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Can you add the Omega-3 liquid to home made bread during the baking process? I appreciate this would make accurate dosage difficult but it would boost Omega-3 intake for all the family in a convenient way Hi, Omega-3s are not particularly heat stable, so our recommendation would be to consider addition after the baking process. Perhaps add it together with any spread or preserve that you intend to add prior to eating?
Hi! I can’t seem to find anything about how long the omega liquid lasts in the fridge. Do i need to throw it out after a month? Hi, the shelf-life is 24 months. Once opened and stored in the Fridge, we recommend the contents are consumed within 8 weeks (12 weeks as an absolute maximum).
Dear Sir/Madam Is the Omega 3 oil high in pro resolving mediators? I heard that Algae is higher in PRMs over Fish oil. Any knowledge you can share on the subject is most welcome. Thank you Hi, its a very good question (thank you!). Our Algal Omega-3 is naturally high in pro-resolving mediators (SPM), and upregulate SPM production in the body. We haven't to date concluded that Algal Omega-3 is better than Fish Oil Omega-3 in this regard, but would certainly be on a par. It is something we will look at in more detail though!
Hello, are any of your supplements independently tested for quality and quantity? Thanks Hi, yes all of our products are manufactured at quality accredited manufacturing sites and independently tested. We produce everything in UK under strict quality requirements of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and related regulatory bodies.
Hi, I've just seen on a vegan dog website that your omega 3 is safe to give to dogs, just wanted to check this is correct as I have to older dogs (both vegan) and my vet has recommended I give omega 3 supplement for their joints. Many thanks. Hi, yes our Omega-3 products are really good for dogs. We always think the liquid form is ideal for pets (we recommend half teaspoon / 2.5ml for small dogs, full teaspoon / 5ml for large dogs). However, we also get lots of customers telling us that their dogs love to munch on the capsules too! In that case we recommend 1 capsule for small dogs, 2 capsules for large dogs.
How do you recommend storing sealed bottles of Omega-3 liquid? Would the fridge be ideal? I'm not sure how warm my cupboards get in the summer. Thanks Hi, storing Omega-3 Liquid in the Refrigerator is ideal, both unopened and opened. This will prolong the freshness. You might find the liquid goes a bit cloudy after long periods of storage at very low temperature, but this is just some of the fatty acids solidifying. It's totally fine and if you allow the liquid to warm back to ambient temperature and give it a little shake, it will go fully clear again.
Hi! I used to take your omega-3 capsules, but read online that the liquid form could "be better" than capsules (although i wouldn't know why – do you agree with this?). Regardless, I was wondering how to store the liquid product in hot weather! I'm assuming it could solidify in the fridge, but my home gets somewhat hot in the summer (like, say, 28°C), and I don't know if it could affect the algae oil negatively! What do you think? Should I just stick to capsules? Hi, there is no difference in efficacy between the Capsules or the Liquid forms. If you are ok taking capsules, we recommend this as the best option because the Algal Omega-3 is better protected and therefore lasts longer. If you opt for the Liquid, please keep it refrigerated. At around 4°C, it will remain clear. Below that temperature some of the fatty acids will start to solidify and it might look a bit cloudy or lumpy. It is totally fine though, and can be left at ambient temperature for a short time to melt and regain its clarity.
Hello! I've been using your products for over a year now, and I'm very happy with them! I used to purchase the omega-3 capsules, but would like to try it in liquid form. Unfortunately, money is tight lately and I already take your multivitamin, and occasionally the b12 and vollagen, too (occasionally because I can't afford to take them daily). I was considering taking the omega-3 every other day to save up – would you think I could get similar benefits regardless? Do you need a certain dosage to 'activate' the omega-3? I was thinking of either having half a teaspoon daily or a teaspoon every other day, is one of these alternatives better than the other? Thank you in advance for your kindness and support :) hope you spent a peaceful labour day. Hi, thank you for the kind words. Its worth getting in touch with our Customer Services team ([email protected]) in case there is anything they can do for you. It is fine to take Omega-3 every other day. The benefits are proportionate to dose, so you will just get slightly less performance but half dose (or every other day) is still a good level.
Hi, Are some of your ingredients sourced in countries such as China or India? And do you rigorously test them to check if they contain any contaminants? I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Stijn Hi, we source our ingredients from/in Europe. Yes of course, we test everything and have very stringent quality specifications for everything. The manufacturing sites we use operate to very high quality standards that are independently audited.
How much omega-6 does you're product have in liquid form bottles. 1 serving of 5ml Hi, we use extra virgin Olive Oil as the carrier (and to help provide oxidative stability). This contributes a small amount of Omega-6, which equates to just under 0.3ml per 5ml serving
What would be best to take after a flare up of Diverticulitis pls Hi, Omega-3s offer good anti-inflammation benefits, however please consult your Doctor before taking any supplements if you encounter Diverticulitis flare-ups, so they can advise based on your individual medical history and in consideration of any medication you are taking.
Is Omega 3 Liquid - suitable for Vegan and is it free from carrageenan? Hi, yes all of our products are suitable for Vegans. Our Omega-3 Liquid is free from carrageenan (not that there is anything wrong with Carrageenan - we use it in our Capsules. It sometimes wrongly gets linked with data on relevant to Polygeenan).
Hi, does this come with some kind of pipette or something to measure and know lm getting 3ml and no more/ less? Thank you Hi, no we don't include a pipette. Our recommended dose is 1 x teaspoon (5ml) for 500mg DHA, 300mg EPA.
Just wondering which specific algae strain you grow and use for production Hi, our Omega-3 products use Schizochytrium sp. algae
Hi, I have your liquid omega 3. Before I had with orange flavour. This time I have without flavour. It does not smell really good and taste is Alsow not really good. I store it in fridge. Is it possible it is rancid? Experation is in 2024. I openedit Before 2 weeks. It is for my 1 year Old son. Smell and taste is little bit Fishy i Guess. Is it safe for my son? He Head it few times. Is there Any healthy risk if oil was rancid? Thank you! Hi, Omega-3 does have a 'marine' note, which is the reason we offer a product containing a little bit of Orange Flavour to mask it. The unflavoured oil is preferred by many, but does have a more noticeable taste. As long as the product has been stored correctly, it will be absolutely fine to take. It will only go rancid if stored incorrectly or not consumed within 8-10 weeks of opening. If that time period has passed, please do not continue to use the product.
Does the Omega-3 liquid come in a glass bottle? Hi, yes it is in a brown glass bottle.
Hi, do your omega 3 products contain sulphites or other kind of preservatives? Thank you. Hi, no the products don't contain sulphites. We don't need to add any preservatives because the products are water-free.
Hello, this time I bought this product as a solution, but I noticed that it is quite difficult to take it like this. This tastes pretty good.... Can I put this in capsules and then take it? My capsules are made from Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose. Hi, we offer Omega-3 Capsule form, which is ideal if you are seeking a capsule format instead of the Botted Liquid.
Please, what is the exact amount of iodine in your product? I want to order the product, but for health reasons I am not allowed to take iodine. Hi, our Omega-3 products do not contain any Iodine.
Hi. You only list the EPA/DHA/DPA content, but there are surely other fatty acids in your products as you have both sunflower oil and olive oil, which means there must be some Omega 6 and 9 as well and I would like to know the amounts of those oils. Hi, in the Omega-3 Liquid, we use extra virgin Olive Oil. That constitutes approximately 60% of the formula, as it is required to stabilise the Omega-3 Algal Oil. Olive Oil is approximately 83% Oleic Acid, 20% Linoleic Acid and smaller amounts of other fatty acids. Olive Oil isn't present in our Omega-3 capsules as it is not required. High Oleic Sunflower Oil is used within the production of the Algal Omega-3 Oil as an important carrier, but the level is negligible.
Hi, I've been taking your opti3 cápsules for some time, I usually buy 1 year supply on one purchase, how can I be sure the oil is not getting rancid? Hi, we have conducted extensive stability testing of the Capsules to demonstrate stability for at least the 24 month shelf life. An important marker for our testing is the oxidative stability of the oil.
My 10yo daughter is very fussy with strong flavored supplements and we have wasted 2 (expensive) bottles of fish oil (one with fruity flavor) because she refused to take it. Is there anything you can compare the algae flavor to? She does like nori!! Hi, Algal Oil has a 'marine' taste and the Orange Oil we add is only to take the edge off the taste, rather than add much flavour. One option is to add the oil to food or stir it into a sauce or yoghurt for instance.
Hi there, is this supplement suitable for giving to dogs, and if so can you advise on the dosage per KG of body weight? Thank you Hi, yes we have many customers giving our Omega-3 Capsules and Liquids to Dogs. In terms of daily dose, our advice is to give 1 x capsule (or 2.5ml / half tea spoon) to small dogs and 2 x capsules (or 5ml / full tea spoon) to larger dogs.
Hallo, comes your Omega-3 Liquid from an omega-safe-production (production under exclusion from light, oxygen and heat)? Thank you, best, Nicola Hi, yes our Omega-3 Liquid is produced in closed conditions to preserve the oxidative stability of the Algal Omega-3 Oil.
From which country do you source the microalgae? Hi, we produce everything, including our Omega-3 products, in UK.
Hi, I'm wondering how I can tell if the omega 3 oil has gone off or rancid and if it's still safe to consume. I have an open bottle that I want to resume taking and have noticed the algal flavour to be a bit more pungent than a newly opened bottle. Thank you. Hi, we recommend consuming opened Liquid within 8 weeks. If stored correctly in a cool, dry location (or ideally in the Refrigerator), our stability studies show the Omega-3 Oil remains stable within this time period. It's actually around 12 weeks, but we say 8 weeks to give a bit of a margin. The Algal taste will develop during that 8 weeks, however the Omega-3 stability remain intact and rancidity (Peroxide value / Totox) remain low during the period.
Are your Omega-3 products stored and shipped in cold conditions? Would a typical summer shipping truck (75º-105º) destroy, or make rancid, the EPA/DHA in the Vegetology liquids? Hi, we have extensively stability tested our Omega-3 products to ensure they stand-up to elevated (and low) temperature climates. The most important factor is to ensure that once opened, they are stored in a cool, dry location. In the case of the Omega-3 Liquid, we recommend storage in the Refrigerator to prolong freshness.
Why use Olive Oil as a base when Olive is so high in Omega 6? Would it not be wiser (and better aligned with an Omega 3 product) to use cold pressed Flax Oil as a base? Also Why do you not list the Omega 6 levels? Hi, we need extra virgin Olive Oil to retain the oxidative stability of the Omega-3 Oil. Flax etc. would be detrimental to stability unfortunately. The specific type and amount of Olive Oil is low enough that the Omega-6 level isn't significant.If you do want to avoid Olive Oil, our Omega-3 capsules do not contain any.
Due to a health condition I have, it's important to know the exact amount of Vitamin E I'm taking in addition to my normal diet. Would it be possible to let me know, please, despite how little this amount is? Thank you in advance, Nataliya Hi, a 5ml dose of our Omega-3 liquid contains less than 0.5mg Vitamin E (D Alpha Tocopherol).
Due to a health condition I have, it's important to know the exact amount of Vitamin E I'm taking in addition to my normal diet. Would it be possible to let me know, please, despite how little this amount is? Thank you in advance, Nataliya Hi, a 5ml dose of our Omega-3 liquid contains less than 0.5mg Vitamin E (D Alpha Tocopherol).
Is it suitable for children under 12 and in what dosage? Hi, yes it is perfect for children. We recommend 2.5ml (half teaspoon) for children up to 24-36 months and 5ml (full teaspoon) beyond that age.
Does it contain Vitamin E and how much? Hi, there is a small amount of Natural Vitamin E added during the production of the Algal Omega-3 Oil. This is solely to help protect the oil against oxidation but it is not at a level to offer nutritional significance.
right now I'm taking a strong dose of omega 3 from another brand . I'd like to change to Vegetology . What is the maximum dosage I can take to really feel the effect and relief of mood swings? thanks for your answer Hi, we recommend 2 x capsules (or 5ml of the liquid) per day to obtain a dose of 500mg DHA, 300mg EPA. That is a high dose and very beneficial. There may be additional benefits in considering a higher dose but please do consult your Doctor as they can provide advice based on your individual medical history.
I'd like to know why there is even a little porcentage of high oleic sunflower oil, when it's pro-oxidation. It's reducing the effect of the omega 3 as far as I know.... Thank you Hi, a very small amount of high Oleic Sunflower Oil is required during the Microalgal oil production process. It is a tiny level and not pro-oxidant.
Why does your omega 3 contain sunflower oil, please, and why do you take the unusual step of using the little known latin name Helianthus Annuus in the ingredients? Hi, there's a small amount of high Oleic Sunflower Seed Oil extract used as a process aid in the production of the Microalgal Omega-3 preparation. Helianthus Annuus is the correct description for it.
Has the Omega 3 liquid been third party lab tested for metals and contaminants? Hi, yes we test each batch at independent laboratories. However heavy metals are not risk items as our algae are grown in tanks and not taken from the oceans (so purity is completely controlled and no heavy metal contamination risk).
Bonjour, Ma fille est allergique au soja. Elle a déjà réagi à de la vitamine E issue du soja. Pouvez-vous m'indiquer l'origine de la vitamine E que vous rajoutez dans les omega3 liquide ? Merci beaucoup ! Cordialement, Ghita Baouz Bonjour, Nous utilisons la vitamine E de l'huile de tournesol au lieu du soja pour cette raison.
Hi, is there a better time of day to take Omega 3 liquid, and should you take it with food, or doesn't it matter? Thanks Hi it is beneficial throughout the day but we always recommend taking Omega-3 at breakfast time. The impact on concentration levels in particular can be very noticeable! Yes, please always take all supplements with food for optimum absorption.
Dobrý den, prosím, o jakou mikrořasu (jaký rod) se přesně jedná? Děkuji velmi Hi, it is a Schizochytrium sp. alga.
I was just wondering if palm oil is used in your products? I see ascorbyl palmitate is one of the ingredients and from what I've read this is always Palm oil derived. Is that the case with yours? Hi, no we don't use any Palm Oil at all. Ascorbyl Palmitate is oily Vitamin C produced using Palmitic Acid, which comes from oils such as Sunflower and Rapeseed. People do often assume Palmitate means Palm Oil, but the name isn't connected.
Hi I am wondering if your vegan omega 3, 300 EPA 5OO DHA supplement is cold pressed. And if not, what is the extraction method? Hi, we use an enzyme extraction method. Cold pressing isn't possible because the microalgae are too small
My liquid seems to have separated. I have shaken the bottle but when I pour it, it’s like a complete different look and taste to the last bottle that I used. I had bought 3 bottles in a deal and the first bottle was fine but the next two look like frog spawn and taste terrible. Is this normal? Hi, it sounds like the contents have got cold which causes some of the fatty acids to solidify. If you allow the product to warm to ambient temperature, it will become clear and uniform again.
Sans saveur ça veut dire que ça sent les algues ? Ou ça ne sent rien? Bonjour, il a principalement un goût et une odeur d'huile d'olive mais il y a une légère odeur et un goût marin. Hi, it mainly tastes and smells of Olive Oil but there is a slight marine odour and taste.
¿Habran diferencias significativas en cuanto a la absorción comparado con opti3? Esta versión no contiene carragenina, punto a favor! Hola, la absorción entre Omega-3 Capsules y Omega-3 Liquid es la misma. Para ser honesto, no hay preocupaciones sobre la carragenina, a veces se conecta incorrectamente con datos relevantes para la 'poligeenina' (un derivado degradado de la carragenina que nunca se usa en los alimentos). Utilizamos una pequeña cantidad de carragenina, que es una goma natural, para ayudar a formar la cápsula. Es perfectamente seguro e inerte. Hi, the absorption between Omega-3 Capsules and Omega-3 Liquid is the same. There are no concerns about carrageenan to be honest, it is sometimes wrongly connected to data on relevant to 'poligeenan' (a degraded derivative of carrageenan never used in foods). We use a small amount of Carrageenan, which is a natural gum, to help form the capsule. It is perfectly safe and inert.
Until now I took capsules and supplemented my son with my breast milk, now my son is 8 months old, can I start with this product? Hi, yes absolutely. For 0-24 months we recommend half a teaspoon (2.5ml) per day. This can be added to baby's formula or food.
Can I add it to a curry or soup to hide the flavour or will it lose the properties if it's served hot? Hi, heat can degrade the Omega-3s so our advice would be to only add to cold dishes.
Hi, how much does 5ml Omega-3 Liquid - Flavourless weigh? (As accurately as possible.) Hi, it will weigh approximately 4.5g, depending how accurately it is measured out.
What vitamin's do you recommend for high blood pressure and cholestrol? Hi, our Omega-3 EPA & DHA supplement is ideal for assisting with high blood pressure and cholesterol control. There is a lot of evidence into the benefits of Omega-3 across these and many other health indications. We've added a small amount of Vitamin D3 too, which also highly beneficial.
Hi there! with "flavourless" you mean no flavour at all, or just not the orange flavour like the other opti-3 you offer? does this one have the typical algae-odour/flavour like the one in the capsules? thank you for your reply. Hi, yes we mean no flavour has been added. It does have the typical algae odour/flavour (a somewhat acquired taste!). The Olive Oil does help to take the edge off the Algal flavour versus the oil in the capsules.
Which bodies have approved your products? Hi, the main regulations we work to are European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Australia Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) regulations, and we're audited accordingly. Auditing is conducted by local and international authorities.
Food allergies and Omega-3 Omega-3 is free from gluten, wheat, dairy and sugar-based ingredients. Allergies to fish oil are usually associated with proteins in fish, so such individuals should be fine to take Omega-3 (although we recommend consulting your Doctor first). Omega-3 comes from Sunflower Oil. Each Omega-3 capsule contains >0.1% Vitamin E, so a maximum of 0.8mg. It is added as an antioxidant to protect the Omega-3 oil.
is it suitable to take with Warfarin? Omega is designed to be suitable for everyone, but if you are taking blood thinning drugs (e.g. Warfarin), please speak to your Doctor before taking Opti3 or indeed any nutritional supplements.
What is Omega-3? Omega-3 is a 100% natural, high strength EPA & DHA supplement with an added dose of our plant Vitamin D3. Omega-3 is designed to offer the benefits of Omega-3, without the need for Fish or any animal ingredients. It is sold in monthly packs of 60 capsules (2 per day).
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