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D3 1000iu Spray GREY 01
Vitashine™ Vitamin D3 Spray
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QI am wondering if your Vit D3 spray is still effective without the K2 added (I note you mention many customers use additional supplementation with K2 in)? I am flexitarian and am looking for a D3 spray that does not contain artificial sweeteners or ascorbic acid like the Better U brand. I have a chronic sensitive bladder problem, so unable to tolerate most multivitamin tablet oral supplements. Thank you
Lisa M
A Hi, yes Vitamin D3 is effective without added Vitamin K2. It is correct that the ideal combination is D3 + K2 + some calcium, however for everyday use there is typically sufficient Vitamin K and Calcium within the diet to allow effective absorption of Vitamin D3. We're confident you will be pleased with the Spray as an option. It is 200iu per individual spray, dosed to 5 x sprays per day for the 1000iu level. At the 1000iu dose, a bottle lasts 1 month. We dosed this way to allow family flexibility so e.g. 1-2 x sprays per day for children, 3-5 for adults.