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D3 1000iu Spray GREY 01
Vitashine™ Vitamin D3 Spray
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QDo you think you might work on releasing a higher stength vit D spray at some point? Lots of research shows the vit D health guidelines are far too low and optimum levels can sit as high as 130 nmol/l. One study showed significantly increased benefits for those with 125 nmol/l but just 5 nmol/l lower at 120 nmol/l the benefits could not be seen. My current nmol/l sits at 53 (the doctors say this is good but I know from my own research it is quite low as their own references for vitamin D levels are far too low). To reach higher levels of over 100 nmol/l I would need to take about 15 sprays a day of your spray at the current strength it is at. Any chance a higher strength vit D may be in the making?
Tori P
A Hi, we did previously sell higher strength 5000iu Vitamin D3 but unfortunately the uptake was so low we had to discontinue the product. Our market research tells us 1000-2500iu is the maximum viable strength at this time. We agree about the benefits of higher doses though!