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It’s in our nature

We believe that the natural world contains everything we need for our everyday health but, after decades of research, it’s clear our bodies need a helping hand to make the most of the resources around us.

Using the highest quality and purest ingredients, our team of experienced scientists are pioneering plant-based production methods and creating unique nutritional formulations, to support the human body with the key nutrients it needs to survive. It means we can deliver our supplements in the most eco-friendly, ethical, and sustainable way possible because what this planet gives to us, we're dedicated to giving back.

Rooted in 25 years of nutrition and supplement experience

"Our bodies crave more than the fuel we put into them. The unique combination of vitamins and minerals that help us function at an optimum level are rarely found in food alone and, even then, aren't always absorbed in the quantities we need. So, we set out to find a sustainable solution."

- Chris Smith and Mark Broughton, supplement scientists and founders of Vegetology

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Our Values

Our core values define who we are as a company.

Enhance health for everyone

No-one should be exempt from good health. From kids and pregnant mums to vegans and vegetarians, we want to provide nutritional solutions for everyone, regardless of their location, religion or lifestyle choice.

Challenge the norm

We're continuously researching the best, new developments of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to provide better alternatives, both for our customers and for the environment.

Create exceptional products

Utilising our own experience and advice from a global network of nutrition experts, our products go through a rigorous development and testing process to deliver our customers supplements of the highest standard. This includes ensuring they don’t taste too sharp or have any risk of interacting badly with one another, as many nutrients do. We never compromise, which means if a product doesn't achieve everything we want it to, we'll go back to the drawing board.

Be kind to the environment

We're committed to considering the environment and our carbon footprint in all we produce, from product to packaging. Drawing on the goodness of nature, sustainability is the only way to succeed.

Play our part

We know we can’t change the world on our own, but we believe that if we can improve the nutritional status of a large number of people, especially those at most risk, without damaging the planet, we've done a job worth doing.


Vegetology is built on discovery, a team of scientists leading the way and striving for excellence every day, never compromising on the quality, efficacy or purity of our products. Combining the purest nutrient sources with pioneering production methods, we're dedicated to the delivering optimum health benefits whilst we build the next step for the nutrition and supplements industry.


Conscious at our core, Vegetology's environmental impact is a key consideration in every decision. We've focused our research on creating sustainable, natural and effective alternatives to typically unsustainable or animal-derived products, and we won't use ingredients unless we are satisfied they can be produced without a negative impact on the planet. That's how the entire Vegetology range is Vegan Society- and Vegetarian Society-approved! We also source all our packaging from the UK, ensuring its either 100% biodegradable, fully recyclable, or both.


We say it how it is because, as scientists, that's the only way we know how. Our passion for changing lives through nutrition drives us in our commitment to removing the rubbish from the health and beauty industry and giving our customers the facts they need to make informed decisions about their own wellbeing.