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Hi, I've been taking Sleep Support every night before bed for about a month to help me deal with low quality sleep. I noticed it makes me unable to sleep for more than 2-3 hours at a time, and I get about 4-5 of overall hours of spread out sleep. On the other hand, I do feel less tired, so I want to try and make this work. Does taking it in the morning make sense? Hi, it is great to read that you feel less tired. That is a huge positive start point and suggests the formula is helping versus how things were previously. We hope if you continue with Sleep Support, you will start to increase the number of sleep hours too. We don't recommend taking it on a morning because one of its functions is to gently and naturally calm the body into resting. Perhaps take it a couple of hours earlier such as late afternoon or very early evening. Please do let us know how you get on.
Can I take the sleep support if I take one Tablet in the morning for depression (Seroxat) Hi, yes there is no expected negative interaction with depression medication.
Hi, I tend to take 5-HTP at bedtime. Can I use this alongside that supplement? I also take other supplements during the day, including L-Tyrosine in the morning, for my ADHD-type symptoms. Is it ok to mix it up like this? I'm keen to get some better sleep asap.. Hi, it is fine to combine our Sleep Support with 5-HTP. It is also no problem to take Amino Acids including L-Tyrosine during the day and use our Sleep Support at night. We hope it help you, please let us know how you get on!
will it help my anxiety Hi, we do get good feedback from individuals using Sleep Support to improve relaxation by helping to alleviate anxiety. We hope it can help, and please do let us know how you get on!
Can two capsules be safely? Hi, yes it is safe to take 2 x capsules of Sleep Support every day.
Can you tell me why you chose to use Magnesium Oxide as opposed to Magnesium glycinate? Hi, we have a finite amount of space in the Capsule. Different forms of Magnesium are more dilute and take up additional space. For Sleep Support we wanted to keep to a single capsule dose per day. In this particular formula, we aren't concerned about Magnesium interacting with other minerals that can affect its absorption (mainly Iron).
Is that ok to use in the morning, to support sleeping during the day time? Hi, yes it is fine to take roughly 1 hour before your desired sleeping time.
Been taking sleep support a few days. First night great, but then I do have on and off periods but early days yet. I have developed mouthy water syndrome in that my mouth feels a low level sickness. Intially I had to spit the water out cos if I swallowed it could make me sick. I stopped taking it yesterday and the biley issue seems to have gone away. May be no connection and have also stopped all supplements for a few days and will start again. Any thought on this? I see the zinc may be an issue here, along with my other supplements so we'll see. Hi, yes please do consider nutrients in any other supplements you are taking and be careful not to undesirably have too much total Zinc intake. We don't expect the formula itself to contribute to any such contraindications. Hopefully you will continue to get good results, please let us know how you go!
Can this be taken along with the perimenopause support? Hi, yes it is fine to combine our Menopause and Sleep Support products
What are the ingredients in sleep product Hi, you can access the full ingredient lists and download labels on the product pages. For Sleep Support, visit:
Can a person with dementia take this. Nights are very bad. Pls and thank u Hi, the formula is fine but if you are taking medication please do consult your Doctor before taking any supplements, just in case there are specific nutrients you need to avoid.
Safe to use sleeping product? Hi, yes the formula is fully tested and meets strict quality regulatory requirements
What’s the shipping to canada Hi, if you scroll to the bottom of the website, there is a link explaining Delivery details.
Can this be taking during my breastfeeding period? Hi, yes the Sleep Support formula is fine to take during breastfeeding.
How long will it take to get results. Another word How long after taking this medication. Hi, it is different for everyone because the causes vary so much. However, from our studies we have found reported improvements typically within a few days.
I have a sleep problem.cannu ship in Sweden pls. Is it possible to pay in SEK SWEDISH KRONA? THANKS Hi, yes we ship globally and have many customers in Sweden. The payment system allows debit/credit cards to be used, so you can choose from the stated currencies and your bank will convert to SEK.
Hi I am taking blood pressure and cholesterol medication so can I take your sleep aid ? Hi, there is no reason why Sleep Support will interfere with such medication, but please consult your Doctor before taking any supplements as they can provide advice based on your individual medical history and medication regime.
can I take your Sleep Support if I'm taking the antidepressant Celexa, Crestor for Cholestral, and Dexilant for Acid Reflex ??? Does it mix with these meds? I'm smoking a little pot currently to sleep at night before bedtime. Does that also mix with that? I'm 67 yrs old Hi, while we see no reason Sleep Support wouldn't be suitable for you, we must recommend that you consult your Doctor for advice when combining with multiple medicines. Sorry for giving a bit of a generic answer here, but your Doctor can provide advice in consideration of your individual medical history.
Can sleep support be taken just with a glass of water and no food? It says to take with food, but I don’t like to eat one hour before bedtime. Hi, the most important thing is not to take supplements on an empty stomach. As long as you've eaten a few hours earlier, it will be fine.
I have been taking sleeping meds for 30+ years...I would love to get off them and go to more natural way. Would this work for me? Hi, we hope you will try our Sleep Support formula. We provide a satisfaction guarantee, so if you are not happy with the results within 90 days, we will provide a full refund. That's how much we believe in our products. Please let us know how you get on!
My problem is that sleep is broken, I often wake up but then fall right back to sleep, but it takes time to get back into a deep sleep. Does Sleep Support help with this? Hi, we are confident it will help. Sleep Support tries to tackle sleep problems from many angles, and aiming to help improve broken sleep is one of the key angles. We offer a satisfaction guarantee, so if you try the product and are not happy with the results, we'll refund in full. Please let us know how you get on.
I enjoy a couple of G&T occasionally would this affect the sleep aid tablets Hi, no there are no expected issues if consuming alcohol in moderation while using Sleep Support.
Hi! I am wondering why there is Green Tea extract in the sleep helping formula, since Green Tea is known to have a rather wakening effect on us? Thank you in advance for your answer! Hi, we use a very specific fraction of Green Tea rich in L-Theanine. This helps to improve sleep quality, and to de-stress through enhancing GABA levels.
Hi, I currently use the following supplements: Omega 3 and Active Energy and Multivit on alternate days. I am interested in your Sleep Support supplement, and would like to know if it's okay to use this supplement alongside the ones I'm already taking. Thank you. Kind regards, Dewi Hi, it is fine to include Sleep Support into your regime because you are already alternating with the MultiVit. Our advice (purely financially) is to try Sleep Support instead of Active Energy. Take Sleep Support around 1 hour before bedtime. You will hopefully find it not only improves your sleep but also reduces tiredness and fatigue during the day too. If you find you still need an energy, boost, it is fine to take Active Energy on a morning with Sleep Support on an evening.
Hi Are the sleep support supplements suitable for pregnant women? Hi, yes it is safe for use during pregnancy but please do seek advice from your Medical Practitioner before taking any supplements when pregnant, as they can consider your individual medical history and give tailored recommendations accordingly.
Hi there can you advise me please? I’m interested in your bone care product and sleep product. At the present time I take Vegetology D3 2500iu, multivitamin, B12, omega 3 capsule, I’ve read your advice about skipping one day of multivit if sleep product is taken, can you advise me please if it’s okay to take the bone product together with other vitamins. Hi, the reason we advise against using Bone Care and MultiVit at the same time is due to undesirably doubling-up on Vitamin K2. Therefore it is best to use these two sequentially. It is fine from a safety perspective to take VitD3 2500iu, Multivit (or Bone Care), VitB12, Omega-3 and Sleep Support together. However, our advice with this combination would be to only take the VitD3 2500iu and VitB12 once per week if taking the rest daily.
Hi, I have just decided to start taking your sleep support supplement but am currently taking: Omega-3 Multi-Vit Bone Care I know that taking multi-vit and bone care doubles up on Vit C but that's okay. Just wanted to ask whether the Sleep Support Supplement is okay to take with the others? Thanks, Kusha Hi, it is fine to use Sleep Support with the other products. The only specific nutrient of consideration is Zinc, which will collectively be 120mg when combining MultiVit + Sleep Support (which is higher than the ideal level). If you do use that particular combination, we recommend having a break from the MultiVit at least once per week.
What form of magnesium is in Sleep Support? Thank you. Dr, Scott Hi, we use Magnesium Oxide in Sleep Support. We need this potent form to fit the formula into a single capsule.
How much time before bedtime should I allow - an hour? Directly before I go to bed? Hi, our advice is to take Sleep Support around 1 hour before bedtime. That gives the nutrients plenty of time to absorb and act.
You mention that these tablets are recommended for children over 11 due to tablet size. My 7yr old has no problem swallowing large tablets. Are they safe for younger children? Thanks Hi, the formula itself is safe for children. We do request taking great care due to the size of the capsules.
Hello, Can I take sleep support in the evening as well as multivit in the morning? Thanks! Hi, yes it is fine to combine these products. It sounds like a really good daily regime! It will provide slightly above the ideal Daily Intake level of Zinc, so we just recommend having a day off one of the two products at least once a week.
Hi, just wondering about the ashwagandha extract in the new sleep formula. What is this 300mg of root extract equivalent to in terms of dry root? Is it standardised at all? Thanks! Hi, we use a concentrated 10:1 extract, meaning it is equivalent to 3000mg dry root. It is standardised to 7% Withanolides.
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