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Vitashine 2500iu New Vegetology 2020 08 NO SHADOW Transparant
Vitashine™ 2500iu
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Karen J Vitamine D helps transport calcium to your bones, but not so much without k2. Would it not be possible to combine both in one tablet? I love your products and it's a pitty that I have to buy k2 from another company...
Vegetology We combine Vitamin D3 with Vitamin K2 and Calcium in our JointVie supplement. We call it the 'triangle effect' and you are correct it is an ideal combination. The Vitashine products will always be Vitamin D3 on its own, as we position them to fit into any preferred supplement regime.
S B Is this suitable for breastfeeding? Thank you
Vegetology Hi, yes, Vitashine tablets are really beneficial during breastfeeding.
Joss B How much d3 do you actually get from the tablets as compared to the spray?
Vegetology Hi, absorption will be virtually the same. The reason being, we spray-dry the Oil to allow the formation of tablets. So it is still the oil form, just presented in a spray-dried preparation that fully disperses when consumed.
ali r is your vitamin D3 free of beta-Methylamino-L-alanine (BMAA) and Microcystins/ cyanoginosins (since it originates from Lichen)
Vegetology Hi, yes. Due to the way we extract the oil (resulting in a highly pure oily extract), we ensure no toxins can possibly carry through. We test for purity.
ali r how is the D3 extracted form the Lichen, and is it free from any cyana-toxins produced from the lichen?
Vegetology Hi, we use a process that involved water, plant-source alcohol (all recovered) and pressure. The oily extract is tested for purity (and the process ensures isolation of the parts we need). There is no possibility of any toxins found on lichens carrying through.
marta c Hello !!! I would like to know how long is the expiration date on each bottle. Thank you so much!!!
Vegetology All our supplements come with a really good shelf like. The current stock of Vitashine 2500iu as of June 2020 has an expiry date of 03/2022.
Michelle D From what country do you harvest the lichen that goes into your Vegan D3?
Vegetology The lichen is harvested from designated growing sites in regions of Asia and North America.
Vegetology C Would I get too much Vitamin D3 if I take Opti3 and VegVit together?
Vegetology A combination of Opti3 and VegVit is a really good supplement regime. While both contain D3, the collective level is very low (400iu) and actually many people are advised to take a higher dose. From a safety perspective it is well below any concern level, which would be upwards of 10,000iu per dose.
Vegetology C Where can I see the Kosher label for Vitashine D3 1000iu?
Vegetology Vitashine products are not currently Kosher certified. They are Kosher suitable, but at this stage we have not been audited to obtain Kosher certification for the products themselves. However, Vitashine Vitamin D3 as an ingredient is Kosher certified.
Vegetology C Is the d-alpha tocopherol in Vitashine D3 no longer from soy, but from the newer sunflower-derived source?
Vegetology Yes we do use D-Alpha Tocopherol from sunflower now rather than soy.
Vegetology C Do lichens have proven safety?
Vegetology Yes. In fact the lichen we use is classed as a food ingredient with a long history of safety.
Vegetology C Where does Vitamin D3 usually come from?
Vegetology Meat and fish are the most common sources of Vitamin D3 in the diet. The reason conventional Vitamin D3 supplements are not suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans is because the D3 is extracted from sheep's wool (Lanolin) or other animal sources.
Vegetology C How do I use Vitashine?
Vegetology Vitashine is supplied as tablets which can be chewed or swallowed with water, or as an oral spray which can be administered directly into the mouth or sprayed onto food.
Vegetology C What is the dose I should take?
Vegetology Vitashine tablets are ideal for those seeking a higher level (available in 1000IU and 2500IU strength). We recommend consulting your Doctor for advice on dose.
Vegetology C How long will a bottle of Vitashine last?
Vegetology Vitashine tablets will last 60 days at the stated doses.
Vegetology C Can I take Vitashine during pregnancy?
Vegetology Yes, but always seek advice from your Health Practitioner before taking any supplements. Vitamin D helps you regulate calcium and phosphate levels in the body. A BBC report concluded "Pregnant women "must take Vitamin D supplements"".
Vegetology C Is Vitashine registered with the Vegan Society?
Vegetology There is justified skepticism about vegan source Vitamin D3 supplements and we are very proud that our products are registered with the Vegan Society and Vegetarian Society.
Vegetology C Can my children take Vitashine?
Vegetology Yes. It is widely recommended that children are given Vitamin D3 and we recommend using the Vitashine Spray, at a daily dose of 200IU per day (1 spray).
Vegetology C How should I store Vitashine?
Vegetology Vitashine should be stored in a cool dry place, out of the sight and reach of children. Refrigeration is recommended to maintain maximum freshness. Use within 3 months of opening.
Vegetology C Allergy advice with Vitashine?
Vegetology Vitashine is free from sugar, wheat, gluten and dairy products.
Vegetology C Is Vitamin D3 superior to Vitamin D2?
Vegetology The healthy debate continues on this topic. In our opinion, the published research suggests Vitamin D3 is superior. One particular peer-reviewed study concluded that Vitamin D3 is at least 87% more potent than Vitamin D2.
Vegetology C Can I take higher doses of Vitamin D3?
Vegetology We recognise many people seek higher doses of Vitamin D3 than the RDA of 200IU. That is why we offer flexibility and options of doses. Always consult your Doctor or Health Practitioner if you are considering taking a higher dose.
Vegetology C What is Vitashine and where is it from?
Vegetology Vitashine is a vegan and vegetarian Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) nutritional supplement. Our Vitamin D3 comes from a plant source called a lichen.