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my husband has the early stages of Alzheimer's at the moment he takes your ginkgo and omega 3 liquid. He is on patches exelon 9mg rivastigmine .He often falls asleep and I wonder if your energy capsules would be ok for him to take and would they help? Hi, our Active Energy formula is well worth a try, because it is designed to work with the body clock naturally. We do not expect any negative interaction with the medication, but it is always worth consulting the Doctor before introducing any supplements, just in case there are specific nutrients they advise to avoid. Very best wishes and we would love to hear your feedback if the formula helps.
I still have some packages of Active Energy that I bought from you in 2022, with an expiration date of 2023. How many months after the expiration date can I consume the capsules? Hi, if the Active Energy bottles have been stored unopened in a cool and dry location since receipt, they will be fine to open and consume by the end of 2024. We apply a 24 month shelf-life to our products as standard, but we test for far longer.
Hi, where do you source your B vitamins and particularly B12? Thank you. Hi, our B Vitamins (inc. B12) are produced using fermentation.
I take a South African tablet for Insulin resistance called Glucophage and it depletes VIT B. Do you think this is a high enough strength to counteract something like that ? Hi, Active Energy contains good levels of B Vitamins, so hopefully they can be sufficient to counteract depletion caused by your medication. It is worth taking a blood test after 8-12 weeks of use, to check your B Vitamin status.
which form of CoQ10 is present in the supplement? ubiquinol? Thanks Hi, the Coenzyme Q10 is Ubiquinone.
I struggle to swallow capsules. For the multivit tablets, I crush them up and take it with food and water as per the instructions. Am I able to do something similar with the contents of the capsule? Hi, you can empty the powder out of the capsule. It is safe to take, but the taste profile can be quite sharp.
Can I take Active energy while breastfeeding ? (My daughter is almost 2) Hi, yes Active Energy is suitable to take while breastfeeding, but please consider the formula if you are taking any other supplements too.
I’m a regular customer of your products. I’m wondering why Active Energy Complex has no Vit B 1 thiamine included in the ingredients Kind regards Heather Brooke Hi, we found the Vitamin B1 wasn't required in the formula when we looked at the roles of each of the different active ingredients, including the adaptogenic herbs.
Hi What is the difference between multi-vit and active energy please? I am unsure which one to buy? Thanks, Kristina Hi, the formulas are very different. If you scroll down the product pages and view "Supplement Nutritional Facts" you can see the full formulas. Whereas MultiVit is a detailed combination of Vitamins and Minerals, Active Energy is designed and balanced to specifically help to energise and overcome fatigue.
Hello, Been taking your products for awhile now and really like them. My naturopath brought up the issue of absorbability of multivitamin tablets. Just wondering if you've got any data showing how much of the contents of your multivitamin tablets are actually absorbed by the body? Just don't want to blow crazy money on the products my naturopath is using if I'm getting enough from vegetology. Cheers Hi, it is a very important point and the key to absorption is the form of the nutrients used, and the structure of the supplement itself. We work very carefully on the specific combinations of nutrients to ensure no change of interaction, and to provide optimal absorption. We stand by all of our formulas in terms of delivering high strength and efficacy.
I'm on a feeding tube just wondering if it comes in liquid format or must I desolve the capsule Thanks Hi, our Active Energy is in Capsule form, so unfortunately it won't be suitable.
I have a previous version of the Active Energy Complex which contains folic acid which I avoid. I see that the new version has folate instead of folic acid. Have you changed the formula? Is it possible to get a replacement product. I have one unopened and one newly opened container of 60 capsules. Many thanks Felicity Hi, we moved to Folate instead of Folic Acid in 2021 across all relevant products. The formula for Active Energy hasn't changed since that time.
Can I combine Active Energy with Pregna Vie? Hi, yes it is fine to combine these products.
I’ve decided to buy 3- ACTIVE and 3 OMEGA3I still have follow up question about your product, ACTIVE Complex before it arrives and myself and partner starts taking it.Will it be okay for kidney, liver, thyroid and cardio? Will this cause problems for pre-existing fatty liver & cardio (family medical history? or will it improve?Is it true that too much of B vitamins is bad for you if your B level (after blood test) is good enough and don’t need anymore? Hi, for the first question we need to recommend that you consult your Doctor so they can provide advice based on your individual medical history. Regarding B Vitamins, the body takes what it requires and the rest/excess passes harmlessly through and is excreted.
Will these capsules help me lose post menopausel belly fat Hi, Active Energy does partly work by boosting metabolism, which is directly linked to reducing and burning fat.
Are you products bioavailable? And toxins free? Hi, yes and yes :-)
Can I ask so you have a full money back guarantee on all ur products Hi, yes we do. We stand by the effectiveness of all of our products, so if you're not satisfied with the benefits within 30 days, we will refund without question.
Can I take this energy supplement while breastfeeding? Thank you Hi, yes the formula is suitable to take during breastfeeding.
Is it for both men and women? Hi, yes it is.
Are the Schisandra chinensis and Rhodiola rosea mg amounts listed in the formula ‘equivalent to dry’ amounts? Other supplements with the ingredients list the amounts in both ways. Hi, the figures (200mg of each) are of concentrated extracts. They are equivalent to much higher (over 10 x) dry amounts of the items themselves.
I take omaprosol and statins can I use it Hi, there is no reason for interactions, but please consult your Doctor as they can provide specific advise based on your individual medical history.
I would like to try this product but don't want to get a bill every month on tell I try the product first please Hi, you can purchase a single product no problem. Just add a single item to the basket and proceed to checkout.
Hi, are these okay to take alongside HRT medications and SSRI's? Hi, there is no reason for negative interaction, but please consult your Doctor before taking any supplements when you are combined them with medication. Your Doctor can provide advice based on your individual medical history.
What kind of B12? Hi, its B12 as Cyanocobalamin.
What are the specific ingredients /nutrients in the Active Energy product as I can't find them on your website. Thank you Hi, the website product pages show the ingredient lists and nutritional values for all products. Active Energy is here:
Is it good for kids? Also is your B12 good for kids? (In this case 11 years old) Thanks :) Hi, we don't recommend Active Energy for children mainly because the capsules are quite large. Formula-wise, it is safe and beneficial to teens and tweens, but please be very cautious and consider the capsule size.
Can I take MultiVit with Active Energy Complex? Hi, we've added a "Can be taken with" graphic to each product page. We don't recommend taking Active Energy at the same time as the Multi Vit as you will double-up on some nutrients where it isn't ideal. Therefore we would recommend using them sequentially (e.g. Active Energy on Monday, Multi Vit on Tuesday, repeat).
I was looking into buying this product but the ingredients state vitamin C and vitamin B12 I thought that vitamin C stops the absorption of B12 and the two should never be taken together? Hi, the combination of Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 used in Active Energy is absolutely fine. There can be issued with very high levels of both taken together, but the combination we've chosen works well.
Does your Active Energy Complex contain caffeine? Hi, no it doesn't.
Can you take this if you're already taking the vegetology multivitamin? Hi, we've added a "Can be taken with" graphic to each product page. We don't recommend taking Active Energy at the same time as the Multi Vit as you will double-up on some nutrients where it isn't ideal. Therefore we would recommend using them sequentially (e.g. Active Energy on Monday, Multi Vit on Tuesday, repeat).
I have a question about the vitamin C in the Energy complex - where does it come from? Hi, we synthesise Vitamin C. We've found it to be the most efficient option.
Hello, is it folate or folic acid? Thanks Hi, we use Folate (5-MHTF).
Is this suitable for someone with high blood pressure? Hi, there is no reason it cannot be used by someone with high blood pressure, however please consult your Doctor before taking any supplements as they can consider it based on your individual medication and medical history.
What kind of coenzyme Q10 is used? Is it the racemic mixture? If yes, about how much of each kind of co-Q10 is used? Thank you. Hi, we use Coenzyme Q10 in the form of Ubiquinone
Hiya! What is the best time of day to take Active Energy Complex? Is it ok to take at night? Thanks :) Hi, it is fine to take at night but our recommendation is to take with breakfast or lunch for the best effects.
Is this safe to take during pregnancy? Hi, yes it is. Please just check the label against any other supplements you are taking and avoid doubling up on any nutrients.
Which bodies have approved your products? Hi, the main regulations we work to are European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Australia Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) regulations, and we're audited accordingly. Auditing is conducted by local and international authorities.
I take Active Energy, Omega-3, MultiVit and Bone Care and B-12, Glucosamine, Vit C and Zinc. How many should I take a day? Hi, If you are using our Active Energy, Omega-3, MultiVit and Bone, please alternate so you are using Omega-3 everyday but combining it with e.g. MultiVit on Monday, Bone Care on Tuesday, Active Energy on Wednesday, repeat. We don't recommend doubling up on multivitamins as you will inadvertently double-up on some nutrients where it is not beneficial to do so. If you continue with this regime, please don't take additional B12, Glucosamine, Vitamin C or Zinc, because these nutrients will be covered already. If you wanted to, you can combine Bone Care and Active Energy on the same day (so your regime could be Omega-3 + MultiVit on Monday, Omega-3 + Bone Care and Active Energy on Tuesday, repeat). Please just consider the elevated level of Vitamin C.
Would this product interfere with any prescribed medicine such as statins? It would be wrong of us to comment on medication, so please consult your Doctor or look at the product information that is supplied with your medication to see if any recommendation are made regarding combinations/nutrients to avoid.
Is there a chance of there being any iodine in the Active Energy Complex? Hi, there are no compounds within Active Energy Complex that contain measurable levels of iodine.
Do I need to take a B12 supplement or just this B Complex enough? Is there any risk of taking too much B vitamins? If you are using Active Energy Complex, you don't need an additional B12 supplement. As B Vitamins are water-soluble, there isn't a risk of taking too much. Your body grabs what it needs and any excess is excreted.
Since the list of ingredients overlaps with other product i take daily from you ( Multivit) is it ok if I take both? We recommend only one of the multivitamin formulas (so one of MultiVit, Bone Care, Active Energy Complex or Pregnancy Care). Don’t double up on any of these.
What is the difference between Active Energy Complex and MultiVit? Please only use one of MultiVit or Active Energy Complex. This is just to avoid doubling-up on some of the nutrients. MultiVit is designed to be an 'all-rounder' multivitamin and mineral supplement, with a full spectrum of 26 nutrients. It does contain B Vitamins, which contribute to energy. Active Energy Complex is specifically designed to target tiredness and fatigue, combining B Vitamins with herbs used in traditional Chinese medicines and other selected nutrients. The aim is to help reset the body clock and try to energise at the right time of the day but relax at the right time of the night.
Can the active energy complex cause your urine to be a bit greeny in colour? This is quite common when taking supplements with high amounts of B Vitamins. It is absolutely normal, fine and safe. The body takes the B Vitamins that it needs and anything extra is just removed. It shows you are getting enough of the B Vitamins from Active Energy with some to spare!
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