take everything together. Our advice is to take supplements at breakfast or lunchtime.
QDoes Opti3 contain; ethyl ester omega-3s, triglyceride Omega-3s or phospholipid Omega-3s?
Jeffrey E
A Hi, Opti3 contains triglyceride forms of the Omega-3s.
QDear Vegetology, I’ve heard that Opti-3 is highly processed to obtain the Omega 3s from the food source. Can you confirm if this is true? Also, do you have any information as to whether Opti 3 lowers cholesterol? Thank you, Diana Lehr
Diana l
A Hi, I don't understand what is meant by 'highly processed'? We obtain Omega-3 EPA & DHA directly from microalgae. There is no additional processing as such. Omega-3s are very strongly linked with helping to reduce and normalise cholesterol.
QWhat is the date of expiration of these? How long do they last in the container before they go off?
Vincent K
A Hi, the shelf-life is 24 months. We produce Opti3 very regularly, so you will always be purchasing fresh material.
QWhere is the algae from / grown?
Vic R
A Hi, it is from Schizochytrium sp. alga, grown at a specialist Pharmaceutical-quality facility.
QI've been a regular satisfied customer of Vetetology for many years (Multi vit/min and Omega3/D). I have recently had some blood tests which show me low in phosphate. I am right in thinking that neither of the above products have any phosphate in them?
Mark H
A Hi, thank you for the kind comments. That is correct, the products don't currently contain any phosphate.
QHello, are the omega tablets suitable for dogs? Many thanks.
Holly g
A Hi, yes they are really beneficial for dogs. We recommend 1 x Opti3 capsule for smaller dogs and 2 x Opti3 capsules for larger dogs. Opti3 Liquid is also suitable, in case your Dog refuses to munch the capsules (although most seem to quite enjoy doing so!).
QI’m just wondering if your omega 3 has the same blood thinning properties as fish oil.
Skye D
A Hi, we do not expect Opti3 to contribute to blood-thinning, and research suggests links between Omega-3 and blood-thinning is largely unfounded. However, please do consult your Doctor before consuming any supplements if you have a related medical condition
QIs the packaging recyclable?
Lydia D
A Hi, yes it is. Please do discard into the recycling system.
QIs Opti3 algae supplement suitable for someone with Grave’s disease?
Rachael T
A Hi, Opti3 is suitable and there is some evidence to suggest that addressing your dietary Omega 3:6 ratio by supplementing with Omega-3 can be beneficial in reducing symptoms.
Q Hi guys, I was wondering if I could find out a general ratio of omega 3's to omega 6 is in a serving of your capsules. I can see the Helianthus Annuus oil in the ingredient list after the Microalgal oils which I assume is majority omega 6 but I can't see how much of it is used. Im trying to balance my omega's so would be really grateful if I could get a roundabout value- Thanking you! :)
A Hi, a small amount of High Oleic Sunflower Oil (Helianthus Annuus) is used as an important carrier during production of the Microalgal oil. The level in Opti3 is very small, equating to less than 20mg per capsule. That's around an Omega-3:6 ratio of 45:1.
QHi. I have been using Omega 3 EPA & DHA for quite some time and have never noticed any smell before and the capsules are normally ‘dry’. However, I am noticing (not the most pleasant) smell upon opening my latest container and last night one of the tablets I took out was oily. I just wondered if this is normal since I have not had this experience before and the smell was putting me off. Also, can you answer another question that I have never known the correct answer to? Should the two tablets be taken at the same time or can they be taken separately as long as they are with food? Thanks
Gillian C
A Hi, if the capsules are oily and with an odour, it suggests one of the capsules may have burst within the bottle. If that's the case, please contact [email protected] and the team will arrange for a replacement bottle. In terms of when to take the capsules, it is fine to take together or apart, and really down to your preference. We find the best results when taking together with breakfast or lunch, as it gives the maximum boost during the day. However, we know many customers taking one at morning and one at night.
QIs it OK to take this supplement with folic acid when trying to convince?
Naomi P
A Hi, yes Opti3 is very beneficial when trying to conceive and it is fine and safe to combine with Folic Acid.
QCan Opti3 or Joint-Vie cause one to be melancholy or depressed?
Mark B
A Opti3 and Joint-Vie contain nutrients that have been shown to help positively with mood. There are no reasons for them to contribute to any negative impact.
QHi, what species of algae (or thraustochytrid) is used to produce these products?
Rob A
A Hi, its Schizochytrium sp.
QRegarding dosage of omega 3s, would it be effective to take one capsule with breakfast and the other with dinner, instead of both at the same time?
Stanley R
A Hi, yes that is absolutely fine. The main thing, as you correctly suggest, is to take at meal times for the best absorption.
QDo these contain ALA or not?
Marisa S
A Hi, there is no ALA in Opti3. The Omega-3 forms are EPA 300mg, DHA 500mg and DPA 35mg per daily dose.
QDo you have any studies looking at the oxidation level of the oils within the capsules? Also any information on the oxygen permeability of the capsule membrane itself?
George M
A Hi, yes oxidative stability is something we monitor very closely for every batch and was one of the major considerations during our extensive stability trials. Algal Oil has a Peroxide Value specification of 5 meq/kg, but Opti3 Oil (inside and outside of the capsules) measures <1 meq/kg.
QHello, I have extensive atopic eczema which Is quite manageable now and I'm also 6 weeks pregnant. It is beneficial for me to take a higher dosage of Omega 3 or stick to 2 capsules daily? Thanks
Lesley-Mae G
A Hi, there isn't a limit on daily intake of our Opti3 capsules, so if you do want to increase the dose even to 10 capsules per day, it will be perfectly safe.
QI take anti coagulants, blood pressure medication and beta blockers. Is it safe to take the Omega tabs with my current meds?
Mandy R
A Hi, there shouldn't be any negative interaction with your medication, but we do always recommend seeking advice from your Doctor as they can consider your specific medical history.
QWhat's the approximate time between purchase and the expiry date? I know it'll vary, but if it's e.g. about six months, it wouldn't make sense to buy a year's worth.
Si B
A Hi, we manufacture Opti3 around every 6 weeks, so it unlikely you will receive product with less than 18 months of its shelf-life remaining.
QHello! I'm Vegan & have been taking Opti3 x 2, VegVit x 1 & Joint-Vie x 2 daily for the last couple of weeks (prior to that I was just taking the first 2), but have just spotted in the Q&As that it could mean I'm getting too much of some vitamins. What amounts of each would you suggest to ensure I get enough but not too many vitamins? Thank you x
Rebecca J
A Hi, the overlap Vitamins in question are Vitamin C and Vitamin K2. It isn't always desirable to be taking excessive levels of these Vitamins, so it might be worth considering alternating VegVit and Joint-Vie (i.e. VegVit on Monday, Joint-Vie on Tuesday, repeat), or at least having say 2 days a week when you take one or the other, just to avoid excess. While the combined level of Vitamin D3 is higher than the NRV, it's actually a really good dose you are getting.
QHi How long would it take to be delivered in Guildford GU2 United Kingdom? Is it safe during pregnancy?
Sefat 9
A Hi, delivery to UK address is usually within 2-3 days from order. Opti3 is very beneficial to Mum and Baby during pregnancy.
QHi, Why am i charged £2.99 for delivery in UK?
Sefat 2
A Hi, we offer free shipping on orders about £40, but on small orders we have to charge £2.99 (even though it costs us more than that).
Q I am readily your customer. nevertheless can I know if your products been tested with any negative effects on the liver/kidney related pls?
Rizvithahir R
A Hi, all of the ingredients used in our products have been tested to ensure no such possible negative effects. We work to European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) regulations for our formulas and the levels of nutrients that we use.
QWhy does carageenan have to be in there.
Shayne Z
A Hi, we use a small amount of Carrageenan to help form the capsule for Opti3. It is perfectly safe. We added an FAQ about this, as carrageenan is often wrongly linked with data only relevant to polygeenan.
QIs it palatable for kids or people who can't swallow capsules/tablets? What does it taste like?
Janine C
A Hi, many people pierce Opti3 capsules to give them to children. The oil doesn't have a strong taste and can be stirred into food. Alternatively, we also sell Opti3 Liquid, which has a mild taste and we've added a small amount of Orange Oil flavour, making it perfect for children.
QIs this good for lowering cholesterol?
Pooja M
A Hi, yes there is a lot of researching suggesting that Omega-3 fatty acids help to lower cholesterol
QHi I would like to take the omega 3 together with a multivitamin but worried about overdosing on the vitamin D3. Can you advise please. Also you say the D3 is plant based, how do you source this? Many thanks.
Sam W
A Hi, the combined level of Vitamin D3 from Opti3 + VegVit is only 400iu. While that is 200% of the European NRV, it is actually still considered to be low, and many health practitioners recommend much higher doses. It is well within established safe limits. We obtain our Vitamin D3 from lichen.
QHi! Is there any chance of cross contamination from peanuts or tree nuts?
Jason m
A Hi, there is no chance of cross-contamination from peanuts or tree nuts in Opti3.
QDoes this supplement contain iodine or Vit E ?
Emma R
A Hi, Opti3 doesn't contain any iodine. A small amount of sunflower-derived Vitamin E is added to the Algal Oil to protect it against oxidation, but the level is very low.
QWill there be a customs charge if delivered to UK
Andrew M
A Hi, we're based in UK and ship from our domestic UK warehouse
QHello, from Argentina. I want to make sure the algae oil does not have b12 analgues. Is tha right? thanks!
Agustina M
A Hi, no. We only use the Oil extracted from the microalgae, and then only the Omega-3 parts. It doesn't contain any aqueous compounds including B Vitamins or their analogues.
QI'm wondering if your Omega supplements have the polythenol's added back into the product?
Juliette A
A Hi, no we don't include polyphenols in Opti3. We do add small amounts of Vitamin C + E to provide suitable oxidative stability. We do have polyphenols within the superfood antioxidant complex used in the VegVit formula.
QDo you think opti3 could be used as an alternative to fish oil for dogs as well?
Tiffany S
A Yes, and we have a lot of customers giving Opti3 to their pets. The feedback we get is some dogs will happily chew the capsules, however we have the Opti3 Liquid too, which can just be added to the pet food if easier.
QHi! I'm a 21-year-old girl and I'm practically vegan, just eating eggs and sometimes cheese (to cook) as animal products. By buying this product I was looking foward to see changes in my skin since I have acne since I was a teen. I was wondering if I should take the 2 capsules or if I can just take 1 everyday. Thank you!
Maria C
A Hi, you could always start with 1 x capsule per day and see how you feel? Then move to 2 x capsules if you think it is necessary. Hopefully you will notice a difference quickly. We get many very positive reports of rapid results when individuals introduce Opti3.
QIs it necessary to take these daily? It works out very pricy if so (forget about twice a day!)
Danielle A
A Hi, Opti3 is very beneficial when taken daily, but it isn't a problem to miss days.
QWhere is this product made???
Michele X
A Hi, we manufacture everything here in UK
QHi. Is it safe / recomended to take these alongside high strength probiotic supplement?
Rebecca S
A Hi, yes that should be fine. The is no reason for any negative interaction.
Q Is your vegan Omega 3 Oil cold pressed or heated for extraction?
Holly D
A Hi, our extraction process doesn't require heat. It isn't cold pressing as such, that is a process typically used for standard vegetable oils.
QCan it also be stored in the fridge?
Antonia B
A Hi, yes it is fine to store Opti3 in the Fridge. The only thing to be careful of is the capsules can become more brittle (and prone to bursting) when really cold, so please just be careful they aren't shaken/agitated too much after being in the fridge.
QIs this product is right for me as I suffer from Hashimoto's thiroyditis and hypothyroidism?
Valeria G
A Omega-3 has some very good data in supporting thyroid function. Please do consult your Doctor, as they can advise based on your individual medical history and medication, but we would hope Opti3 can be beneficial to you.
QDo you recommend taking both Opti3 capsules at the same time with the same meal?
Dianne M
A Hi, it is open to choice but we typically recommend taking the full dose together and ideally at breakfast time. It really does give a noticeable boost during the day.
QIs you're packaging recycled and made from recycled plastic or is it bio degradable? (which would be better) I use and loved your product before but after watching david Attenborough new documentary i have made a conscious choice to only support ethical products
Roxanne M
A Hi, the answer is both! Our bottle is made using a sugar cane compound, which can be recycled. However, it is designed so that if it isn't recycled and ends up in a waste environment, it will rapidly break down and degrade fully within 10 years. We always prefer to see the bottle recycled, but this provides an effective back-up plan because we never want to see any of our packaging lingering in waste systems.
QHI I have maybe some silly questions, what is the best time of day to take the EPA and DHA? Also should it be taken with a fat source? and lastly can you just swallow them down or do they need chewing? Much love mark
Mark s
A Hi, thank you for your questions. The ideal time for Opti3 is either at breakfast time or at lunch time. That is when you will get the best positive impact during the day. As long as you are taking them with food, that is fine. The food itself doesn't need to contain fat. You can swallow rather than chew, as the stomach quickly digests the capsule itself and releases the oil. Personally I recommend taking at breakfast - my concentration levels during the morning are on overdrive when I take Opti3.
QIs it OK for my 2 year old to take 1 opti 3 a day?
Grace H
A Hi, 1 x capsule worth of Opti3 is really good for babies and toddlers. The capsules can be burst to release the oil and take from a spoon (or add to baby's food). Alternatively, we now offer Opti3 as a bottled liquid too.
QI have just ordered the joint supplement and omega 3 supplement. Is this sufficient for Vitamin D and K2 ?
Michele S
A Hi, Opti3 and JointVie together is a very good combination and will indeed provide an ample dose of Vitamin D3 and K2.
Qdo you deliver to South Africa and what would the cost be? Thanks you
Damien F
A Hi, yes we ship globally. If you enter your desired combination and quantity of products into the basket, the shipping cost can be calculated prior to checkout.
QWhy doesn't your product contain Omega 6 or Omega 9? I've seen similar products containing them.
Claire S
A Hi, we get enough Omega-6 and Omega-9 from our diets, so to be honest it really isn't worth supplementing with more. It is far more beneficial to focus on Omega-3, which will help to get the balance within the body better too.
QWhich bodies have approved your products?
Antonio R
A Hi, the main regulations we work to are European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and Australia Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) regulations, and we're audited accordingly. Auditing is conducted by local and international authorities.
QJust wondering if your supplement contains Omega 7 ? Thank you.
Margaret O
A Hi, no none of our products contain Omega-7.
QHi, does your product contain any arsenic...and if so how much per serving? Any other heavy metals of concern also? I sent a question last week but have not heard back.
Nick M
A Hi, no Opti3 doesn't contain any arsenic. We grow the algae in tanks rather than taking from the ocean, so we have complete control over purity. We test routinely as part of our strict Quality Control, but heavy metals aren't risk items for Opti3.
QHi, where is the product made, and processed? Many thanks.
Jim M
A Hi, we produce Opti3 here in UK.
QHi, I have purchased your opti 3 product and had a question: where am I supposed to throw the bottle ? In the recycling bin or in the general waste bin? I ask because the lable says that the bottle is 100% biodegradable, yet on the bottom it says it's a 02 type of plastic (which is widely recyclable), so I got confused Thanks
Claudia S
A Hi, please dispose of the bottle in your recycling bin. That is absolutely our preferred route, as the bottle can be recycled in totally. The biodegradable nature of the compound is effectively a back-up plan, so that if it is not recycled, it will be gone in less than 10 years rather than risk being in landfill (or worse) for hundreds of years.
QHi. Just wondering can you add liquid to orange juice instead of food as don't really like the taste?
A Hi, yes it is to add to orange juice, or ideally to yogurt or a smoothie (the oil will disperse easier).
QIs this safe for pregnant to take and to an autistic child?
Fatima K
A Hi, yes Opti3 is very beneficial for use during pregnancy. Many Doctors recommend Omega-3 supplementation for individuals with autism.
QHi:)...hope you can help. I see you test your product for heavy metals which is great. I am curious if it does still contain arsenic and what the level may be if it does? Also does it contain any other heavy metals?
Nick M
A Hi, no Opti3 doesn't contain any arsenic. We grow the algae in tanks rather than taking from the ocean, so we have complete control over purity. We test routinely as part of our strict Quality Control, but heavy metals aren't risk items for Opti3.
QDoes your Opti3 have a fishy smell?
Dolf D
A It has a 'marine' odour, which is inherent to the polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). It is very different to fish though.
QHello there, I have heard these supplements contain aldehydes in high amounts. Has your product been tested for this and where can I see the report for myself? Many thanks
Brad S
A Hi, Fish Oil Omega-3 supplements can contain aldehydes due to the way they are made, and difficulties in controlling purity. Opti3 is Algal Omega-3, and aldehydes are not present in our product. We have complete control over quality and purity to ensure no contaminants or possibility of breakdown compounds like aldehydes.
QI have seen that food grade carrageenan can contain between 5-25% degraded carrageenan or poligeenan. Do you test for this in the carrageenan you use in your capsules?
Nick D
A Hi, we use high quality and purity Carrageenan that doesn't contain any poligeenan. It would be surprising to find a food grade material that has such impurity levels but meets regulatory requirements.
QHi, can you take multivitamins and Bone Care supplements are the same time? Thank you, Kasia
Kasia F
A Hi, we don't recommend taking VegVit and JointVie on the same day, as it will result in undesirably doubling up on certain nutrients. Some customers use them sequentially (i.e. VegVit on a Monday, JointVie on a Tuesday, repeat).
QDoes the Opti3 contain any Iodine?
Fred D
A Hi, no Opti3 doesn't contain any Iodine.
QI Opti3 certified Sportsafe, i.e., won't result in a positive test by competitive athletes for World Anti-Doping Association prohibited performance-enhancing drugs?
Steve S
A Hi, it complies with WADA requirements and won't show a positive result, however we aren't certified by Sportsafe etc. It's not a process we know, but we'll look into it.
QHi, please tell me which country the algae is grown and processed in, and where your office is based ? Thankyou.
James M
A Hi, we're in UK and everything is produced here. Part of the algae-related work is done in USA but the majority happens here in UK.
QWhat's de totox value of your product?
Gitta V
A Hi, our Totox is a maximum of 7. The specification for Algal Oil, like most edible oils, is <20.
QWhat are the volumes of Vitamin D3 and Vitamin A, please?
Michelle D
A There is 5mcg (200iu) Vitamin D3 per daily dose of 2 capsules. No Vitamin A.
QHow are you better from your competitors?
Euphoria P
A Our high dose EPA & DHA plus added Vitamin D3 sets us apart from competitors. Our 100% biodegradable sugar cane compound bottles also set us apart.
QHi what would be the correct dosage for a 1 year old?
Katie D
A Up to the age of 2 years old we recommend 1 x capsule worth of Opti3. From 2 years upwards we recommend 2 x capsules worth of oil. We also now have the Opti3 liquid available that is great for kids.
QI m vegan gor 5 yesrs with no vitims nothin what do you sugest ,as an sllroud to take vb12 ect thnks
Phil B
A Hi, it is worth consulting your Doctor to find out if you have specific deficiencies. B12 is a very common deficiency (in everyone, not only Vegans) as are D3 and Omega-3. Our VegVit supplement is a good 'catch all' multivitamin and mineral formula. The ultimate daily combination would be Opti3 & VegVit, which would cover everything.
QWhat would be the correct dosage for a 2 year old child?
Natalie G
A Hi, up to the age of 2 years old we recommend 1 x capsule worth of Opti3. From 2 years upwards we recommend 2 x capsules worth of oil.
QCan you take Opti3 and also Bone Care/Joint Vie together? Does this result in too much Vitamin D3?
Katrina S
A Hi, that will be fine and is a very good combination. The combined level of Vitamin D3 is well within safe limits, and is at below the level recommended by a lot of Doctors.
QHi, higher dosage means larger capsules which I have a problem with... how can I trr eft ll how large these actually are? Thanks
Sally G
A Hi, there are photographs on the Opti3 product page showing the size. Opti3 is also available in a liquid form.
QI would like to know how much to give to my toddler who is nearly 3years old and has chalazions on his eye? Is it also safe for babies and could you recommend the dosage? Many thanks
Jaymini P
A Hi, up to the age of 2 years old we recommend 1 x capsule worth of Opti3. From 2 years upwards we recommend 2 x capsules worth of oil. We also offer Opti3 as a liquid. The equivalent dose would by 2.5ml or half a teaspoon (for up to 2 years) and 5ml or a full teaspoon (for 2 years upwards) respectively.
QThe packaging changed some time ago to a slimmer version. The first time i opened a new bottle it had a fairly strong smell of chemicals and still does every time i open it. I have been using this product for a long time and it didn’t smell like chemicals before. Is this normal?
Rosa N
A Hi, the capsules haven't changed but we've moved to a sugar cane compound for the bottles. It is 100% biodegradable within 10 years. We moved to this instead of plastic.
QDear I've read that you shouldn't double down on one of the multivitamin formulas in one of the FAQ's. State: "One of the multivitamin formulas (so one of VegVit, Joint-Vie, Active Energy Complex or PregnaVie). Don’t double up on any of these". My question is now that I would like to take these three supplements from you're assortment: VegVit, Joint-Vie and Opti3. Is this safe or am I consuming to much of certain minerals and vitamins? I'd also like to take MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane). Do you see here a problem? Do you also plan to maybe add it to one of the products? A little bit about myself (may be helpful). I'm a 24 yo man, non veg so getting some minerals from animal products. Thanks in advance. Best regards Jonas Orbie
Jonas O
A Hi, we don't recommend taking VegVit and JointVie on the same day, as you will be doubling up on some nutrients where it is not beneficial to do so. Our advice is to swap during the week, so e.g. Monday take Opti3 + VegVit, Tuesday take Opti3 + JointVie, repeat. It is fine to combine this with MSM. We aren't currently looking at MSM, but will put it into the lab to see if it fits with any product developments.
QIs it tested for heavy metals! TY
Connie P
A Hi, yes we do test for heavy metals as part of our quality assurance. However, as the algae are grown in tanks (rather than taken from the ocean), we have complete control over purity so we know the level cannot ever be an issue.
QI received my order and noticed that the VitD3 does not contain VitK to aid absorption. Is there a reason for this?
Athina T
A Vitashine supplements are Vitamin D3 alone. That is to allow customers to use the Vitamin D3 without their other diet and supplement regimes as they see fit. We do offer the combination of Vitamin D3, K2 and Calcium within our JointVie supplement if desired.
QHi, is the corn used in your omega 3 capsules GMO/sprayed with glyphosate? Also, are there any pesticides/herbicides used in the production of your algae? Thank you.
Gem B
A Hi, we don't use Corn in Opti3. The modified starch in Opti3 (which is modified only by heat treatment to change its structure) is from potato. We don't use GMO compounds. The algae in Opti3 are grown in special closed tanks at a Pharma-quality facility, so there is no need for pesticides/herbicides.
QDo you ship yo Europe? Thanks
Berta S
A Hi, yes we ship globally.
QWhat’s the difference between taking vegvit and wellwoman vegan vitamins ??? Do I need to take both as I’m already taking wellwoman ones ?
Dawn H
A Hi, please don't double up on multivitamins. I recommend comparing VegVit to the other product and deciding which you believe best fits your needs
QHow many opti3 capsules do you take a day . On the bottle says intake 2 is this correct
Dawn H
A Yes, Opti3 is supplied in monthly packs and the dose is based on 2 capsules per day (60 capsules per bottle).
Qhi You have shipments to Israel?
Sonya c
A Yes we ship our supplements out worldwide.
QCan I take with anticoagulants
Brenda L
A We don't recommend you combine any supplements with anticoagulants without consulting your Doctor for advice.
QHello Your website states under the “latest batch results” 58mg of DPA, but in the “supplement facts” DPA is not mentioned. Could you please give more information to DPA is and confirm if this product contains DPA? Thanks
Dave B
A Hi, yes Opti3 always contains DPA and it is always between 55-60mg per daily dose (per 2 x capsules). We just incorporate this into the 'Total Omega-3' level shown in the Supplement Facts table.
QWhy do you use carrageenan? This is bad stuff
Irene G
A Hi, we use a tiny amount of Carrageenan to help form the capsule. It wrongly gets a bad press because of internet reports that are actually only relevant to poligeenan (a degraded version not used in food) or due to animal data incorrectly correlated to human use (with doses and conditions not relevant). We wouldn't use any ingredient without being completely satisfied with its safety.
QI am taking 2 x Opti 3 and 1 x Vegvit daily. When/how should I take my vitamins to ensure maximum absorption? For example, should I take them with different meals (Opti 3 at breakfast and Vegvit at lunch)?
Maxine W
A Hi, that's a great combination! We are big advocates for taking supplements with breakfast, as they can support you during the day. There's no real need to split across different meals, but equally if you find that works for you, it is fine to do so. Personally, I'd say breakfast time is best.
QDoes the omegas need to be refrigerated or recommended! TY
Connie P
A Hi, Opti3 capsules don't need to be stored in the refrigerator. We have rigorously stability tested to demonstrate they remain potent and stable when stored at ambient conditions (even in warmer climates). It is ok to store in the Fridge if you prefer, which some people do in a bid to maintain the absolute optimum freshness. The only downside is the capsules can become more brittle when cold for long periods, so just be careful if moving them around afterwards as they will be more prone to bursting.
QHello. My omega 3 bottles got accidentally frozen for a couple of days. Can I still use the product, are the fatty acids still ok?
Emmi K
A Hi, freezing will be absolutely fine. You will probably find the capsules look cloudy because the omega-3 fatty acids have solidified, but if you leave them at ambient temperature, they will return to normal. You can take them even if cold and it won't affect their attributes.
QPlease could you let me know the Omega 6 levels of your Omega 3 product. Thanks
Diana R
A Hi, the Omega-6 level is very low - approx. 3.1mg per capsule.
QHello, please can you tell me when the liquid version of this will be available to purchase? As my children will struggle with the capsules.
Kirk W
A Hi, it will be launching in summer 2020. The COVID-19 lockdown has caused a few delays, but right now (end of May 2020, time of writing), we getting ready for launch.