Vegan Vitamin D3 Spray 1000iu Reviews

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    6 Jan 2024
    Great for new born. I spray 2 times and it's the less annoying way to give supplements. Would buy it again.

    Linda D

    28 Dec 2023
    Excellent product, easy to use, spray works well. Hardly any taste. Easy shipping to Australia. Will be back for more.

    Linda D

    28 Dec 2023
    Excellent product, easy to use, spray works well, hardly any taste which is great. Easy shipping to Australian address from UK.

    Dorothy Jenkinson

    20 Oct 2023
    Very easy to take and essential in the autumn and winter

    Paola Q

    19 Oct 2023
    Very useful for adults and children, specially in a vegan diet. I usually purchase the 3 pack.


    6 Oct 2023
    Fantastic vegan D3 spray!


    29 Jul 2023
    Love it! I'm especially happy I have a vegan option available for liquid D3, since I am a Hashinoto sufferer and seem to have issues absorbing D3 from pills. What would make it even better is having a stronger one in this form as well, very easy to consume with food!

    Sonia Jackson

    22 Nov 2022
    I've been buying this for years. Top quality.


    6 Jan 2022
    easy use D vit for kids


    14 Nov 2021
    Perfect for children as its easy to take.


    12 Nov 2021
    It is just great that there is a good vegan Vitamin D out there on the market like yours!


    12 Nov 2021
    First I will mention that I am very glad that you have vegan options, there are few companies that provide vegan supplements. The products arrived to me quickly, packed really nicely. Already Otto is putting out another invitation lol.


    12 Nov 2021
    Amazing product!


    8 Nov 2021
    Great product suitable for vegan


    18 Aug 2021


    28 Jun 2021
    Happy with the product


    10 Jun 2021
    I love this product. My 2 years old son loves it too 😋


    14 May 2021
    I can't say anithing because it doesn't give immediate effect on the body

    Reuben Stuger

    7 May 2021
    Great products, easy to use spray bottle!

    Maria Wren

    5 May 2021
    Beneficial for me, thank you


    2 May 2021
    Good quality product.


    2 May 2021
    Good quality


    1 May 2021
    Fantastic product!


    30 Apr 2021
    Good Vegan D3 spray

    Anne Schulz

    30 Apr 2021
    Easy to use and a must-have for everyone

    Lisa Paron

    30 Apr 2021
    So easy to use this.

    Katja Bračko

    30 Apr 2021
    I use it for my son and he likes it, except when we spray it s like there is some small parts inside and he alway cough. Maybe the spray is to strong. I try it to and it makes me cough to.

    A Fox

    30 Apr 2021
    Excellent product. Will definitely repurchase.


    28 Apr 2021
    I thought I’d try this company’s Vit D3, but found that my mouth/throat/back of tongue feels nasty after using the spray. I don’t know how to describe the feeling, kinda like I wanted to cough it away but couldn’t. I stopped using it and bought the same brand as I had previously used. I don’t know what it is about this product that caused the effect, but for me it was poor value as I had to stop using it after a short time.

    Ivan Berdasov

    25 Apr 2021
    Great value