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D3 1000iu Spray GREY 01
Vitashine™ Vitamin D3 Spray
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QI have been taking the the vitamin d3 2500ui supplement during the winter. I wonder what your dosage recommendation is for the spring / summer / autumn months with an office job in London? I am 39 years old, I am quite active outdoors running and cycling a few times a week. I do suffer from SAD over the winter months. Can you overdo your toxicity levels of D3 if I take 2500ui throughout the year? Was thinking of getting the 1000ui version for spring / summer / autumn.
Ru T
A Hi, the recognised upper safe daily intake of Vitamin D3 is 4000iu, so you are fine to take 2500iu per day during the year. From your description, I would suggest you consider taking 2500iu per day during the Autumn and Winter months, but perhaps reduce to 2500iu every 2-3 days during the summer months. While there is no harm maintaining the higher ongoing dose, you probably don't need to be quite so high in summer (depending if we get one in the UK that is!).