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Vitashine 2500iu New Vegetology 2020 08 NO SHADOW Transparant
Vitashine™ 2500iu
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QHi, I have been a happy customer for quite a while now..but I am wondering, what difference is there in terms of actual D3 between your D3 and a 'wholefood' D3? (Eg Terra Nova/ Viridian, both of which I know are more expensive... ). Am I right in thinking it is just you get extra vitamins/minerals because it comes from a food? Thank you.
Gwenn C
A Hi, I don't know their specific formulas, but Vitamin D3 is Vitamin D3 so there should be no difference at all. I think 'wholefood' refers to the entirety of the formulas being made in a certain way, but performance and efficacy is no different. I hope that helps.