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Your Questions Answered About Vegan Vitamin B12 100mcg Sublingual Tablets

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Further regarding your B12, are the plant-based substrates you mention, substrates that were fermented please? eg cabbage fermented with probiotics to make sauerkraut (Im trying to find vegan products that have had no probiotcs or Kefir used / present anywhere in the production process , please note) Hi, the B12 is produced microbiologically with a fermentation process. We can confirm no probiotics or kefir are used at all in the process.
Hi, I have been ordered my B12 from you for a while, but have been looking for Thiamine Sublingual for my husband band who has Parkinson's and has been advised to take the B1 Thiamine Sublingual. Please can you let me know if this is something you can provide? Hi, Thiamine (B1) appears in our MultiVit formula at 1.65mg. At present we don't offer B1 in a standalone sublingual formula.
How many mcg of each type of cobalamin is in a tablet? Hi, we use an equal ratio (1:1:1) of each of the 3 types of Vitamin B12 in our Sublingual tablet. So it contains 33.33mcg Methylcobalamin, 33.33mcg Cyanocobalamin, and 33.33mcg Adenosylcobalamin
Hi, Can this be dissolved in water for a 2 year old? I don't trust the pill in his mouth at this age... Hi, the tablet will break down in water but won't dissolve completely, as some of the compounds aren't fully soluble. We always recommend consulting your Doctor or Health Practitioner before giving supplements to young children.
Should you dissolve the tablet in your mouth or swallow it? Hi, the tablets are designed to dissolve under the tongue
Hi, Can I take the multivitamins and Vit B12 sublingual at the same time as the multivitamin also contains B12? Thank you. Hi, it is fine to use these together. With B12 being a water-based Vitamin, the body will grab what it needs and the rest will pass through the body harmlessly.
Does this fully functionally replace your regular b12 supplement? E.g. can I just take this tablet daily and count that I receive enough of b12 in my mostly vegan diet? Hi, we offer the two dosing options for VitB12. This sublingual tablet is designed for immediate absorption and provides a very good maintenance dose. The higher strength sustained release tablet is ideal for those with B12 deficiency, and those at highest risk of deficiency.
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