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I am a 53 years old female and already take your omega 3 and multi vitamins. I have been diagnosed with arthritis and would like to know if I can also take vollagen and bone care to help my joints etc. Thank you Hi, we get very good feedback about our Bone Care supplement and hope you will consider trying it. It is fine to take Vollagen too, and that is a very good combination. However, our recommendation is to firstly try Bone Care for 30 days and see how things progress.
Please can you tell me whether Vollagen contains actual vegan collagen (fermented from Pichia Pastoris) or is it a collagen-booster type product which provides amino acid supplementation to boost natural production of collagen? Hi, Vollagen is Amino Acids in the same proportions as those that make-up Collagen. When Collagen (marine or bovine) is consumed, it is in hydrolysed form. Hydrolysis results in freeing the Amino Acids. Vollagen achieves the same thing but from non-animal sources and without the need of hydrolysis. Native Collagen cannot be absorbed.
Hi When i take hydrolized beef collagene the dose is 10g. How is it possible to get a result similar with only 500mg Vogallen? Thank you Hi, the recommend dosage of Vollagen is 1000mg per day. If you visit, you can access details of the efficacy study performed. It is fine and beneficial to take higher doses, but it was deliberately tested at a low dose too in order to really put it through its paces!
what is the source for the plant amino acids? I didn't see the info. Hi, the Amino Acids are produced using a fermentation process. The plant origin source is non-GMO Corn.
Is this safe to take when pregnant? Hi, yes Vollagen is safe to take when pregnant. Please do consider the formula in relation to any other supplements you are taking though.
How good is it to hair and nails? Thank you! Hi, the feedback so very has been very positive for nail strength and condition. We haven't had too many comments so far about hair.
Is your vollagen supplements are suitable for a low histamine diet? Hi, yes Vollagen should be fine for a low histamine diet.
I have been taking Vollagen for a short while and my oxygen levels increase when I take it; could it be linked to taking Vollagen? Hi, it could be linked. Amino Acids do have a direct positive impact on energy and oxygenation.
Hi Is your Vollagen (vegan collagen) formula in peptide form (or hydrolyzed)? Thanks. Hi, it is in free Amino Acid form. This is the same outcome that hydrolysis of Collagen results in.
What scientific and practical evidence is available that vollegen does what it says and is claimed to do ? Is it as good as or better than marine collagen? Hi, details the efficacy testing performed with the results, and details the science behind Vollagen. The Amino Acid composition is identical to hydrolysed marine collagen, it is just achieved without hydrolysis or animal source ingredients.
I did not think it was possible that all the amino acids in Vollagen could be developed by fermentation of corn alone. Can you confirm this then? Have I understood correctly? Thank you Hi, yes the Amino Acids can all be produced using fermentation (some through further synthesis).
Which vegetables are the amino acids in your Vollagen are derived? Hi, the Amino Acids are produced using fermentation with non-GMO Corn as the substrate.
Hi, does vollagen contains iron Hi, no it doesn't contain iron. The full ingredient list is available on the Vollagen product page.
I would please need to know, if possible, how many mg of each amino acid are in each capsule; for exemple: Glycine (105 mg), L-proline (65 mg), L-hydroxyproline (60 mg), L-alanine (47.5 mg), L-glutamic acid (47.5 mg), L-arginine (37.5 mg) etc etc. Thanks again :-) Hi, a daily dose of Vollagen (2 x capsules, 1000mg) contains these minimum levels: L-Alanine (95mg), L-Arginine (75mg), L-Aspartic Acid (55mg), L-Glutamic Acid (95mg), Glycine (215mg), L-Histidine (10mg), L-Isoleucine (20mg), L-Leucine (30mg), L-Lysine HCL (55mg), L-Methionine (7.5mg), L-Proline (250mg), L-Serine (35mg), L-Threonine (20mg), L-Tyrosine (7.5mg), L-Valine (25mg), L-Phenylalanine (25mg).
Hi there, Vollagen has hydroxyproline as part of their amino acid complex but it’s not listed in your Vollagen supplement ingredients. Why is that so? Hi, the European version of Vollagen (for regulatory compliance) doesn't contain the Hydroxylated Amino Acids. Instead it contains elevated levels of Proline and Lysine. The body produces its own Hydroxyproline and Hydroxylysine using Proline and Lysine respectively.
Does Vollagen contain any soy? Hi, no we don't use Soy or Soy derivatives in Vollagen.
Could you tell me what the amino acids are derived from? Is it fermented corn or a mixture of vegetables? Hi, non-GMO Corn is the primary substrate used. Other vegetal sources can be used, and we're always trying different options to obtain the best yields.
Is this product produced chemically or organically produced from plants? Hi, the Amino Acids are produced using fermentation
Can the pill be opend or cut in pieces? I can’t swallow a pill in one piece Hi, Vollagen is supplied in capsule format. The capsules are 2-piece, so could be opened up but the contents aren't flavoured to mask the natural taste.
What is the molecular weight (in DA dalton unit of measurement)? Hi, Vollagen comprises the free Amino Acids rather than a protein in its native (high molecular weight) form
My concern is of chemicals / sprays / toxins etc everything that is non organic. For fermentation, I assume via vegetables, are you using organic products? Hi, we don't use pesticides or harmful solvents in the preparation of our ingredients or products (including the fermentation processes we use). 'Organic' can be misleading. We focus on sustainability, quality and purity at all times.
Ive read Collagen is good for leaky gut would this vegan version help with the same thing? Thanks Hi, some reports suggest Collagen can be beneficial by helping to strengthen and rebuild the intestinal lining. We expect Vollagen to behave in the same way as Collagen in this respect.
Is the product safe to take with tamoxifen oestrogen suppressor? Hi, we do not expect any problems or interactions in using Vollagen while taking Tamoxifen. When taking medication, please do consult your Doctor before taking any supplements though, as they can advise if there are any specific nutrients they would like you to avoid.
Is this product cruelty free. Not tested on animals?? Hi, yes absolutely. We are completely against any form of cruelty or testing on animals.
I take BCAA, creatine and L-Glutamine currently-could this be taken in addition to the above or instead of? Thanks Hi, it would be fine to take Vollagen together with BCAAs, creatine and L-Glutamine. These compounds behave differently, so Vollagen can't really be used instead.
Is Vollagen compatible with breastfeeding? Hi, yes Vollagen is fine to take while Breastfeeding
Hello, I recently ordered and received your new product, Vollagen. The directions are: Take 2 Capsules per day with food and a glass of water.       * Can the 2 capsules be taken at the same time? This is how I have started taking them. -OR- Spread out at different times of day?       * Do you need to drink a whole glass of water (if so what size) -OR- Drink enough water to swallow them? I look forward hearing from you. I am excited to start seeing results of your Vegetology supplelment. Best, Dina Hi, it is fine to taken the Capsules together or spread them out. The water is to make sure the Capsules are swallowed effectively, so just enough that you're happy with is fine.
Is this product genetically modified? Hi, no. All of our products are non-GMO.
I’m thinking of taking Vollagen alongside Multivit and Omega-3. Will this be a good combination? Hi, this sounds like a fantastic combination.
I regularly consume powdered protein supplements (both whey and vegan) and wonder if vollagen would be a useful addition or redundant. Hi, Vollagen is different to protein supplements in terms of composition, as it is designed to mimic Collagen. If you are seeking Collagen-like benefits for skin or joints, we believe Vollagen can offer a very useful addition.
Hello, Re. the amino acids in Vollagen, are they synthetic or natural plant derived? Hi, the Amino Acids in Vollagen are naturally derived, produced using fermentation.
Hi! Just curious, as I struggle a lot with taking capsules whole. Would one be able to break them and take the powder with food/ water? What's the most advisable way to take these capsules? Regards, Zakkiyah Hi, the capsules are not too big, so we expect you will find them ok to take. It is fine from an efficacy perspective to open the capsule and take the powder directly, however the taste is quite 'sharp'.
Hi , can I take Multi Vitamins + Omega 3 + Vitamin c + vitamin D together with Vollagen. I only take one tablet of each everyday. Hi, yes that combination is fine to take. You might find the Vitamin D3 coming from MultiVit + Omega-3 is enough to not require additional VitD3 every day (perhaps just 1-2 times per week if you are deficient and seeking a top up).
I’m interested in the Vollagen product and am glad to see it doesn’t have lots of unnecessary ingredients like some of the powders sold elsewhere. I tried to find the research quoted on your site but it only links to a summary, not a published paper. Please could you show me the research itself? Also, how does it compare to rival products in terms of absorption? Thanks. Hi, there isn't a published paper at this time but we understand something is planned soon. The testing was performed by an independent accredited testing organisation. Absorption-wise, Vollagen provides the Amino Acids in the free forms, so it can be readily absorbed by the body.
Is it safe to take with prescribed supplements? Bisoprolol beta blocker, Edoxaban anti-coagulant, Levothyroxine, Omeprazole proton pump inhibitor. Hi, we do not expect any interactions. However, when on prescribed medication please always consult your Doctor before taking any supplements. Your Doctor can consider your individual status and medical history to advise accordingly.
Hello. I'm pregnant. Can I take vollagen? Thanks Hi, yes Vollagen is suitable to take during pregnancy and breast feeding.
Hi, I’ve read on some articles that collagen supplementation is only impactful at 10,000mg. Will these Vollagen capsules have enough inside them to be effective? Hi, an efficacy study was conducted at just 1000mg (available on It is fine to take Vollagen at higher doses, but we're delighted with the results seen at this lower dose.
Can you take Vollagen when breastfeeding? Hi, yes it is suitable and the Amino Acids are very beneficial to you and Baby.
Hi, I'm allergic to Nickel and would like to know your supplements are Nickel free. In particular Vollagen and Bone Care. But would be happy to know about all the rest. Many thanks! Hi, we use very high purity ingredients and do test for trace elements including Nickel. Trace levels are very low (if at all) but we advise consulting your Doctor before taking any supplements, as they can impact general nickel absorption. We hope your Doctor will advocate our formulas, but it best for them to check as they can consider your individual medical history.
Hi, are the ratios of the amino acids in this formulation the same as animal collagen? Hi, yes that's correct. Vollagen mimics the amino acid structure of animal collagen. There is more information about this on
Hi. Multi vit + omega 3 + Vollagen? Is that too much? I'm vegan, 27. Hi, MultiVit + Omega-3 is an ideal daily regime. If you're seeking to add a Collagen alternative, Vollagen is the perfect addition. Vollagen can be combined with any of our other supplements.
Hi, can I take Vollagen with bone care? Hi, yes Vollagen 1000mg can be taken alongside Bone Care. It is a really good combination! If it wouldn't make the tablets/capsules too big, we would've loved to put them together somehow!
Hi At the moment I take multi vit and bone care alternative days with vit c and biotin . Biotin corse will finish shortly . I would like to start taking B12 and D3 (2500) D3 I will just take the 60 days . When Vollagen arrives I will definitely take this to replace the biotin . Should I alternate any of the supplements besides multi vit and bone care ? I’m vegan 60 this year and active . Natalie Davis Hi, it sounds like you have a very good regime. Vollagen is fine to fit in, and won't interfere with the other products. Our recommendation is to consider MultiVit + Vollagen (alternating MultiVit for Bone Care every other day if desired). You can top this up with B12 and/or D3 as required.
Does Vollagen provide benefits for joints and tendons/ligaments? Hi, Vollagen provides the same efficacy as Collagen due to the composition. There are many research links into benefits for joints and muscles. We also recommend our Bone Care formula.
Hello, Is the flavored liquid (algae) omega 3 just as strong/effective as the non flavored? Hi, yes our Omega-3 formulas are all the same strength and equally as effective when stored and used correctly.
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