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Answers to Your Burning Questions About Vegetology Supplements

At Vegetology, we're passionate about providing high-quality, plant-based supplements to support your health and well-being. We'll dive into some common questions about our popular multivitamins and other products, addressing everything from vitamin D to strengthening hair and nails. So grab a cup of tea and let's get started!

Should I Take MultiVit Every Day?

One question we often receive is whether it's necessary to take MultiVit, our flagship multivitamin, every day. The answer is a resounding yes! MultiVit is carefully formulated to address nutritional deficiencies and support overall health. While taking it once a week won't cause any harm, the cumulative benefits of daily use are remarkable. You'll notice improvements in energy levels, skin health, and immune function. And don't worry about timing—the benefits start kicking in within days of starting your MultiVit regimen.

Where Do I Start With Taking Different Vegetology Multivitamins?

Apart from MultiVit, we offer specialized multivitamins like Active Energy and Bone Care. Wondering how to take more than one? Start with MultiVit, our comprehensive multivitamin packed with essential nutrients. If you're still experiencing specific issues, such as fatigue or joint discomfort, you can consider adding Active Energy or Bone Care to your regimen. Just remember not to take them simultaneously. Alternate the days to avoid excessive intake of certain nutrients. We’ve put together a helpful guide to taking Vegetology supplements that you can read here.

What supplements are safe to take together?

Can Vegetology Supplements Enhance Hair and Nail Strength? 

If you're looking to strengthen your hair and nails, our multivitamins can be highly beneficial. MultiVit, in particular, contains vital nutrients like vitamin C, zinc, calcium, biotin, and B vitamins, all known for promoting healthy hair, skin, and nails. Additionally, there is our hair, skin and nails hero Vollagen®—a plant-based collagen alternative designed to support collagen synthesis and boost hair, skin, and nail health. The results of supplementing with Vollagen® speak for themselves!

Vegetology supplements to help with hair, skin & nails

How Can I Support My Kids’ Health with Vegetology Supplements?

We haven't forgotten about the little ones! While our current tablets may not be suitable for young children due to their size, we offer kid-friendly options. Omega-3 liquid and Vit D3 spray are excellent choices for providing essential nutrients like omega-3s and vitamin D. We also offer a sublingual Vit B12 that dissolves under the tongue which is perfect for young and old alike.

Vegetology supplements suitable for children

We hope this has shed light on some of your burning questions about Vegetology supplements. Remember, our team is always available to address any further inquiries you may have. Whether you're considering MultiVit for daily nourishment, exploring specialised formulas, or seeking supplements for your little ones, Vegetology is here to support your journey towards optimal health. Cheers to a vibrant, plant-powered life!

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