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Your Questions Answered About Vegan Turmeric & Black Pepper Capsules

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Is there a reason btw that you can’t take 2 capsules per day? Most studies seem to show effectiveness at 500mg and up doses. Hi, if you are seeking higher doses it is fine to take 2 x capsules per day. We recommend 1 x capsule based on latest research and various regulatory viewpoints about Turmeric around the world.
What’s your stance on the possibility of liver damage associated with taking curcumin supplements (https://bpspubs.onlinelibrary....)? Is this supplement safe for daily use at this dosage? Thanks Hi, we have reviewed the latest research and we stay up to date with European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) releases. On Curcumin, we remain satisfied that it is safe and beneficial for daily use in the form and level used in our Turmeric formula.
Hi, what size is the capsule please on the turmeric and black pepper? I need to know whether I can swallow it Hi, it is approximately 2cm in length. The hard capsules are smooth in texture and most people find them fine to swallow.
I already take the Omega vitamins can I take the turmeric & black pepper with it? Hi, yes it is fine to combine our Turmeric and Omega-3 formulas as a daily regime.
Is this supplement suitable for use during pregnancy or while trying to conceive? Hi, yes but please do consult your Doctor or Health Practitioner before taking any supplements when pregnant, just to ensure you obtain advice taking into account your individual medical history.
Hi, I take the multivit and i want to start taking the omega 3, can I also add the turmeric one and the sublingual b12 or is it too much? what is your advice for a plant based vegan and someone who has some immunity conserns. Hi, MultiVit + Omega-3 is an ideal ongoing daily supplement regime. If immunity and inflammation are of concern, our Turmeric supplement is an ideal addition to this regime. Due to the B12 in MultiVit, we would hope you have enough already but if you are seeking a higher dose, it is safe to also add the Sublingual B12 to the regime. In short, it is fine to take all of these products together but our advice is hopefully MultiVit + Omega-3 is sufficient as a start point.
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