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I cannot find Health Canada NPN - Natural Product Numbers for your products. Where do I find them? Hi, we are based in UK and ship direct to customers in Canada. Our products aren't currently stocked in Canadian retailers, but you can find other local Canadian brands that use our Vitashine Vitamin D3 ingredient wit their products.
Hi Does this product contain sorbitol? A local distributor (fabulous! vegan shop) put an additional label on the bottle that lists sorbitol as the first ingredient, but this contradicts your label, that does not list this ingredient. I need to know since I have a dietary intolerance. Hi, no the formula doesn't contain Sorbitol.
why VITD3 (2500iu) contains sucrose? I saw that the VITD3 (1000iu) doesnt have it! Second one, why vegan B12 (100mcg sublingual) contains dextrose? I saw that vegan B12 (1000mcg) doesnt have it! Thank you in advance for your time. Hope you had a great weekend! We stay in contact, Hi, neither of the Vitamin D3 tablets (1000iu or 2500iu) contain Sucrose. The Vitamin B12 100mcg Sublingual formula is very different to the Vitamin B12 1000mcg Sustained Release formula. The role of the Dextrose is to ensure the Sublingual tablet dissolves under the tongue. The Sustained Release tablet is hard and designed to breakdown slowly in the stomach.
I was curious to know if the vitamin D3 in your supplement is sourced from China. Are there any ingredients in your products that are sourced from China? Hi, no we source everything from Europe (mainly UK local suppliers where possible).
Hi, my doctor advised me to take 5000IU of vitamin D a day for 4 months. Is it safe to take 2x doses of Vit D3 2500iu a day as my medication? Hi, yes it is fine to take 2 x 2500iu tablets per day to achieve the dose advised by your Doctor. 4 months at that dose feels like a long time so it is worth considering a Vitamin D test after 2 months, as we are confident your VitD status is likely to have normalised by then. From that point you can typically reduce to a maintenance level of 200-1000iu per day.
Hi, I would like to know about the corn starch. Is it from organic corn? Hi, we use certified non-GMO Corn Starch. It isn't certified Organic, but then again Organic is often very hypocritical as a standard to be honest. We focus on sustainability and purity credentials.
What starch is in the Vit D tablets? thank you. Hi, the Vitamin D3 is spray-dried using Corn Starch. This allows us to form tablets with it.
Vitamin D: MultiVit has a lower level that VitD3. So, does it mean that a daily MultiVit does not have enough vitamin D? MultiVit contains 5mcg (200iu), which is the European Nutrient Reference Value (NRV) for Vitamin D3 intake, so is considered a maintenance level. We offer higher strength standalone VitD3 formulas too for those seeking higher doses.
how does your 100 Intl. Units compare to 1000 MCG, which we’ve had on other vitamins in the past? I can’t find any conversion on the Web so thought you might be able to help? Inquiring minds, eh? Hi, the conversion for Vitamin D3 is: 1mcg = 40iu. If you look on the product pages and labels, we state the doses in both iu and mcg.
Hello, could you advise re strength please. You have a medium and high and I not sure which to purchase. I live in the north of Scotland and this year feel I'm experiencing some health issues in relation to the limited day light so think a vitamin D would help. Can you advise as to strength please. Thank you Hi, as an ongoing maintenance dose we recommend 1000iu per day. Those at high risk of deficiency are often advised by Doctors to take higher doses for a short period of time, but if you haven't been given this specific advice then our recommendation is to start with the 1000iu dose.
Hi. Is the D3 vegan in your vegan omega 3 capsules? What is it derived from? Thanks. Hi, yes we use Vitamin D3 from lichen.
Hello, I have a bottle spray that's been stored in the fridge but is past its use by date. Would this still have any potency or would it be unsafe to take? May thanks Hi, if the Spray has been stored in the Fridge since being opened, it will retain freshness and vitamin integrity. The spray is water-free, so microbiological spoilage is not a concern. We advise consuming the contents within a maximum of 2 months beyond the use by date in this instance.
Can I take your vegetology omega 3 epa n DHA, bone care AND your multivitamins altogether at the same time? Hi, we would recommend taking Omega-3 plus Bone Care on the first day, Omega-3 plus Multivit on the second day, then repeat sequentially. This is to avoid undesirably doubling-up on certain nutrients, particularly Vitamin K2, if seeking to take all 3 together.
Hi, One of our customers requested Vitashine D3 in their product (powder) but all I can find is the liquid or the tablets. Do you sell it in powder form? If so, what is the pricing and minimum order quantity? Thanks, Chad Hi, for Vitashine D3 Ingredient Format enquiries, please email [email protected]
In which product this country is made Hi, we make all of our products in UK
I’ve read that you must combine vitamin K2 with D3 to avoid calcium build-up in the arteries. Is there any truth in this? Hi, D3 works together with Calcium and K2 for absorption. There is normally sufficient Ca and K2 in the diet to support this absorption. However, it is a combination we very much support, and use it in our MultiVit and Bone Care formulas.
May I confirm whether Vitashine powder is an isolate or extract? Vitashine is Vitamin D3 extracted from lichen
I have significant seasonal allergies with many tree allergies in the end of the scale. Could Vitashine be an issue for me since it is sourced from lichen? Thank you. Hi, it should not be an issue. We do advise you consult your Doctor before taking any supplements though, as they can provide advice based on your individual medical history.
Hello, I have used and seen products containing D3 from Vitashine, and it is certainly the go-to brand when it comes to vegan D3. Do you have any knowledge on whether it is possible at all to derive D3 from algae, not lichen? Thanks, Rose Hi, yes there is an algal Vitamin D3 available in the market. It is produced differently to Vitashine.
How do the tablets compare to other vitamin D capsules (HPMC capsules), and since D3 is fat soluble how is it contained within the tablet? Hi, we have spray-dried the Vitamin D3, meaning it is still in its oily form but sprayed onto a powder in order to deliver via a tablet. Upon digestion, it is absorbed in the correct form.We have formed tablets using Maltodextrin in order to make them chewable but without the need for lots of additional sweeteners or flavours. Many of our customers prefer chewable tablets over capsules for Vitamin D. The tablets can be sucked or equally just swallowed straight too, as they are relatively small.
What is the process in which you extract and purify the vitamin D3 and turn it into an ingestible tablet? Is it a similar process to how lanolin is extracted from wool, with washing, and UV exposure? Hi, we create an oily extract and either use this in the Oral Spray (which is an Oil) or spray dry the oil in order to use it in tablet forms. The Lanolin process is different whereby UV treatment to chemically-convert sterols takes place.
Is either the Vitashine tablets or the spray sugar and oil free? I am on a special diet and can not have any added fats or sugar. Hi, the Vitamin D3 Spray contain Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) as the carrier oil. The Vitamin D3 tablets don't have any added fat or sugar as such. The Vitamin D3 itself is however spray-dried and a tiny amount of Sucrose (and residual MCT from the Vitamin D3 initial oil form) are present but the levels are miniscule. The tablets should be absolutely fine for any diet.
Is this D3 microencapsulated? I read that the best bioavailable supplement is manufactured by encapsulating vitamin D3 molecules in liposomes or solid lipid nanoparticles. Hi, yes it is. We start with Vitamin D3 in oil form and then microencapsulate it.
I have read that I need 4000iu of Vitamin D as I am bedridden? I would appreciate your advice please. Hi, we offer 2500iu tablets. One option is to take one and a half tablets, or consider taking e.g. 1 tablet on Monday, 2 tablets on Tuesday, repeat. 4000iu is a high level so our advice is to seek a blood test after 8 weeks or so of supplementation, as hopefully you Vitamin D status will be starting to recover.
Where are your ingredients sourced for the Vitamin D 2500iu. Thank you Hi, the Vitamin D3 itself is from lichen. It is spray-dried so we can put it into a tablet and the process uses Starch (Corn), a little Sucrose (sugarcane) and Silicon (mineral / effectively very fine sand). We form the tablet using Maltodextrin (maize) with Stearic and Stearate (Canola) and a little Vitamin C&E (sunflower) as antioxidants.
I see you sell vitamin D3 derived from lichens. Could I just eat mushrooms, and would that achieve the same type of vitamin D3, compared to your supplement? Hi, mushrooms don't contain Vitamin D3 so unfortunately not.
I’ve been reading that Vitamin K2 should be taken along with D3, can you advise please? Hi, it is fine to take Vitamin D3 alone, and it will absorb to provide the various health benefits. Combining Vitamin D3 with Vitamin K2 is useful for optimum, and we use this in our MultiVit and Bone Care formulas.
I'm allergic to algae and shellfish, and i need to know if the plant source for the d3 is made from algae. Hi, we obtain Vitamin D3 from lichen. Lichens are a symbiosis of a fungus and an alga, but we haven't come across anyone to date experiencing algae-related allergic responses. We only extract the oil from the lichen, so no proteins (usually the source of allergies from such compounds) carry through into Vitashine.
I thought recommended dosage is 800IU,but the tablet you have is 2500IU,would i be overdosed? Hi, in Europe the recommended dosage (NRV) is 200iu. In USA it is 400iu. However, many Nutritionists and Doctors recommend much higher daily levels so we offer a range of doses. The upper safe limit for daily Vitamin D3 intake is 4000iu, so our 2500iu tablet is well within this safe range.
Is this suitable for breastfeeding? Thank you Hi, yes, Vitashine tablets are really beneficial during breastfeeding.
How much d3 do you actually get from the tablets as compared to the spray? Hi, absorption will be virtually the same. The reason being, we spray-dry the Oil to allow the formation of tablets. So it is still the oil form, just presented in a spray-dried preparation that fully disperses when consumed.
Which bodies have approved your products? Hi, the main regulations we work to are European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Australia Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) regulations, and we're audited accordingly. Auditing is conducted by local and international authorities.
is your vitamin D3 free of beta-Methylamino-L-alanine (BMAA) and Microcystins/ cyanoginosins (since it originates from Lichen) Hi, yes. Due to the way we extract the oil (resulting in a highly pure oily extract), we ensure no toxins can possibly carry through. We test for purity.
how is the D3 extracted form the Lichen, and is it free from any cyana-toxins produced from the lichen? Hi, we use a process that involved water, plant-source alcohol (all recovered) and pressure. The oily extract is tested for purity (and the process ensures isolation of the parts we need). There is no possibility of any toxins found on lichens carrying through.
Cholecalciferol is derived from lanolin in lambs wool, this is not vegan yet you label yourself as such? Our Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) is extracted from a lichen. You are correct that traditional sources of cholecalciferol are animal sources including lanolin and animal skin. Our source is 100% vegan.
Is the d-alpha tocopherol in Vitashine D3 no longer from soy, but from the newer sunflower-derived source? Yes we do use D-Alpha Tocopherol from sunflower now rather than soy.
Would I get too much Vitamin D3 if I take Omeag-3 and MultiVit together? A combination of Omega-3 and MultiVit is a really good supplement regime. While both contain D3, the collective level is very low (400iu) and actually many people are advised to take a higher dose. From a safety perspective it is well below any concern level, which would be upwards of 10,000iu per dose.
Where can I see the Kosher label for Vitashine D3 1000iu? Vitashine products are not currently Kosher certified. They are Kosher suitable, but at this stage we have not been audited to obtain Kosher certification for the products themselves. However, Vitashine Vitamin D3 as an ingredient is Kosher certified.
Do lichens have proven safety? Yes. In fact the lichen we use is classed as a food ingredient with a long history of safety.
Where does Vitamin D3 usually come from? Meat and fish are the most common sources of Vitamin D3 in the diet. The reason conventional Vitamin D3 supplements are not suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans is because the D3 is extracted from sheep's wool (Lanolin) or other animal sources.
Can I take higher doses of Vitamin D3? We recognise many people seek higher doses of Vitamin D3 than the RDA of 200IU. That is why we offer flexibility and options of doses. Always consult your Doctor or Health Practitioner if you are considering taking a higher dose.
Is Vitamin D3 superior to Vitamin D2? The healthy debate continues on this topic. In our opinion, the published research suggests Vitamin D3 is superior. One particular peer-reviewed study concluded that Vitamin D3 is at least 87% more potent than Vitamin D2.
What is Vitashine and where is it from? Vitashine is a vegan and vegetarian Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) nutritional supplement. Our Vitamin D3 comes from a plant source called a lichen.
How do I use Vitashine? Vitashine is supplied as tablets which can be chewed or swallowed with water, or as an oral spray which can be administered directly into the mouth or sprayed onto food.
What is the dose I should take? Vitashine tablets are ideal for those seeking a higher level (available in 1000IU and 2500IU strength). We recommend consulting your Doctor for advice on dose.
How long will a bottle of Vitashine last? Vitashine tablets will last 60 days at the stated doses.
Can I take Vitashine during pregnancy? Yes, but always seek advice from your Health Practitioner before taking any supplements. Vitamin D helps you regulate calcium and phosphate levels in the body. A BBC report concluded "Pregnant women "must take Vitamin D supplements"".
Is Vitashine registered with the Vegan Society? There is justified skepticism about vegan source Vitamin D3 supplements and we are very proud that our products are registered with the Vegan Society and Vegetarian Society.
Can my children take Vitashine? Yes. It is widely recommended that children are given Vitamin D3 and we recommend using the Vitashine Spray, at a daily dose of 200IU per day (1 spray).
How should I store Vitashine? Vitashine should be stored in a cool dry place, out of the sight and reach of children. Refrigeration is recommended to maintain maximum freshness. Use within 3 months of opening.
Allergy advice with Vitashine? Vitashine is free from sugar, wheat, gluten and dairy products.
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