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Made for vegan and vegetarian diets, Vegetology supplements feed your body the exact nutrients it needs in order to thrive.

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The research-based study of creating vegan and vegetarian nutrients that can be consumed by the body in great levels.

3 Things You Need to Know About Vegetology Vegetology stand for three, simple things in all they do:

At the heart of Vegetology, there’s a bunch of scientists that strive for excellence in all they do. They want the best source of nutrients that will have the best health results for the body and mind. First and foremost, Vegetology are a research and development company birthing new health solutions out of the research they do.


Vegetology is good for the planet. As a company, they select vegan and vegetarian friendly ingredients, so as not to harm the environment. They package products using eco-starch which is 100% biodegradable.


Scientists are no-nonsense people (the very best kind of people!) They are not fluffy marketers looking to cash in on the next trend. The guys at Vegetology thrive when they launch a new product that actually helps a human somebody overcome a health problem. In truth: they care about changing lives, helping people and cutting the nonsense from the health and beauty industries.

The Vegetology Journey

What would it be like for you and your body to truly thrive?

What would it feel like to have life in your bones and nutrients in your tummy? (Instead of feeling fatigued, tired or run down with common health problems.)

What if you could easily hit your targets for essential fats, vitamins and minerals, whilst on a vegan diet?

Truth be told: even if you had the healthiest, vegan diet in the world... you would still be lacking in vitamins and minerals.
Fact is - the food we eat on a day-to-day basis doesn’t always offer the correct measure of vitamins and minerals needed to feel full of life.
Your body doesn’t always absorb the correct levels of nutrients it craves to ward of illness and maintain good health. It can’t always get the nutrients it needs from food. And it’s this little-known truth that inspired science bods Chris Smith and Mark Broughton to create Vegetology...

2010 2 Scientists, 1 Mission

The Vegetology journey began in the UK, in 2010 with one, clear mission: to create unique, plant-based formulas containing high levels of nutrients that the body can actually consume.

But it wasn’t as simple as boxing a few herbs and remedies, with a nice marketing message. Founders Chris and Mark strived for quality when making health supplements.

The thing is: Chris and Mark are scientists. They formulate health and beauty products. They research which formulas are safe and unsafe, they know which technologies are economical and good for the planet.

Chris, Mark and the whole team at Vegetology desperately wanted to ensure every human body had all the nutrients and vitamins needed for good health. They wanted to help people - like you - overcome their most pressing daily health battles.

This was never about creating an easy, money-making business, capitalizing on vegan trends. Vegetology first and foremost stands out as a research and development company that cares about the environment, people and exceptional products.

(In simple terms: Vegetology are a bunch of passionate science geeks that seek to give our bodies the best levels of nutrients, fats and vitamins possible.)

Ready, Set Launch: Opti3 Omega - the World’s First Plant-Based Omega-3

In 2010 - scientists Chris, Mark, and the Vegetology team, set out to create the world’s first plant-based omega-3 supplement. This would strengthen joints, benefit the brain and maintain a healthy heart.

There are 3 types of omega-3 that your body can consume:


Although commonly used in omega-3 supplements, ALA is not equivalent to DHA or EPA in its biological effects and needs to be converted to EPA before your body can use it.

On top of this, most omega-3 formulas are created from fish oil - not only is this a problem for the environment, it also means that many omega-3 health supplements are not accessible for those following a vegan or vegetarian diet.

Chris, Mark and the team at Vegetology researched plant-based omega-3 sources and discovered that the reason fish oil contains a high level of omega-3 is because they eat algae. Vegetology then set out to grow algae in a fully-controlled pharmaceutical facility, so as not to damage the marine environment. This ensures not only environmental-protection but also total control of purity. They formulated a unique combination of algae and plant-based ingredients to provide the body with proven levels of EPA and DHA.

Result = Opti3 Omega was born! The world’s first plant-based omega-3 supplement, approved by the Vegan Society and Vegetarian Society.

The amazing truth: a bottle of opti 3 saves at least 35 fish compared to an equivalent bottle of fish oil omega-3.

And it worked! Children, adults and pregnant women can all take this supplement and feel the benefits. Reports of happy human bodies

Opti3 Omega-3 EPA & DHA

22 customer reviews

Love it! I have been using the Omega opt3 vitamins for a year now and I am a very happy and satisifed customer. The quality of the vitamins are great - all natural ingredients and with no after taste. Theres a great value 3 for 2 package deal which is brilliant! Thank you vegetology - so glad your company exists!

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2011 The Next Step: Creating a superior Vitamin D

Yet... founders and scientists, Chris and Mark, never stopped formulating new and extraordinary health solutions, to give bodies the levels of nutrients they rarely get, but truly need.

After hearing that the majority of the UK population suffered Vitamin D deficiencies, they were driven to create a plant-based vitamin D supplement like no other...

One that gives optimum levels of vitamin D for healthy bones, teeth and muscles.

One that really works to make people feel happy and healthy.

They noticed vegans; vegetarians and people living in certain locations are at great risk of vitamin D deficiencies, which have a profound, negative impact on health.

Research was complex..

Quality was sought-after in all stages of creation...

To make Vitashine D3, Vegetology founded an exclusive form of Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) from a special, organic plant source called a Lichen.

Lichens are small unique plant species that can survive in extreme climates and have the ability to grow and accumulate meaningful levels of useful nutrients, including Vitamin D3!

Vegetology concluded that this type of Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) is the best form of Vitamin D for the body.

And the result... 3 Vitashine D3 products with outstanding results for bones, teeth, muscles and health. Children can even enjoy the Vitashine D3 spray and spritz onto food. You can see for yourself:

This product is brilliant. I'm an IBS sufferer, so it helps with the pain. I take it during lunch along with DEVA Nutrition's DHA / EPA supplement, because they're better absorbed when taken together and they're both anti-inflammatory. Don't forget to consume some kind of healthy fat at the same time as well! Even if you don't have any health issues, supplementation is the way to go during the Winter. Also, getting three bottles, but only paying for two... You can't get a better deal than that!

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2013 Challenge #3: Fuelling the Vegan Diet With Multi-Vits

By 2013, Vegetology had fuelled many happy bodies with nutrients via Opti3 Omega and Vitashine D3 formulas.

But that wasn’t enough for the science bods behind Vegetology. They kept doing what they do best: research and development.

Simply put, they knew that many people were not reaching the levels of nutrients they needed in order to thrive. Bodies were feeling lack of energy, and were not functioning correctly.

In particular, wise Vegetology bods saw that people following a vegan diet had few options to take a plant-based vegan health supplement that worked. Vegan diet excludes 2 major food groups that can leave you lacking nutrients that are essential to healthy bodily function.

While it shouldn’t be complicated to get supplements for a veggie or a vegan... it often is.

The simple fact is, vitamins and minerals need to be in the correct forms and combinations to be effectively absorbed by the body. Food doesn’t usually give our bodies the levels we need in order to feel well.

In developing VegVit, Vegetology worked with the world leaders in mineral nutrition research.

After a lot of research: VegVit was born. Exceptional vegan and vegetarian multivitamins.

The VegVit formula has been very carefully 'engineered', balanced and optimised using ‘Amino Acid' mineral chelates. This gives the body iron, and offers superior absorption and bioactivity.

In simple language: your body actually gets the goodness promised on the packaging.

Chris, Mark, and the whole Vegetology team, never compromised on quality when it came to selecting ingredients for their health supplements.

And, yes, the result was: people were able to thrive and feel energetic on a vegan diet. Even children aged 11 + can take and enjoy this supplement, as well as pregnant women.

VegVit Multivitamin & Mineral Formula

10 customer reviews

Love this brand. I did some research and I have tried a few other brands too. Vegetology in my opinion is the best. They are one of the only brands to use a vegan D3 source, registered by Vegan Society, use pure ingredients; designed and researched by vegans who are professionals in their field; offer fantastic discounts and their multiple vitamin has all the essential ingredients I have researched. Would highly recommend them. I use both the VegVit and Omega Optimal.

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2015 Saving Sharks with Joint Vie

Protecting our joints is important. Cartilage, muscle and bone health are vital to our wellbeing, especially if we want to overcome arthritis, which often develops with age.

A combination of Glucosamine and Chondrotin has long been used in Joint formulas.

Because Chondroitin is sourced from animals (inc. sharks) a Glucosamine Chondroitin vegetarian source does not exist and it is therefore not actually possible to have a vegetarian Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplement.

This didn’t stop Vegetology from launching a vegan-friendly Joint formula in 2015.

Never compromising on quality, Vegetology’s Joint-vie combines Glucosamine with PhytodroitinTM, a 100% plant-source technology, together with key vitamins C, D3 and K2 plus calcium and magnesium.

Vegetology knew that without getting the vital relationship spot-on between calcium, vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 correct, calcium supplements could actually do more harm than good!

This is because calcium leaves deposits in your arteries (known as calcification), contributing to heart disease. Yet, vitamin K2 prevents this calcification. Furthermore, vitamin D3 is vital for absorption in the blood.

Though complex, it’s safe to say the perfect balance of vitamins and minerals was another great success for Vegetology. Joint Vie is safe for pregnant women and children - though the tablet size would be better for children aged 11 +. Reports of less pain in joints swept across nations:

Joint-Vie™ Advanced Bone & Joint Formula

1 customer reviews
2017 New Packaging Respects Nature and Environment

Vegetology always create exceptional plant-based products that are kind to the environment. Sustainability is central to everything these science bods do.

Vegetology’s preference is to not touch the environment, simply use nature as the origin. This extends to their packaging. Vegetology is packaged in eco-starch which is 100% biodegradable and good for the planet.

2018 Never Going to Stop Research and New Developments

In short, Vegetology are simply a bunch of scientists wearing lab coats Monday to Friday, (supporting football teams with family at weekends!)

These no-nonsense scientists want the best levels of nutrients for your health and your body. They also want the best for the environment.

As a research and development company, you can expect to see more and more unique vegan-friendly formulas emerging from Vegetology labs. Such as our latest products, PregnaVie, Vegetarian and Vegan Vitamin B12 and Active Energy Complex. Coming Soon!

Vegetology Values
Provide good health.

We will create health supplements that are suitable for vegans, vegetarians, kids and pregnant mums. No-one should be exempt from good health.

Challenge the norm.

We will continuously research the best, new developments of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. We will never satisfy with what’s already out there, but let our eyes search for better alternatives in all ways.

Create exceptional products.

We will continuously research the best, new developments of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. We will never satisfy with what’s already out there, but let our eyes search for better alternatives in all ways.

Be kind to the environment.

We will consider the environment in all we do - from packaging to product. Sustainability is key.



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