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    Lorraine Smith

    7 Feb 2024
    I been taking these for a few years now, and my blood levels are good. As I am totally homebound I need Vit D and I rely on Vegetology products, one of them Vit D. I use strong version through winter and this lower version through summer. My bloods are normal, so they are working. Easy to take, very happy with the results.

    Melissa Bliss

    20 Oct 2023
    I was delighted to find a trustworthy vegan source of vitamin D and Vetegology deliver promptly. These tablets are chewable and easy to take. Even my teenagers happily take them.


    21 Jun 2023
    Great price. Nice size to swallow. A mainstay for my Vitamin D requirements.


    25 Apr 2023
    Was thrilled to find these D3 for Vegans several years ago, I wouldn't buy anything else


    23 Apr 2023
    I trust this brand


    21 Apr 2023
    I have been using these for several years following deficiency flagged in blood tests. I continue to have healthy levels thanks to vitashine. Chewable vegan tabs make it easy to stay topped up.


    29 Dec 2022
    Affordable, high-quality, great ingredients.

    Dominique Sanglard

    18 Nov 2022
    The tablets that I have been taking for years actually showed in a recent blood test ! My doctor was very happy to see that I had enough Vitamin D in my blood.


    11 Oct 2022
    Doesn't get any better than this! Love the fact that the Vit D3 is vegan and good for me!

    Kate Judge

    10 Oct 2022

    Trevor Mayes

    10 Oct 2022
    Tasty and effective.


    14 Sept 2022
    Bring back 3 for 2 and scrap subscription model

    Penelope Troughton

    12 Aug 2022
    Excellent product and excellent service


    28 Jul 2022
    This is a very important nutrient and it's wonderful that it is vegan.

    S. B

    4 Jul 2022
    Take this daily as prescribed by my doctor. He is happy that it’s vegan and my pathology tests show it works just as well as any other source. Never changing!


    31 Dec 2021
    Great product

    Pedro Oliveira

    31 Dec 2021
    I found it to be a good product. Perhaps a little on the bulky side, comparing to another brand and competitor in the segment. What I think this product is missing is the D2 counterpart.


    25 Dec 2021


    2 Dec 2021
    Very easy to use


    14 Nov 2021
    I prefer to buy my Vitamin D3 in capsule form since I worry about liquid suspended vitamins becoming moldy. I appreciate that every aspect of the packaging is conscientious and the quality of the vitamins themselves is evident since taking the Vegetology Vitamin D3 helped me to start the arduous process of healing my sleep switches from an extended period of sleep deprivation, of which Vitamin D plays an integral role, but in my case so has magnesium glycinate.


    15 Oct 2021
    Ich kenne kein vergleichbares Produkt in Tablettenform, welches meinen Ansprüchen ebenfalls genügt. Es muss vegan sein, aus natürlichen Rohstoffen, Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis muss stimmen, etc.


    4 Oct 2021
    Plant based Vitamin D tablets are very good to have. Part of an overall plant based lifestyle.


    31 Aug 2021
    Love this. Has made a huge difference to my VD levels and mindset


    26 Aug 2021
    Excellent product and excellent service.


    3 Aug 2021
    Very easy to open the containers.


    19 May 2021
    Im deficient in vitamin D but the tablets prescribed by my doctor aren't vegan so I use these instead. Good quality, really small and easy to swallow, wallet friendly too


    14 May 2021
    I can't say the immediate effect


    7 May 2021
    I'm so pleased to find a vegan product for vitamin D! Chewable and tasty. :)

    Mrs Pat Collett

    6 May 2021
    not sure on dosage, I have multiple sclerosis


    4 May 2021
    Vegan vitamin D is not always easy to find. But here it is! Great product that doesn't cost much!