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What kind of calcium you use in your Bones & Joins formula: citrate, carbonate… Hi, the Bone Care formula contains Calcium as Calcium Carbonate. With limited room in the tablet, this form allowed a higher level to be incorporated than alternatives.
Hi, Does your Bone and Joint supplement contain and Soy? Hi, our Bone Care supplement doesn't contain any Soy or Soy derivatives.
Hello! I have found out I cannot take Vitamin D3 and I'm so excited your Vitamin D3 made from Lichen which I'm almost positive that I can take this. I have suffered so much from low Vitamin D3 for years and for years upon following my doctirs advice I took many IU's daily to get my levels up but they never did go up and all I did was compromised my kidneys. My body has a problem processing it is what I'm guessing. But with this Lichen ingredient, I honestly think this is going to work ir me, can you tell me if your Bone care product has Vitamin D3 made with Lichen also? I know your regular Vitamin D3 products have Lichen in them but I'm asking about your Bone care product to see if it's made the same way with Lichen also? Thank you! Hi, yes the Vitamin D3 in all of our products from lichen. Please let us know how you get on with your Vitamin D status hopefully rapidly improving!
Hi, currently I'm using multivit 1pc and vollagen 2pcs per day. Is it ok/suitable to add bone care tbl as well? Thanks Hi, we don't recommend taking MultiVit and Bone Care on the same day, as this will result in undesirable doubling-up of some nutrients. A good option is to alternate, i.e. MultiVit + Vollagen on Monday, Bone Care + Vollagen on Tuesday, repeat.
Hello My doctor has suggested I take glucosamine and chondroitin tablets. As I'm vegan I have been taking 3 Veganicity Glucosamine & Phytodroitin tablets per day, which is the nearest I can get to the dosage my doctor suggested. I am considering switching to Vegetology's Bone Care tablets, which contain about half the amount of Glucosamine and Phytodroitin as Veganicity's, so I would have to take 6 tablets a day to maintain the same dose. However, your suggested serving for these tablets is only 2 a day. Please would you comment on whether it's advisable to take 6 tablets a day? Thank you, Hi, it is great that you are considering our Bone Care formula. We continually get very good feedback about the results. Our recommendation is to start with the dose of 2 tablets per day and see how you feel after 2-3 weeks. This is because our Bone Care formula is not just Glucosamine and Phytodroitin, it is also a very carefully balanced combination of Vitamins C, D3 and K2 together with Calcium and Magnesium. We are very confident you will find this rounded formula to be more effective than just increasing a dose of Glucosamine and Phytodroitin alone.
Hello, I love your products and have been using them for years, but I was surprised that, on your page about calcium, you don't mention that although cows' milk does have calcium in it, consumption of animal products acidifies the body and in order to neutralise the acid, calcium is pulled out of the bones, resulting in a calcium deficit. I think it's important to clarify this since all you have written about it is "it's true that cows' milk has calcium in it and we need calcium for healthy bones" which is misleading. Thanks for your help. Best wishes, Hi, thank you for the comments. We always stick to the science and while such acidification can happen in theory, it doesn't always happen because milk products are often formulated to avoid this. We always try to give a balanced view.
Hello! Strict ethical Vegan here, 8) Love your products, I've been a long time user of the Multivit and Vitamin D3. I would like to incorporate Bone Care into my morning routine. I am going to be 50 this year and also recently diagnosed with mild autoimmune joint disease, the reviews for bone care have been wonderful & people really see a difference in their joint health! I don't want to give up using multivit. Do you recommend that I alternate days between Bone care and multivit? Thank you! Hi, thank you for the kind comments. We get really good feedback on our Bone Care formula, and alternating between Bone Care and MultiVit is a really good routine to try. Please do let us know how you get on.
I ordered your Bone Care, but can you please tell me if the glucosamine contained in it is glucosamine sulfate, glucosamine hydrochloride or N-acetyl glucosamine before I reorder, please? Hi, Bone Care contains Glucosamine Hydrochloride. Full ingredient lists can be found on each of the product pages.
Per coxoartite all'anca, quale dei vostri integratori consigliate? Grazie Ciao, ti consigliamo la nostra formula Bone Care, possibilmente insieme alle nostre capsule di Omega-3 (Hi, we recommend our Bone Care formula, possibly together with our Omega-3 capsules).
Hello, glucosamine is known to have a chance of increase blood pressure. Does the plant-based glucosamine carry the same potential blood pressure side effect? Hi, we don't expect Glucosamine (plant-based or animal-based) to impact blood pressure at the levels consumed in supplements.
Is the calcium source from rock, and is it safe for people with heart conditions? Will the body process this through the arteries? I am Iodine sensitive. Hi, yes we use mineral source Calcium. We strongly advice individuals with heart conditions consult the Doctor before considering taking any supplements, as individual medical history can be taken into account.
Can you tell me please if Bonecare is suitable for someone who suffers from diabetes? Hi, the formula is suitable ingredient-wise but please do consult your Doctor before taking any supplements so they can consider your individual medical history and medication.
Is it possible to take Bone Care to give an intake of 1000mg - ie 5 times the stated dose - to provide closer to 100% of RDA - or is there a reason this would not be advised?I currently take a 1000mg Calcium supplement so am concerned about reducing to just 200mg. Hi, we don't recommend exceeding the daily dose of 2 x Bone Care tablets per day. This is to avoid undesirably consuming too much of certain nutrients (particularly Vitamin K2). It is fine to consider combining Bone Care with a basic Calcium tablet as a daily regime if you are seeking a higher overall intake of that particular mineral. We squeezed as much Calcium as we possibly could into the tablet without it being unfeasibly big.
I have osteopenia, 62 year old female . What supplements should I take help ? Hi, our Bone Care supplement is well worth trying. The ideal daily combination is our Bone Care + Omega-3.
Do you sell your Phytodroitin as a single ingredient powder directly to consumers? I would like to stop using the animal based chondroitin powder I use at present. Hi, we only use Phytodroitin in our Bone Care formula. However, we do make it available to other companies for use in their products. It is sold by Protec Nutra Ltd. They will be able to advise if other companies use Phytodroitin in direct-use powder products.
Hello, I'm interested in taking your Bone Care supplement. I already take your D-3 along with a plant based calcium and a Raw K2 Supplement, all vegan. If I take your Bone Care would I need to stop taking the D-3, K2 and Calcium that I already take? I have Osteoporosis that was diagnosed Sept. 2021, and had Osteopenia for many years prior so I have taken the Calcium, D-3 and K2 prior to the Sept diagnosis. I am also interested in a collagen supplement that you have talked about hopefully having a vegan one by the end of 2022. Is that still on track? Thank you, Dina Hi, we're confident you will like our Bone Care supplement. It constantly gets very strong feedback. We advise you do stop taking additional K2, as it is undesirable to double-up on that nutrient. It is fine to take additional D3 (as long as you remain under a collection 4000iu per day) and Calcium (up to 800mg per day collectively). Everything is ready with our Vegan Collagen supplement (the time of writing is November 2022), it is now just finalising the logistics in order to launch.
I'm interested in taking your Bone Care supplement. I already take your D-3 along with a plant based calcium and a Raw K2 Supplement, all vegan. If I take your Bone Care would I need to stop taking the D-3, K2 and Calcium that I already take? I have Osteoporosis that was diagnosed Sept. 2021, and had Osteopenia for many years prior so I have taken the Calcium, D-3 and K2 prior to the Sept diagnosis. Hi, we're confident you will like our Bone Care supplement. It constantly gets very strong feedback. We advise you do stop taking additional K2, as it is undesirable to double-up on that nutrient. It is fine to take additional D3 (as long as you remain under a collection 4000iu per day) and Calcium (up to 800mg per day collectively).
Do you think this product can help tendons and ligaments as well as bone and cartilage, thanks Hi, we get excellent feedback on our Bone Care formula across all areas of bone, joint and muscular needs. We are very confident you will notice benefits including to tendons and ligaments. Please let us know how you get on!
I am a 72 year old woman and am vegan. I suffer from joint problems and am worried about my bone health. Could you please advise me what supplements I should take please? I am on a budget Hi, the ideal daily regime is to combine our Omega-3 + Bone Care supplements. We're confident you will rapidly feel the benefits.
CAN I TAKE THE 2TABLETS OF BONE CARE TOGETHER? Hi, yes the daily dose for Bone Care is 2 x tablets. It is ideal to take them together with food. We recommend breakfast or lunchtime.
Could I take the bone care supplement along side the multi vitamin or would I be overdoing it on certain vitamins/nutrients? Is it better to alternate days or take both each day? Hi, we recommend using on alternate days. This is just to avoid an undesirable doubling-up of Vitamin K2 in particular.
Is your bone care supplement soy-free? Hi, yes it is free from soy and soy derivatives
Hi, What are the side effects of this product, if any? I started having diarrhoea as soon as I started taking it, and I didn’t change my diet other than that, so I’m wondering if this supplement is causing diarrhoea. Hi, there are no expected side effects and nothing in the formula should be contributing to any such negative effect.
Hello. I am 49 and vegan I have crunchy knees (don’t hurt) as I walk up the stairs and so I’m highly interested in your bone care supplement. However, I see that everywhere online says a good supplement will also include MSM, Boswellia, turmeric and hyaluronic acid (joint fluid) I’ve seen Schiff’s ‘move free’ formula which seems to produce fast results for joint comfort. But it says it’s vegetarian (but dairy free) Can you shed some more light on the efficacy of your supplement for me please? Thanks! Hi, our Bone Care supplement is definitely worth a try. We get excellent feedback on its performance. Formula-wise, it is a case of prioritising with the space we have. We've based Bone Care around Glucosamine and Phytodroitin (Chondroitin alternative, which includes a Hyaluronan), together with the key Vitamins and Minerals. MSM is a good nutrient, but we sadly have no space for it, without making the tablets even bigger. We love Turmeric, but again it takes a big space to provide a meaningful dose and so we are soon to launch a Turmeric supplement too.
HOLA, PUEDO TOMAR EL CALCIO SI ESTOY EN EMBARAZO Y CONSUMO OMEGA 3 Y Pregnancy Care Hola, sí, está bien tomar esa combinación.Hi, yes it is fine to take that combination.
Where are your products shipped from please? Thank you. Hi, we are based in UK. Everything is produced and shipped from here.
Hello, I am pleased that you use Phytodroitin in your Bone Care product, and I would like to make an order. Before I make an order I would appreciate if you could answer the following questions: - Is vitamin C in Bone Care Sodium Ascorbate? - is vitamin D3 in Bone Care algal? - is magnesium in Bone Care magnesium citrate? - is calcium in Bone Care calcium citrate? Thank you for your time. Anka Bagić Sayre Hi, the full ingredient lists for all products are on their respective website pages. We use Vitamin C as Ascorbic Acid, the Vitamin D3 is lichen origin, and it contains Magnesium Citrate and Calcium Carbonate.
I notice you use glycerin as a coating. Is this a vegetable glycerin? Hi, yes it is vegetal glycerine.
Dear sirs I have a question about the bone care supplement, my daughter suffers from growing pains in her heels and knees while sporting. Is this supplement recommended to help her heal more quickly? Can she take it in combination with your multivit and Omega-3? She also takes flexofytol plus, a supplement with curcuma, boswellia and vit d. My daughter is 11 years old and weighs about 35kg. Thanks for your advice! Best regards Hi, it is worth your Daughter trying a combination of our Bone Care and Omega-3 products. We don't recommend using the MultiVit at the same time, as it will undesirably double up on some nutrients. You can consider using Omega-3 everyday and alternating between Bone Care and MultiVit.
Hi! I am in love with your Omega-3 capsules and your multivitamin, and have been taking them for about three months now, I believe. I have some joint problems and feel lots of fatigue and brain fog, so I was considering trying your active energy capsules or your bone care capsules. That would mean using four of your products – is it advisable to use them together? Or should I alternate? Would that be too many products altogether? And when would bone care be back in stock, if you know? Thank you in advance :) Thank you for this wonderful brand. Hi, thank you for the kind words. While the products are all ok to combine, it is a lot to take (plus starts getting expensive!). Alternating is a good idea. Our advice is to initially introduce Bone Care to the regime, alternating with MultiVit, and trying that for a few weeks. Hopefully you will notice benefits to your joints but also in general for fatigue and focus due to the combination. If you still feel a need to address fatigue, Active Energy is worth trying after that point.
Hi, Can I take multi-vit, bone care and omega-3 together? Thanks, Kushal Hi, yes you can but please consider the doubling up of Vitamin C intake as a result.
Can a kidney transplant patient take these for knee andd ankle joint pain ?? Hi, please consult your Doctor before taking any supplements as they can provide specific advice based on your individual medical history, and in consideration of any ongoing medication. Sorry we can't help further but it would be wrong of us to try and give a general answer here.
Next to the Multivit i want to take the Bone care supplement as i need the extra calcium, magnesium and vit D. I've read the recommendation to sequentially use them together. However when i take the Bone care 2 tablets a day the magnesium for Dutch standards is too high as the limit for a supplement is 250 mg next to food intake. So i was calculating and a daily intake of 1 Multivit + 1 bone care + vitashine D3 (1-2 sprays) would be ideal? Thanks in advance! Hi, that combination sounds fine and very beneficial!
To avoid duplication of nutrients can i use half a dose of MultiVit and half a dose of Bone Health daily? Hi, yes that is possible however the MultiVit is coated to protect the nutrients in this specific formula. Therefore we recommend considering using them sequentially (i.e. MultiVit Monday, Bone Care Tuesday, repeat).
May I check if your bone care supplements contain any iodine or algae or seaweed or anything plant from the sea? I am allergy with it ? And also if you have any multi supplements plant based that not contain those one I lists? Hi, yes Bone Care does contain two seaweed extracts as part of the Phytodroitin preparation. They are Ulva Lactuca Linnaeus Extract and Fucaceae Fucus Vesiculosus Extract. They both do contain trace levels of iodine.Our Omega-3 products are very benefits for Bones & Joints and don't contain any iodine. They contain Microalgae but these do not naturally contain any iodine.
What is the raw material / source of listed ingredients 1. 'Glucosamine HCL' , 2. Glycosaminoglycan Polysaccharides, 3. Cholecalciferol Hi, Glucosamine and Glycosaminoglycan Polysaccharides are both produced using fermentation methods, using vegetal starting materials. Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) is from lichen.
Is it perfectly okay to mix the daily multi vitamin with the bone health vitamin? Hi, there would be some undesirable doubling up of nutrients, so our advice is to use them sequentially (i.e. MultiVit on Monday, Bone Health on Tuesday, repeat).
Hi! Is this product suitable for breastfeeding women? Thanks Hi, yes it is suitable for use during Breastfeeding
Do you have any research showing the benefits of the supplement in inflamation of the joints? The scientific studies that i found showed possible benefits in doses 1500mg of glucosamine per day and i did not found any scientific data about Phytodrotin. I you could send me some scientific data about it, i would be very grateful Hi, we conducted studies on volunteers during the development of Bone Care and got some really good feedback. However, due to regulations in Europe surrounding product wording around inflammation and pain, we are not permitted to make any such claims or publish data seen as making claims. We are very confident you will perceive benefits. Please let us know how you get on!
I read in several places that Magnesium and Calcium compete with each other for the same sites, and so should be taken separately at different times of the day. Your bone formulation has them together. Not optimal? Hi, this is where the formula design is so important. We use very specific forms of each mineral in order to optimise absorption, and in many cases keep them apart. We use Magnesium Citrate for that exact reason, ensuring no negative interaction with Calcium.
Buongiorno, MultiVit e Bone Care contengono anche vitamine liposolubili, per un miglior assorbimento è preferibile che vengano presi ad un pasto contenente un po’ di grassi sani? Ciao, sì, consigliamo sempre di assumere tutti gli integratori con il cibo. Ciò garantisce un assorbimento ottimale. Grazie Hi, yes we always recommend taking all supplements with food. This ensures optimum absorption. Thanks
I'm only 39 but I've been diagnosed with osteopenia in my hips. I've had 3 children. I've been recommended to take calcium and vitamin d. Will this be enough calcium? Hi, thank you for getting in touch. Bone Care provides the really powerful combination of Calcium + D3 + K2. You will hopefully find it makes a real difference. It's difficult to know exactly how much calcium you require. Our advice is to start with Bone Care and see how things are after a few weeks. Hopefully you will feel improvements. If you take Bone Care alongside other multivitamins, there will be some doubling up of nutrients so it is worth considering using sequentially (i.e. Bone Care on Monday, Multivit Tuesday, repeat).
Is this soy free? Yes Bone Care is Soy free.
Cortesemente mi fate sapere se la K2 contenuta in Bone Care è del tipo K2 MK-7? Grazie e saluti Ciao, sì, usiamo la vitamina K2 MK-7. Hi, yes we use Vitamin K2 MK-7.
Can the tablets be crushed to be added to food? Hi, the tablet is coated in order to protect the nutrients and is also pretty hard, so it isn't particularly well suitable to being crushed and added to food to be honest.
Can joint vie be taken along with the multivitamins and vitamin d vegetology products? Thanks Hi, there are a few nutrients in Bone Care that also appear in MultiVit. Our recommendation would be to alternate, so e.g. Bone Care + Vitashine Vitamin D3 on Monday, MultiVit + Vitashine Vitamin D3 on Tuesday, repeat. If you really do want to combine on the same day, the combined levels are within known safe limits.
I am currently taking Glucosamine from Corn, but it seems to be effecting my sleep which is a known side effect, i wondered if you have had anyone that has experienced this with glucosamine and then tried your version without getting the insomnia side effect? As your version is from algae ? Hi, we haven't had any feedback along these lines. It is worth considering our Bone Care product, which is getting excellent feedback.
Can Bone Care be taken with Vitamin D3 2500IU? How much IU does this have? Hi, Bone Care contains 400iu Vitamin D3, so that would be a combined daily amount of 2900iu. That is a high dose but is still well below the recognised upper safe limit (which is 4000iu per day for everyday use).
Can I have Bone Care with Methyl Sulfonyl Methane? Hi, yes it is fine to combine Bone Care with MSM.
What complications would potentially arise if I took Bone Care with MultiVit? Hi, we don't recommend combining multivitamin formulas because it is not always desirable to double up on certain nutrients, particularly minerals. From a safety perspective, there is no issue though in combining Bone Care and MultuVit, should you want to try it. One option (to save cost) is to alternative between them each day.
Which bodies have approved your products? Hi, the main regulations we work to are European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Australia Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) regulations, and we're audited accordingly. Auditing is conducted by local and international authorities.
Can Bone be taken in combination with both Omega-3 and active energy complex ? Hi, this combination can be used but please keep in mind it will result in a total of 240mg Vitamin C, which is above the recommended daily intake. The cumulative level of Vitamin D3 will also be higher, but we know that levels from 200-1000iu are very good in this case.
I notice you have many nutrients in this pill. I do not have any joint issues at all. As such, is there a harm in taking these unnecessary "extra" ingredients such as Glucosamine or Phytodroitin? Hi, there are no contraindications or problems in taking Glucosamine or Phytodroitin if you aren't experiencing joint issues. Bone Care is suitable for everyone, even if just taken as a Multivitamin rather than targeting Bones & Joints.
hi can I give these to my dog? Hi, if you can persuade your dog to take the tablets, Bone Care will offer very good joint care benefits. We have quite a few customers doing this, although I guess compliance from the dog is hit and miss!
Is Bone Care safe to take whilst breastfeeding. Omega-3, Vitashine, Bone Care, Pregnancy Care and MultiVit are all safe to use during pregnancy and breast feeding.
Is your Calcium rock or plant based calcium? It is calcium rock. We did look at plant-based calcium, but the cost was significantly higher without any absorption/efficacy or environmental benefit. We try to keep our supplements as affordable as possible without compromising quality.
Is Bone Care Advanced Bone & Joint Formula effective in solving arthritis and osteoporosis problem in old age (aged over 75 years)? If yes, what is effective duration for supplementation? Bone Care is designed to help alleviate bone & joint problems. We have had excellent feedback from sufferers of arthritis and osteoporosis, and we are very confident it will be beneficial to individuals in later life. We recommend trying Joint-Vie for 1 month (2 tablets per day, so complete use of 1 full bottle).
Why does Bone Care contain lower than the RDA of Calcium and Magnesium? This is just down to size. To add more calcium and magnesium, we would need bigger tablets due to everything else in there. We have packed as much as possible into them, and the focus of Bone Care is a balance with the other key nutrients such as K2, Glucosamine and Phytodroitin rather than just being about the minerals.
Does Bone Care contain Carrageenan? No, Bone Care doesn't contain carrageenan.
Is Phytodroitin™ a plant-origin alternative to Chondroitin? Yes. Chondroitin is sourced from animals. We have carefully researched the composition and structure of Chondroitin and created Phytodroitin™, a 100% plant-origin alternative.
Is Bone Care 100% non-GMO? Yes. All of our products are 100% non-GMO.
Does Bone Care contain Iodine? Our Phytodroitin™ technology includes algal extracts, which do contain a small amount of iodine. The level of iodine in Bone Care is incredibly low, less than 60mcg per daily dose.
I struggle to take large tablets. Will Bone Care be a problem for me? We've included a 'break-bar' on Bone Care tablets so they can be broken in half if desired. This helps make them easy to swallow for individuals that struggle to take larger tablets.
When is the best time of day to take Bone Care? We recommend taking Bone Care tablets in the morning at breakfast time with a glass of water. We always recommend consuming any nutritional supplements at meal times for maximum absorption.
Is Bone Care suitable for kids? The Bone Care formula is perfect for individuals of all ages, including kids. We give a recommendation for children over the age of 11 due to the size of the tablets, however Bone Care does include a break-bar.
I’m concerned about Fukushima. Does Bone Care contain any algal extracts sourced from the region affected by this? No. We do use algal extracts in Bone Care, but they are obtained exclusively from European growing sites. We do not incorporate any ingredients obtained from regions affected by the tragedy in Fukushima.
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